Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Birthday at Pulau Ubin

Erm. We actually 'celebrated' his birthday at Pulau Ubin! Lol. Group outing somemore. =.= But it was quite fun, though it was tiring to cycle. Hurhur. I finally uploaded the pictures. =.=

On the way there.
Rented bikes and off we went! It was very hot, but thankfully there were many trees. BUT! There were many mosquitoes. =.= %$&*&
Stopped at a seaside and the guys were taking pictures of Danbo. =.= Total of 3? Lol. I took the small Danbo and set him on the bicycle seat...

Ride bike!
Danbo's photoshoot!
My take. 
All photographers... My camera the lousiest.. Super shy T_T But they're all quite nice. Haha. Cycled to some National Park place in Ubin, and went in to take a look. Climbed a very scary tower and while we were up there..... IT RAINED!! =.= And it got heavier. Ran back to the entrance of the park for shelter and wait out the rain. 

Can you see the rain?
Was testing out my newly-bought 2nd hand 35mm lens. Lol. Manual focus is a pain in the butt. =.= 

Wild boar!
Wahahaha. This wild boar came really close to the visitor shelter/whatever you call it. Quite cute!

When the rain stopped, we made our way to the 'Emo Tree' we spotted while at the tower. 

His dirty legs.
 The tree was located a distance away from the bridge. He and another guy actually climbed down onto the muddy place and started walking nearer to get a better picture. =.= Things people do for a photo, eh? He ended up stepping in some really soft mud and got his foot stuck. Leading to the gross legs. LOL.

Dead tree
Emo tree.
HDR Group picture! Taken using the camera of the guy on the far left.
I'm really bad with names. =.= Hurrr. All in all, it was quite fun! Went back to his place for dinner and cake cutting!

Happy Birthday, Love. =D

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