Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grandpa's Birthday!

Birthday celebration for Grandpa tonight!! Hurr. Very awesome food. =D

Happy Birthday Grandpa!
More pictures after the jump!

On the way there...

Sis driving
Dad giving directions
Sky was nice.
The evening sky was looking good, with nice clouds and all. But too bad I wasn't at home to take pictures of the sunset. =( And it's dark because of the film thingy on the car window. Not bad, like a CPL filter. LOL.

Hua Yu Wee
This is a super awesome place for dinner. Hahaha. No food pictures because we were sitting at the table with Grandparents and everyone thought it was weird that I had to take pictures of every dish. =( So too bad, no food pictures.

1st (almost finished) dish with weird figurine. LOL.
You can see food pictures here from Grandma's birthday last year. Lol. Almost the same, minus the prawns. And yet we were still bursting at the seams when we were done. *satisfied* I love lobsters!!!

Anyway pictures sucked because of my lousy kit lens that don't do well in dim restaurant lighting. =( Had to use the pop-up flash and everything looked weird. T___T

Bro and Grandpa. 
Grandpa and cousin Shaun
Noticed something in the picture?

So flash was used... I hate flash.

Grandpa blowing out the candles.
Cutting cake!
Father-son moment.
Grandma + Bro.
Grandma hasn't been feeling very well lately and was still kind of pale. >.< Grandma please get well soon.

Janice giving Grandpa his present from her.
Uncle + Aunt!
Oh then started the group pictures with Grandparents. Lol. I think we had like >4 cameras pointing at them. Should ask the rest for pictures. Mine were just random and very sucky. =(
Group picture! (Janice.. why are your eyes closed?)
My family! (I look so fat)
Love Grandma's expression
I see teeth!! Lol.
See... not everyone's looking here.
Grandparents + Bro + Grandparent's Godson/my Goduncle. Lol.
Janice + Sis
Yay. Finally uploaded all the pictures. Small family gathering. =D 

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

P.S: You know, I could never remember Grandparents' ages. I counted 7big 6small candles on thie year's cake, but last year's cake had 1small candle more. So how old are they!? Forever around 76/77? =D

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