Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Woohoo! Exam is over!! And I have like 2 months of holidays coming up after this. =D Anyone wants to hire me? I guess I'll have more time for my #Project365 and normal blogging + catching up on older posts.

Going to the opening of a dog shelter this Saturday! Gentle Paws! Do you want to go too? Should I go rent a lens? 35mm or 50mm? Or maybe not. I want to go walk them!

Oh have to remember to pick Grandparents up from the airport after tuition tomorrow. Have to double confirm the landing time again. Hmmmm.

My head hurts.


Day 090 - Thierry and the Roses.

Apparently he loves sleeping on the box where I put the roses. =.= And he digs the soil up!!! T___T Ass.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 089 - Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose
Bought a new pot of roses yesterday after sending Grandparents to the airport (they were going to Penang). Bought the yellow roses! By the way, my previous pot of roses are wilting like nobody's business. The flower-seller said that the plant is not receiving enough sunlight. T__T HOW?!?! It's not that I don't want to give it sunlight, or that there's no sunlight, but there's no place that has sunlight in the house!! Oh and I repotted them into bigger pots. Please grow big and strong!!

Maybe I should just keep buying new pots of roses when they die. Hahahahaha. =X

Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 088 - Thierry and the Sunset

<3 this picture. Actually I think I love almost all pictures of Thierry. =.= But what to do? He's my kitty. =D How I wished I could've opened the window to see the sunset better, brighter. But better not risk his life. Zzz. One reason why windows at home are mostly closed.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Official Opening of Tangers!!

Very classy-looking shopfront with frosted glass and all.

Was invited to attend the official opening of's shop by one of the owners! Hurhurhur. 1st time attending such a party. >.< Shy eh. Furthermore, it was close friends and relatives! We're long-lost friends, so I count under close friends or not? LOL.

Anyway the place is REALLY NICE!! Very classy inside, very nice ambiance. And the view outside is so green! Oh yeah she has a Canon 500D so I (very buay paiseh-ly) borrowed it to try it out. With the 50mm lens, IT IS SO SHARP AND WAHHHHHH. She sent me some pictures so... thick-skinned me shall post them up for you to see. 

Pretty centrepiece! See fooooood!
Fingerfood from Delifrance.
Fruit tarts from Delifrance.
Mini cakes from Coffee Bean.
Food was awesome. And my lack of vocabulary is starting to bother me. =.= But I had to get the food pictures out of the way before I start with the rest or I'll just go off topic. =.=

Pretty gerberras! 

Okay they have like quite a wide range of clothes, but not all are my kind. But then again, I'm more of a t-shirt + shorts kind of person. =.= Note to self: Please learn to dress up more. Their clothes are of quality material and very good finishing (is this the right word to describe?). Designs are definitely eye-catching and very in-season. Oh and did I mention that all the clothes are imported from Korea? =D

I love the belts! Very detailed and of good quality. Oh and erm erm erm.... much as I love the clothes, I am too fat. I tried on quite a few pieces and I COULDN'T BUTTON/ZIP UP LEH!!! You have no idea how sad I was. T____T I particularly liked a high-waist skirt, but..... Zzzz. =(

Many designs!
Featured in magazines, Juice and Catalog
Pouf skirts and lace blouses.
Skirts and dresses!
Mannequins displaying some ways you can wear the pieces.
In-shop exclusive rack.
And by the way, there's a rack of clothes in the shop that is exclusive to the shop and not available online. Hurhur. Please call them before heading down though. Details can be found on their website!

Day 087 - Thierry

Oooooo. =D I love my handsome kitty. Hurrrrr. 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Layout Changes

Zomgosh I received an email about and the new layout thingies, so I gave it a try. BUT I SCREWED MY TEMPLATE UP!! WITHOUT SAVING!! So now I can't get my old template back. T____T I can, but I just have to spend like super a lot of time on it. T____T


Please bear with me for a moment.

By the way, does this new template look better or the old one? Oh my head.....

Day 086 - Lost Teenager

Hope you're okay..
Haven't been seeing Teenager kitty around for the past week or 2, so I decided to ask the cat auntie who feeds the strays in the area when she came by. She told me that she hasn't seen him for a week plus already. =( Hope he's fine and someone actually brought him home and provides for him.


McDonald's Breakfast~~

Sis and I went for Mac breakfast!! The rest of the family didn't want to budge. =.= Oh and because I had to hand in my lab report too. Zzz. Lol. 

Sis' Breakfast Deluxe
 This is super filling. And retarded. Because she didn't eat the bread in the end. I wonder if Mac will ever have  ala carte breakfast menu. Lol. So we can pick what we want in our set. If it was me, I'll probably pick 2 hotcakes, one sausage, and 1 serving of scrambled egg. Lol. Or maybe 1 hotcake will do. The bread is only nice if it's Sausage McMuffin, because it has cheese. Hurrr.

