Thursday, March 11, 2010

GPS: Which one?!!

I've been scouting for an affordable GPS recently. I've found a few, but I've no idea which to go for. For $200, there's at least one model from all the brands within my budget range. BUT WHICH ONE?!?!?!

There's Holux, Garmin, Shinco, Papago, Navman, Marbella.

The average is with $199, I can get something with a 4.3" screen. And what's with the free map updates? Yes yes, maps require updating and all, but how long can the GPS last anyway? It'll probably spoil in 3years, or less. And I highly doubt there'll be a major change in roads other than the CBD area (IR blablabla).

The main thing for me is that the GPS has to be easy to read/use. I like the Street Directory map kind? And I definitely need those with Point of Interests (POI). Though I think all GPS should technically have it already.

OH AND THE THING THAT GETS ME IS... You can't find all GPS brands in one shop/place. And sales assistants are not of much help either. =(

So what should I look out for?


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