Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 120 - Hi Echo!!

Haven't seen you in awhile!!! Kind of miss you. Hurrrr. *pets*

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 119 - Lightning, again

Wooo! Love this lightning streak(s)! There're some thinner ones around the very bold lightning streak. Rained like crazy the past week, and have been trying to get some more lightning streaks. =D *happy*


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 117 - Seashells

Shells in a row... Spotted them along the beach at Ubin. Lol. Someone actually bothered to line them up. Quite pretty! The line went on for quite a bit. Wonder how long it took to do it. O.O (Please don't tell me something spooky)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 115 - Pink Sky

Pink Sky
Whoa. Love this color the most!!! Wished I was at the place the sun was setting, so I could actually see the pink sky around the sun, up close.

Where to go to take sunset pictures in Singapore???

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 114 - Angry Thumper

Angry Thumper
I have an emo rabbit. =.= He's looking angry now because I haven't let him out of the playpen yet. He's either in this position, or in this position with head on the floor in front of him (which is acting emo).

Lately he's been an ass. =.= I usually let him out at night, then put him back into the playpen in the morning when I wake. BUT! Nowadays, he is nowhere to be found in the morning. He knows. So he's often running around when I'm not looking at him, until I catch him accidentally when he goes back to his playpen for a drink. Zzz.

Thumper is getting smarter.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 113 - Marius the Other Mafia Boss

Hi Marius
Oh Shan and I dropped by Diane's friend's place on Monday night like really late (around 9++++pm), because she was house-sitting the place. HER FRIEND HAS 3 CATS!!! Zomgosh. Of course we had to go!!! Lol. Marius is the Mafia Boss of the house (just like Thierry). The other is a really old Siamese female Mia, and a very very very shy orange kitty called Yogi. They didn't want to be photographed.

Apparently Marius didn't like me taking his picture either. And the place was very dim. =.= Lol. Very nice bachelor pad I must say. Oh we left really late too. Lol. Been so long that I've actually stayed out so late. =D Love girls talk. Wheee~

MARIUS IS SO CUTE!! So utterly fat. LOL. Thierry is slim by comparison. =P

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 112 - Hi?

Hi? Are you here to adopt me?
There are some shelters around Gentle Paws, and some are filled with cats. I heard that some are rented so people can keep their pets (too many, obviously). I didn't bring my DSLR and just snapped this with my Sony digicam.

He looks so sad. =( Everytime we walk past the shelters/cages/whatever you call them, the cats will meow damn loudly to get your attention and rub themselves against the grilles. =(


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Manhattan Fish Market

Went to Plaza Singapura with Mum, Sis and Bro to get Bro his new phone, but since he couldn't decide, we didn't buy and went to eat dinner instead. Lol. Oh I went there with Mum first, then Bro and Sis joined us. Which meant we had 2 cars... =.= Oh and I totally couldn't find the car. Zzz.

Dinner at The Manhattan Fish Market!
Mum + Sis
Bro + Me
Front: Cream of Mushroom
Back: Seafood Chowder
Platter for 2?
I think it's the standard platter? NICEEEE.... The fish was pretty nice! And love it when you eat the rice mixed with the cream sauce thing on the prawns. =D

We ordered something else too!!!
Lobster platter for 2?
This was actually very nice! And 2 such platters = too much food for 4. =.= Seriously, one platter can feed 3 people comfortably. But food was very very gooooddd! =D

Day 111 - One Love

There is only one love for me, and that is you.
Was trying to cut out some bokeh shapes for the lens, and.... as you can see, my cutting skills kinda of suck. Will try again!! I want to play with more bokeh shapes!!!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 110 - Squinty Eyes

This kitty was squinting at me because of the sun directly above my head. Lol. Love how he's totally orange, including his eyes. =D

Did you know that orange colored cats are like 90% male?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 109 - Ellipses

Read this interesting technique from Digital Photography School, and tried it out. 5th attempt and the only semi-acceptable picture. Not as nice as the one from DPS, definitely. I have this fear that the flashlight will come off and land on my camera. T__T 

Erm it might not be symmetrical, but that's the only flashlight I have at the moment. I think it was too light, which caused the uneven lines. Lol. But very cool! Maybe I should go buy a cheap laser or something to try it out. =D


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 108 - Watchful Thierry

New favorite spot.
Aunt gave me her pretty new TV console to put in my room to replace the 2 ugly bedside tables I put side by side as a makeshift TV console. Now Thierry sits there at that position and looks at me while I sleep (bed is from where the picture was taken). Now my things are more organised. With Thierry on them. =D And this way, he can sleep near me instead of with me on my small bed with me kicking him off accidentally in the middle on the night. =X

Oh and picture taken with my new 35mm f/2.8 AIS lens. Hurrr. Manual lens! Until I have enough to buy AF-S or probably upgrade my camera so I can buy AF lens.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 107 - Lightning

I was super duper happy when I caught that picture above. Because for the past 2 days, it's been raining like crazy, with thunder/lightning and all. Zzz. And if you were following me on Twitter, you would realise how bloody unlucky I was.