Me. Can you see how sleepy I am?
My Hotcakes with Sausage.
 I always hide my sausage under the hotcakes to keep it warm. =) Wheee!! By the way, 2 hotcakes is more than enough. I now know better than to stuff myself silly with 3 hotcakes. =.=

Sis' idea of heaven: Egg, Sausage, Hashbrown.
 Ohhh. I love hashbrown!! Very crispy and nice. *yummy* Hmmm. Maybe I should buy some hashbrowns to keep in the freezer.

Happy me after breakfast!
Wah I really love McDonald's breakfast. Lol =D

Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 085 - Grainy Sky

Love the sky, but this picture sucks, to say the least. =.= I have a super grainy/noisy picture and dostorted buildings. AHHHH!!! *pulls hair* But I would somehow absolutely love this picture if I thought it was taken using a film camera. =.= Oh how fickle I am. *consoles self* Let's just pretend it's film, okay? =D

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 084 - Kite-flying

When was the last time you flew a kite?

I really really want to fly a kite!!! *stares at him* ._. I shall try my best to remember to put the kite (super old kite from the last time I flew it with Eueu) in the boot so we can go fly it when we go out. RAWRRRR!!!

I love kite flying. Wish I was a kid all over again. I will bug my parents to bring me kite-flying every weekend, I swear.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 083 - Plastic Bottles Wall

Plastic Bottles' Bottoms
There's this wall built from empty plastic bottles inside the Marina Barrage's gallery place. It's really sad how much of our resources we're using and amount of trash we're creating/producing. I wonder if the world might actually end when I'm still alive? O.O Scary thought.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 082 - Water

Tried taking pictures of water coming from a water spout using the 50mm manual focus lens and... Kind of failed? This is the only shot I have that does not look totally out of focus. Hmmm. But really loved the sky. It was really that blue. =D

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 081 - Sunset

Woah. I love sunsets like these. High impact with clouds! Everytime I see skies like these, I wish I had some form of artistic skills and paint them down. Itchy fingers for art. Part-time classes, anyone?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

1st National Cheerleading Championships 2010 - Wildcards!

Yesterday was the 1st National Cheerleading Championships 2010. Went there to support Shan from Ulu Pandan Wildcards!! Anyway this post contains pictures of Wildcards only, because I haven't finished filtering/editing/uploading the rest of the pictures. Took 1547 pictures!! Not including those deleted on the spot. And after reaching home and deleting many many, I have 671 left. FML. Why was I so trigger-happy?!?!? Digging my own grave to upload the pictures. =.= 

Anyway, Wildcards placed 1st in the Mixed Group Stunts Category and a tie in the Open Cheerleading Category with NTU ACES Gold.

If you want my opinion, I really thought that only one group should've won 1st, but well... *shrugs*

Oh and I found out that you could do the 'Read More' thingy with Blogger now, so to save your bandwidth (if you're still using that old-school thing), you can pick not to read and see all the pictures. If not, by all means, please click and read (more like picture-looking)!!

*Warning! Image-heavy post ahead!!*

Day 080 - Cheer!

Go Wildcards!!
This is a personal favorite picture. Hurhurhur. Love the 'feel' of this!! But you might not agree. Hahaha. Her smile is so vibrant! And one of the rare 'in-focus' shots of mine. =.= So depressing. I will aim to be better!!! Pictures like these make me want to be a better photographer so I can take more shots like these. =)


P.S: I know my #Project365 is lagging very very behind, but I'm doing this for myself. Lol. If you're actually following this lousy series of mine, please leave a comment!!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 079 - Globe

Spot me!
Feel like the whole world is surrounding me. =.= Weird thought when I was looking at this picture. But then again, nice sky!!! And I love vignettes. Hurhur. Oh this was at Marina Barrage! Finally went there but it was scorching hot and I almost melted/combusted (both works).

I want to go back again! But I'll be armed with a hat, portable fan, picnic mat and a kite. =D

Friday, March 19, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon [3D]

How to Train Your Dragon [3D]
Watched this in 3D with him. Hurrr. This is a super nice movie!! Nightfury a.k.a Toothless is SUPER CUTEEEE!!! 

Oh and we watched it at J8's GV, and they had some combo set that came with a plastic cup with a cover of a character stuck to the cover. AND BY THE TIME WE GOT TO THE COUNTER, TOOTHLESS WAS NO MORE!!! T____T And because they were too busy, we didn't ask them to find in all the cover bags at the counter. Zzz. He picked one for me instead, and he picked this ugly little fat thing called Gronckle. Lol. 

Popcorn combo
But not bad because the rest were much much uglier. BUT I SAW A BOY CARRYING A TOOTHLESS COVERED CUP LEH!!!! Sooooo wanted to snatch from him. Wah lao. 

