Sunday, March 28, 2010

Official Opening of Tangers!!

Very classy-looking shopfront with frosted glass and all.

Was invited to attend the official opening of's shop by one of the owners! Hurhurhur. 1st time attending such a party. >.< Shy eh. Furthermore, it was close friends and relatives! We're long-lost friends, so I count under close friends or not? LOL.

Anyway the place is REALLY NICE!! Very classy inside, very nice ambiance. And the view outside is so green! Oh yeah she has a Canon 500D so I (very buay paiseh-ly) borrowed it to try it out. With the 50mm lens, IT IS SO SHARP AND WAHHHHHH. She sent me some pictures so... thick-skinned me shall post them up for you to see. 

Pretty centrepiece! See fooooood!
Fingerfood from Delifrance.
Fruit tarts from Delifrance.
Mini cakes from Coffee Bean.
Food was awesome. And my lack of vocabulary is starting to bother me. =.= But I had to get the food pictures out of the way before I start with the rest or I'll just go off topic. =.=

Pretty gerberras! 

Okay they have like quite a wide range of clothes, but not all are my kind. But then again, I'm more of a t-shirt + shorts kind of person. =.= Note to self: Please learn to dress up more. Their clothes are of quality material and very good finishing (is this the right word to describe?). Designs are definitely eye-catching and very in-season. Oh and did I mention that all the clothes are imported from Korea? =D

I love the belts! Very detailed and of good quality. Oh and erm erm erm.... much as I love the clothes, I am too fat. I tried on quite a few pieces and I COULDN'T BUTTON/ZIP UP LEH!!! You have no idea how sad I was. T____T I particularly liked a high-waist skirt, but..... Zzzz. =(

Many designs!
Featured in magazines, Juice and Catalog
Pouf skirts and lace blouses.
Skirts and dresses!
Mannequins displaying some ways you can wear the pieces.
In-shop exclusive rack.
And by the way, there's a rack of clothes in the shop that is exclusive to the shop and not available online. Hurhur. Please call them before heading down though. Details can be found on their website!