I kept seeing lightning flashes while sitting at my computer, and took out the camera on the Gorillapod-look-alike  and set a slow shutter blablabla. And tried a million times (not literally, but you get it). But everytime I want to take a picture, lightning stops. Or it becomes undefined streaks, like the sky lighting up instead of streaks. =.= I got so irritated I switched the camera off. And then I saw lightning. =.= And the power in the house TRIPPED!! AHHHHHH. Tried this the next day again, and again, and again.

I finally have ONE picture of a lightning streak, AND THE BUILDINGS ARE BLUR!!! This is like the ONLY picture I have which was blur. Zzz. The rest had nice defined buildings with NO lightning. ARGHHH!! And it got so misty because of the rain, all the pictures looked too white.

You have no idea how long I took just to get this picture. T____T I will try harder next time.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Catching Up.

Finally met up with Eueu. It's very hard to see each other when there's no school. =( Anyway, went to New York New York for dinner!!
My Root Beer Float
Eueu's Root Beer Float
Love Root Beer Float!! Yummy! But so fattening. =( Managed to catch up on so many things. Felt kind of out of touch. Like I've been living in a shell. Well, that's quite true? Though my 'shell' is technically my home. =(
Can't remember what this is, but it's cheese on chicken??
Dinner was very filling, and we walked around and talked loads. I LOVE YOU BFF!!

Day 106 - Garfield look-alike

He's so orange! Even his eyes are orange. Nice!
Something interesting about this picture. If you want to know. Lol. The cat was lounging under this stone bench at Changi Beach Park while I was sitting on it, and since standing up might cause him to move and all that, I stuck my camera under the bench and snapped a picture without looking instead. 

And the picture was this actually: 

Totally upsidedown!! And I was quite impressed that the cat was in the shot. Lol. =D Blind-phototaking, apparently. Maybe I should try doing this more often. I might get surprise pictures. =D

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 105 - Thinking...

Not a very good picture, but but... I like it. =X A little %$^*% about the crop off at the paw, but that cat couldn't stay still for long, so I had no choice. T__T 

Better pictures next time. =D

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 104 - Camping by the Sea

Camping by the Sea
Saw a tent by the sea at Changi Beach Park. Hmmm... I've never camped in a tent before. Have you? Wonder what it feels like to sleep on the hard floor with no light and water. T___T I'd probably die. LOL =X

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Birthday at Pulau Ubin

Erm. We actually 'celebrated' his birthday at Pulau Ubin! Lol. Group outing somemore. =.= But it was quite fun, though it was tiring to cycle. Hurhur. I finally uploaded the pictures. =.=

On the way there.
Rented bikes and off we went! It was very hot, but thankfully there were many trees. BUT! There were many mosquitoes. =.= %$&*&
Stopped at a seaside and the guys were taking pictures of Danbo. =.= Total of 3? Lol. I took the small Danbo and set him on the bicycle seat...

Ride bike!
Danbo's photoshoot!
My take. 
All photographers... My camera the lousiest.. Super shy T_T But they're all quite nice. Haha. Cycled to some National Park place in Ubin, and went in to take a look. Climbed a very scary tower and while we were up there..... IT RAINED!! =.= And it got heavier. Ran back to the entrance of the park for shelter and wait out the rain. 

Can you see the rain?
Was testing out my newly-bought 2nd hand 35mm lens. Lol. Manual focus is a pain in the butt. =.= 

Wild boar!
Wahahaha. This wild boar came really close to the visitor shelter/whatever you call it. Quite cute!

When the rain stopped, we made our way to the 'Emo Tree' we spotted while at the tower. 

His dirty legs.
 The tree was located a distance away from the bridge. He and another guy actually climbed down onto the muddy place and started walking nearer to get a better picture. =.= Things people do for a photo, eh? He ended up stepping in some really soft mud and got his foot stuck. Leading to the gross legs. LOL.

Dead tree
Emo tree.
HDR Group picture! Taken using the camera of the guy on the far left.
I'm really bad with names. =.= Hurrr. All in all, it was quite fun! Went back to his place for dinner and cake cutting!

