Saturday, March 27, 2010

McDonald's Breakfast~~

Sis and I went for Mac breakfast!! The rest of the family didn't want to budge. =.= Oh and because I had to hand in my lab report too. Zzz. Lol. 

Sis' Breakfast Deluxe
 This is super filling. And retarded. Because she didn't eat the bread in the end. I wonder if Mac will ever have  ala carte breakfast menu. Lol. So we can pick what we want in our set. If it was me, I'll probably pick 2 hotcakes, one sausage, and 1 serving of scrambled egg. Lol. Or maybe 1 hotcake will do. The bread is only nice if it's Sausage McMuffin, because it has cheese. Hurrr.

Me. Can you see how sleepy I am?
My Hotcakes with Sausage.
 I always hide my sausage under the hotcakes to keep it warm. =) Wheee!! By the way, 2 hotcakes is more than enough. I now know better than to stuff myself silly with 3 hotcakes. =.=

Sis' idea of heaven: Egg, Sausage, Hashbrown.
 Ohhh. I love hashbrown!! Very crispy and nice. *yummy* Hmmm. Maybe I should buy some hashbrowns to keep in the freezer.

Happy me after breakfast!
Wah I really love McDonald's breakfast. Lol =D

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