Monday, March 15, 2010

5-women Chalet

Had a chalet over the weekend!! Hurrr. Just the 5 of us. So rare. And it was very funny because when I told Mum/Grandpa/Grandma that I was going to a chalet, the conversations were almost identical. 

Me: I'm going for a chalet from Fri-Sun...
Them: Someone's birthday ah?
Me: No ah... Just for fun only...
Them: How many people going?
Me: 5.. Including me
Them: Huh? What kind of chalet is this?!  
Me: Fun laaaaaa~~~
LOL! Is it so weird that 5 girls have a chalet?? And we girls kept joking that we each have only 4 friends, which explained the 5 person chalet. Ahhahahaha~~~


Bought some of the stuff for BBQ the next day then went back to the chalet. We slacked around until midnight when it was time for our movie!!! Alice In Wonderland [3D]. Nice. =D Random pictures ahead. 

Me copying Jas' pose.

Dealer Jas
Apparently everyone's attention was on the TV while we were playing daidee and waiting for Ti to come. Lol.

Robot eyes!
We got a little bored so we went to find the place where Kar held her 21st's Birthday chalet because of the extremely bright floodlights for some shadow fun. Ended up walking around the chalet grounds to find the perfect wall. Lol. 

Jas eating cup noodles while we play.
"Angel wings" LOL
Movie was quite awesome. =D Hurrr. Went back to sleep and had long long day ahead the next. Busy Saturday!


Went to McDonald's for breakfast!! *loves*

Eueu's gross concoction
Wah lao. Damn gross. T_T

Wild wild wet!!!

Spider on your face?
Or on your head?
Tickets to fun!!

Pictures from Eueu's film camera from here on... Hahaha. Some were pretty funny...

Kar's face on the U slide.
Eueu's face on the U slide. 


Me being retarded. LOL

Hurrrr. That ends the pictures from the film camera! Hurhurhur. We all went back dripping wet to the room to rinse off the chlorine from our hair and dry a little and went to Kallang for our last Cardio Sculpt class of this course! 

Oh and we were like super unlucky. =.= Rained like hell when we were on our way there. Wah lao. Totally drenched.

Very unglam but is my only picture of Radiah. LOL.
Then after class, we went back to buy the remaining things for our BBQ! 

I am sunburnt....
Peeled prawns! Left heads only. LOL.
Defrosting chicken wings.
Our super unconventional way of defrosting chicken. LOL.

Look!! The BBQ downstairs is covering the ENTIRE PIT with aluminium foil!! =.=
Our very small BBQ loot.

They said this was the easiest fire to start, ever. LOL. 


Love this stingrayyyy!!!
Oooo mushrooms and scallops.
Scallops and hotdogs!

Our very own chocolate fondue. 

Chocolate covered banana. *yumm*
Then Kar started doing something retarded with the marshmallows.

Drawing on the marshmallows!!


Our creations. LOL.

Eueu's Marshmallow man has a banana hat!

Trying to set a marshmallow on fire.
The blisters are so gross. =.=

Melting marshmallows for fun. Looks very gross.

Hair on fire?

Marshmallows successfully melted! But nobody ate it.
After BBQ, we went to the top storey of the multi-storey carpark to take some pictures. Lol.

"Dead" Kar

*self-timer fail*

Posing like the White Queen. I fail la. =.=
*splat* Eueu dropped from the sky

Group pic!

Tired out by the time we got back to the chalet. Zonked out and checked out on Sunday. Lol. 

WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!! I wonder why chalets must have many people? I think just us 5 make a damn fun chalet. Oh and maybe adding Shan and Diane probably. But the smaller the group, the better, no?

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