Sunday, March 14, 2010

Siblings Bonding Time

No dinner at home, and since the 3 of us were home, we decided to go out for dinner. =D 

Bro + Sis
Sis + Me
Ugh. Bad face day + Bad hair day. =( I look like crap. T___T

Me + Bro

Sakae's New menu?

Salmon Sashimi
Edamame (this is so gross)
Tamago Nigiri
Salmon and Unagi Nigiri
Erm. Tamago + Unagi Nigiri! Not bad. 
Kakiage! Love this. =D
Crabmeat Chawanmushi
Chicken Teriyaki Don. Very nice!!
Erm. Some platter? Niceeeee!
So we had some siblings bonding time. Lol. Was near the IT Fair at Suntec but didn't go there in the end. Hurrr. Anyway we had some fun eating and talking. =D Love my retarded siblings. LOL. XD

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