Saturday, April 03, 2010

Gentle Paws' Moving Day!

Gentle Paws 3/4/10

Today was the official moving in day for Gentle Paws!! Went down with him to attend it! Didn't take my camera out until near the end, when all the dogs were less hyper and calmed down after the exciting move. Very difficult to take pictures of them moving so fast!!

Leaving our handprints + names on the wall.
Spot my handprint!
 The dogs were shifted over as a big group. Lol. Super fun to watch them running from the old shelter to the new one then exploring the new place. Can't remember all the dogs' names though... They all look very alike T__T

Xiao Bai?
Very scared doggy.
 They were all so excited once they were in the new area! Though we did have many escape artists, getting out of the bigger area to come out and play with the humans. Lol.

Oh I went wandering around and was looking at the cats shelters in the area and this auntie coming to feed her cats beckoned me over and invited me into her shelter! Her cats are all so friendly and there was even a schnauzer inside the shelter with the cats! I will try to make it a point to go visit her when I go to Gentle Paws. =) I hope I see her when I go because she said she comes at different times of the day.

I think I get more emotional when I look at cats than dogs, somehow. Maybe because when dogs bark and are in a shelter, they don't look sad, just fierce or maybe even friendly. The cats' meow just sounded sad. =( Almost teared while looking at kitties. I suspect I might become a crazy cat lady when I'm old.

Okay, on to the pictures of doggys!

Very shy doggy, Debbie.

Trying to eat his treats.... Lol
 Bought some treats for the dogs and we started giving them out. =.= Only made them more hyper. I swear I will go down one day and try one-on-one training with either Denny (if he ever listens to me) or Dribble (who is like super affectionate).

I think this is Dribble?
*emo* How did he go from =D to *emo* in less than 3secs?
Dillon is very busy today.
 Dillon was like hot favorite. Lol. I think because he looks different and is quite young. And he sits on command, but only when you have a treat in your hand. Hahahaha. Husky mix? So adorable. But I like Dribble more. =D

 Destine is the newest addition to the shelter. He's very shy but he came to us for pets!! Just sits quietly unlike the other dogs who were prancing around.

Mario and Dribble(?)
 If I captioned any dogs wrongly, it's not my fault. Lol. They all look so similar. T_T

Destine! Emo eyes.
"Is someone coming?"
Destine being all comfy and relaxed.
His eyes are so sad. >.<
I kiapped my hand while opening the gate to the playpen/cubicle/dogroom. T_T 
 Then came the shifting of furniture over from the old place, and there was a metal bed frame and this shed thingy. Both were very heavy but this shed takes the cake. It's tall, rusty, heavy. But very important because the dogs love lounging on/in/under these 2 pieces of furniture. You have no idea how important this meant to them. So some of the volunteers (guys la) helped to move the furniture over. =) Very dangerous.

Almost fell on someone, like that.
Woah. Scary landing.
Overall, I really like the new place. It's so much bigger than the old one, and unlike the rest of the units in that area, Gentle Paws is actually painted, and with vibrant, happy colors. 
Wall of prints!
Please go adopt a dog from them if you're looking for one. Give them a chance. If I could, I would've brought them all home. But I can't. =( So if you can, please do so!!

Jiayou Gentle Paws!!

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