Friday, April 09, 2010

Eat eat eat!!

Because of my stupidly injured toe, I couldn't walk much so we cancelled our trip to Haji Lane and went for a late lunch at Pastamania at Bugis instead. =D Erm. I'm too damn lazy to edit the pictures, and because of the retarded kit lens, most of my pictures would probably be underexposed. LOL. =X

Garlic bread!!
Danbo with all our side dishes. =D
Spicy Chicken? (Peas... Ewww =X)
Seafood soup? Lol
 My pasta was quite interesting. It was kind of a soupy pasta. Quite nice and palatable, but too much spaghetti. Too full. But nice!

He went to sell one of his lens to a buyer while I loitered around Bugis for awhile. Then, we made our way to Iluma!! MY FIRST TIME THERE!!! Lol. Mountain tortoise, I know. Iluma is weird. =X

Paper(?) flowers on the wall.
Aliens vs Predators' costume on display
 Erm Iluma has a very weird arcade. We thought it was weird that the arcade was quite empty and all, and weird because the screens and everything were like super new. But then we went up another level and found ANOTHER PART of the the arcade. IT LOOKS LIKE SOME GAMBLING DEN CAN? Sorry for saying that but it totally looked like some pachinko place in Japan. All those coin games? You know you slot them in, then when they stack up too much some will fall out? Like Big Sweet Land using tokens. =.= With minigames somemore. Totally weird. And it was crowded. No wonder there's noone at the regular arcade. Such games are getting veryyyy popular lately, don't you think?

Anyway, time for dinner! Service at the steamboat places sucked like hell. Maybe because we reached earlier than Zk and Mich, those cheena women were quite rude to us and gave us very very shitty seats. =( But dinner got better after we started eating. =)

Mala and chicken soup
Meat? Lol. Looks gross eh. But oh so yummy.
Veggies + Mushrooms! 
Lime juice
Fish and don't-know-what.
Crispy mini-mantous in chilli crab gravy!!
Wah I absolutely love this. Where can I get ready-made chilli crab gravy?? I can always deep fry mantous at home, but can't get the gravy. =( I want to eat this!!!

More meat! Pork, beef, mutton. Beef was weird...
Can you spot the weird thing?
Zk took something weird back. =.=

IT'S AN OCTOPUS!!! So gross. Lol. Changed color after cooking. Hahahaha. Does an octopus have a brain?? Can you eat it?? What about the eyes?? EWWWW. I think I stayed off octopuses for bloody long already.

Cooked. I think they cut out the eyes.
Flavorful soup!
Went to our usual dessert place after dinner. We are so indecisive. Lol. It was crowded, then we stood around trying to make a decision. I think we probably waited about 15mins? Totally retarded because Mich said to go to Bugis Junction for dessert, we said ok, but just stood there because we didn't know where to eat there. End up the waiter guy found us seats. LOL.

Ah Chew Desserts!!
Forgot to take pictures of the desserts because we just ate them when they were served. Lol. Love their desserts!!! Hurrr.

And and. first time I drove to Bugis to meet Zk and Mich for dinner. We always took the train/bus previously. Yay GPS rocks!! Lol.

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