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1st National Cheerleading Championships 2010 - Wildcards!

Yesterday was the 1st National Cheerleading Championships 2010. Went there to support Shan from Ulu Pandan Wildcards!! Anyway this post contains pictures of Wildcards only, because I haven't finished filtering/editing/uploading the rest of the pictures. Took 1547 pictures!! Not including those deleted on the spot. And after reaching home and deleting many many, I have 671 left. FML. Why was I so trigger-happy?!?!? Digging my own grave to upload the pictures. =.= 

Anyway, Wildcards placed 1st in the Mixed Group Stunts Category and a tie in the Open Cheerleading Category with NTU ACES Gold.

If you want my opinion, I really thought that only one group should've won 1st, but well... *shrugs*

Oh and I found out that you could do the 'Read More' thingy with Blogger now, so to save your bandwidth (if you're still using that old-school thing), you can pick not to read and see all the pictures. If not, by all means, please click and read (more like picture-looking)!!

*Warning! Image-heavy post ahead!!*

Pictures are in random order, so please bear with me. The next 13 pictures are taken by myboyfriend during the Open Cheerleading Category! =)

Okay maybe I should just let the pictures do the talking. Also, I'm lazy to type everything down. =.=

Why does the guy behind look so serious? Okay it's a serious competition and all but... Lol.

Shan looking so happy.

See her face?


I swear so has like only 2 expressions during the entire performance. LOL. Either this smile or the mouth-open one.


Shan, again.

Lol sorry ah, I asked him to take more pictures of Shan. =D He was taking very near the stage while I was seated very far away taking group shots. Lol. I should've gone to the front. But then again, you can't choose to have both. =(

What you looking at?

Going up....

Me and Shan~

Shan, Zejun, Papa, Mama.

Another one~

Kar and Shan.

Hair thingy.

Shan said something like her makeup was like.... HAHAHA. Cannot say. But... It was super funny, and quite true. =X

Hahahaha~ Her eyes!!!!

Anyway, did you know that when Wildcards came up to perform (is this the right word?), their cheers from the crowd was the loudest? People cheering for cheerleaders. Hmmmm.

Mixed Group Stunts Category:


*coming down*

Oh and I realised again, I hate taking pictures of people. Because they keep moving. Furthermore, we're talking about throwing people into the air and all sorts of crazy things. AND THE LIGHTS AT BLOODY EXPO WAS SO DIM!! What was wrong with them huh? They know people would want to take pictures, shouldn't they switch on all the bloody lights and not just half?!?!?! *rant over*


Wah scary.

I doubt I'll ever be that fexible.

What happens if they don't manage to catch her??




Can't remember if she was going up or down in this shot. =.= But they did a fantastic stunt.

Wah lao so gross to be able to do that. You will have to dislocate my legs from my hips to do this. LOL.

They always look so excited/happy.

Wah wah wah.


Then it was the Open Cheerleading Category for Wildcards. Feast your eyes!! Hahahaha.

1st stunt I think.

Head chopped off. Lol. Jumped to high! Which is definitely a good thing.



I hate such big group shots. I kept thinking 'Why can't they stand nearer so I don't have to zoom out that much?'

All together!

Cheer cheer cheer~~


Like this shot, but due to slow shutter speed, it's not very clear. T___T Sad.


They were the only ones who did this and I heard people sitting around me (who was very obviously rooting for other teams) gasp and go like 'DID YOU SEE THAT?'. Anyway the topmost flyer did a mini jump and turn one round thing on the lower flyer's thigh, in that position above. VERY WAHHHH.


You know, it's very impressive that there's like only one base per flyer (not all la) for this. I think they were the only group to do this??

Dance segment.

Hahahaha. CAN YOU SEE SHAN?!?!?!


This picture has the funniest expressions. =.=


Do Re Mi?


Anyway what's with the stupid whip and spaceship sound in the song during the performance? Super weird. Almost every team had those in the song.

*high five*

*ending pose*

Erm the guy in the bottom right has a damn bloody funny expression. HAHAHA. Anyway this is the only part that I though they didn't do very very well because of the.... flyer with her leg sticking straight out? But awesome for everything else.


Then it was for the announcment for the winners. Erm alot of other performances inbetween la. But just skip ahead, ok? Lol. Erm I made an amimated picture for this. LOL. I was like standing at the front already and had my camera aimed at them. Hahahahaha. Super cute.

I think this was for the mixed stunt category?

*hug hug*


Oh fun fact: I kind of teared a little during the Group Cheerleading Category. Because of Shan. Zzz. Like a proud mother ok. LOL.

*WOO TROPHY* *snatch*

Happy faces.


Now for the open group cheerleading category...

WOOOOOO!!!! See all the fists in the air!

Anyway it was a tie.

Moving out to receive trophy and take pictures.

So who gets to keep the champion trophy?

Shan and teammates~

*shuffling around*

Group picture!!

Eh why is it not the champion trophy?

I hate all the girls. SO SKINNY T___T

Eh EH EH!!! I have someone staring into my camera other than Shan!!! Zomgosh.


Oh and there was the encore performance. =D

Fun Fact 2: Kar and I were talking and was wondering if each other saw Ochi performing. LOL. We both didn't notice him until I got back and edited the pictures. I told her he might be reserve or what because I didn't see him. HAHAHAHA. Sorry la.

*happy!* <-- for the girl. The 2 guys have funny expressions LOL.

I don't know why, but I always tend to end up with extremely candid pictures of people leh. Not my fault. T___T

Shan is so pretty!

Look at the expression of the flyer on the right!! HAHAHAH. =X

Ehhhh. Don't topple!!



Hahahaha FUNNY FACES!!

I think she was crying. But I like this picture!!

Everybody has been training so hard, that even someone like me watching from the sidelines can feel emotional. Wah lao really like mother. =.=

WAH WAH MY FAVOURITE PICTURE OF THE DAY!! So rare to take a sharp picture with a nice expression. =D

Seriously, Shan's expressions are the same.....

... ok maybe not. LOL

Wah super happy faces.


Shan Shan SHAN.

Okay... Guess what? This picture looks exactly like the picture below, which is a copy from one of the pictures from the 1st performance, just nearer, and has funnier faces.

Picture from 1st performance.

SEE!??!?! Hahahahhaha. =X

Nicer ending pose!! But the guy at the bottom right still has that expression....

This picture is nice when you view it like that, only. Because it's super blur. =.=

THANK YOU FOR READING!! Lol. Hope you were not bored by the truckload of pictures.

P.S: This was actually blogged on 28th March 2010. Lol. =X

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