Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gentle Paws

 Went down to Gentle Paws again today! Uncle had some leftover medicines and stuff from Charlie and Boxer, and gave them to me to pass to GP. And also a very big dog carrier! So nice!!

4 more pictures after the jump!

 Today, we walked some of the dogs but it was too hot outside and the roads were too hot for the dogs. So we came back and bathed them instead. Lol. Super messy and everything. But so fun. =D

Took out my camera to snap some pictures but dogs were too hyper. =.= And a lot of overexposed pictures. T__T

Volunteer in a special moment with Denise. =D

Treats time!
Doris doesn't like me. T___T She kept shifting away when I was trying to take her picture. *sad* Nevermind, I'll try harder in the weeks to come. HURHURHUR.

Wah I love Dribble. He is so hyper and manja. Lol. But he's a treat-snatcher. Jumping pretty high and grabbing all the treats from one of the volunteer's hand and gobbling down most of it. Lol. Naughty boy.

Please help these poor dogs in any way you can. Click here. Please help spread the word if you can. Thank you.

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