Happy Birthday, Love. =D

Day 103 - Camera-shy

Camera-shy. =.=
Happy Birthday dear boyfriend!! =D Though you don't like to have your picture taken and all the pictures I have of you are either the back of your head or with your hand covering your face. =.= Lol.

<3 you most! ^-^

Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 102 - Pigeons' Courtship

Pigeon's Courtship
Ermm. This looks retarded but I spotted these 2 pigeons at Changi Beach park. Assuming the pigeon on the left (which is bigger and all puffed up) is the male and the one on the left is the female. I was watching them for some time and the male one kept puffing his feathers and walking in circles around the female. Courtship?! But very cute. Lol. The female kept ignoring him though.

Jiayou pigeon!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gentle Paws

 Went down to Gentle Paws again today! Uncle had some leftover medicines and stuff from Charlie and Boxer, and gave them to me to pass to GP. And also a very big dog carrier! So nice!!

4 more pictures after the jump!

Day 101 - Watching the Sea

Watching the sea
Maybe I should go buy a CPL/ND filter. Ughhh. Everything was too bright at Changi Beach Park. T___T Disgusting colors that needed adjustments in computer. Bahhh. But hope you liked it. =)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grandpa's Birthday!

Birthday celebration for Grandpa tonight!! Hurr. Very awesome food. =D

Happy Birthday Grandpa!
More pictures after the jump!

Day 100 - *licks lips*

Kitty at Changi Beach Park! Did I looked like I was food? It was licking it's chops when I took that picture. =.= Had to use my shadow over kitty because the sun was directly above me and I didn't want him staring at the sun. >.<

Friday, April 09, 2010

Eat eat eat!!

Because of my stupidly injured toe, I couldn't walk much so we cancelled our trip to Haji Lane and went for a late lunch at Pastamania at Bugis instead. =D Erm. I'm too damn lazy to edit the pictures, and because of the retarded kit lens, most of my pictures would probably be underexposed. LOL. =X

Garlic bread!!
Danbo with all our side dishes. =D
Spicy Chicken? (Peas... Ewww =X)
Seafood soup? Lol
 My pasta was quite interesting. It was kind of a soupy pasta. Quite nice and palatable, but too much spaghetti. Too full. But nice!

He went to sell one of his lens to a buyer while I loitered around Bugis for awhile. Then, we made our way to Iluma!! MY FIRST TIME THERE!!! Lol. Mountain tortoise, I know. Iluma is weird. =X

Paper(?) flowers on the wall.
Aliens vs Predators' costume on display
 Erm Iluma has a very weird arcade. We thought it was weird that the arcade was quite empty and all, and weird because the screens and everything were like super new. But then we went up another level and found ANOTHER PART of the the arcade. IT LOOKS LIKE SOME GAMBLING DEN CAN? Sorry for saying that but it totally looked like some pachinko place in Japan. All those coin games? You know you slot them in, then when they stack up too much some will fall out? Like Big Sweet Land using tokens. =.= With minigames somemore. Totally weird. And it was crowded. No wonder there's noone at the regular arcade. Such games are getting veryyyy popular lately, don't you think?

Anyway, time for dinner! Service at the steamboat places sucked like hell. Maybe because we reached earlier than Zk and Mich, those cheena women were quite rude to us and gave us very very shitty seats. =( But dinner got better after we started eating. =)

Mala and chicken soup
Meat? Lol. Looks gross eh. But oh so yummy.
Veggies + Mushrooms! 
Lime juice
Fish and don't-know-what.
Crispy mini-mantous in chilli crab gravy!!
Wah I absolutely love this. Where can I get ready-made chilli crab gravy?? I can always deep fry mantous at home, but can't get the gravy. =( I want to eat this!!!

More meat! Pork, beef, mutton. Beef was weird...
Can you spot the weird thing?
Zk took something weird back. =.=

IT'S AN OCTOPUS!!! So gross. Lol. Changed color after cooking. Hahahaha. Does an octopus have a brain?? Can you eat it?? What about the eyes?? EWWWW. I think I stayed off octopuses for bloody long already.

Cooked. I think they cut out the eyes.
Flavorful soup!
Went to our usual dessert place after dinner. We are so indecisive. Lol. It was crowded, then we stood around trying to make a decision. I think we probably waited about 15mins? Totally retarded because Mich said to go to Bugis Junction for dessert, we said ok, but just stood there because we didn't know where to eat there. End up the waiter guy found us seats. LOL.

Ah Chew Desserts!!
Forgot to take pictures of the desserts because we just ate them when they were served. Lol. Love their desserts!!! Hurrr.

And and. first time I drove to Bugis to meet Zk and Mich for dinner. We always took the train/bus previously. Yay GPS rocks!! Lol.