Anyway this movie is extremely niceeeee!!! Dragons behave like cats. =.= Hurrrr. If you have the chance, go watch it!! I want to watch it again and again and again!!! =D And this is not your typical storyline. Quite surprising that it wasn't a totally fairytale ending. =) 


Day 078 - Wildflowers

Was trying out his 50mm AIS lens. Wonder if this is considered sharp because my perception of sharpness is totally off when I use a manual lens. =.= Viewfinder is like a mini-mini-screen. How do people do this?!?! Anyway, one of the ways to save a bad picture is to photoshop it. =X But then again, the original picture was quite okay, just a little too bright/overexposed.

A picture is supposed to convey feelings (in my opinion), so what do you feel from this picture?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 077 - Woven

Weaving basket!
There was this exhibition (is this the right word?) at Raffles City the other day when we were there, showcasing some handmade stuff from Indonesia. There were some handmade on the spot stuff like clay pots/vases/bowls, jewellery and the one above, woven stuff.

Baskets and bags that were made on the spot. Very cool. Art in its many forms. =)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 076 - Mafia Boss

Mafia Boss is sleeping. Do not disturb.

Sis' friends call Thierry "The Mafia Boss" because he has that 'face'. LOL. Does he look like one now? Sleeping in his own sofa seat. Hahahaha super cute!! In no way he looks like a mafia boss to me. =.=

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Long-lost friends!

Oh my sky. Do you have a friend whom you've not seen in almost a decade? Well, I have. And we haven't seen each other in like 9years? Since the end of 2000. That's 9 years, 2 and a 1/2 months!!! Zomgosh. You know how people always say, "Let's find a day when we're free and meetup!" That 'day' never really comes around. And to prove how much of a procrastinator I am (probably we, because we both didn't do anything about meeting up LOL), we finally meetup after I wished her 'Happy Birthday' on Facebook and said we should meetup soon. Hahahahahahahaha. Action finally taken!!!

So we went to Sushi Tei for late lunch/early dinner! And and and. We could still recognise each other!! Like duh because of Facebook, but also because there's this sense of familiarity. =) Hmmm. Anyway food was very very good!!! Salmon sashimi is heaven. =D And we had the tea/dessert set after all the food. Super fat T_T

Had a good chat and found out what each other has been up to in the last 9 years. Lol. So much to talk about. And I kind of feel that we're quite similar. O.O Sims3, watching TV, photography (she also just got her DSLR), MOF(!!), desserts, Japanese food, etc etc... Hahaha.So weird that we have such similar interests yet we didn't meetup sooner. I love relaxing days like these. Hurhurhur. And we spied the table next to ours asking the waiter to take a picture for them, and well, of course we asked too!! Hahahaha.

Sherry and I.

My camera sucks. Maybe I should ask for her copy of the picture. Lol. Meetup soon for MOF!!!

Day 075 - Temaki (handroll)

Soft Shell Crab Temaki
Wahhhh. I feel like eating this now. T____T Looks so yummy. I can almost taste it already. T____T

Monday, March 15, 2010

5-women Chalet

Had a chalet over the weekend!! Hurrr. Just the 5 of us. So rare. And it was very funny because when I told Mum/Grandpa/Grandma that I was going to a chalet, the conversations were almost identical. 

Me: I'm going for a chalet from Fri-Sun...
Them: Someone's birthday ah?
Me: No ah... Just for fun only...
Them: How many people going?
Me: 5.. Including me
Them: Huh? What kind of chalet is this?!  
Me: Fun laaaaaa~~~
LOL! Is it so weird that 5 girls have a chalet?? And we girls kept joking that we each have only 4 friends, which explained the 5 person chalet. Ahhahahaha~~~


Bought some of the stuff for BBQ the next day then went back to the chalet. We slacked around until midnight when it was time for our movie!!! Alice In Wonderland [3D]. Nice. =D Random pictures ahead. 

Me copying Jas' pose.

Dealer Jas
Apparently everyone's attention was on the TV while we were playing daidee and waiting for Ti to come. Lol.

Robot eyes!
We got a little bored so we went to find the place where Kar held her 21st's Birthday chalet because of the extremely bright floodlights for some shadow fun. Ended up walking around the chalet grounds to find the perfect wall. Lol. 

Jas eating cup noodles while we play.
"Angel wings" LOL
Movie was quite awesome. =D Hurrr. Went back to sleep and had long long day ahead the next. Busy Saturday!


Went to McDonald's for breakfast!! *loves*

Eueu's gross concoction
Wah lao. Damn gross. T_T

Wild wild wet!!!

Spider on your face?
Or on your head?
Tickets to fun!!

Pictures from Eueu's film camera from here on... Hahaha. Some were pretty funny...

Kar's face on the U slide.
Eueu's face on the U slide. 


Me being retarded. LOL

Hurrrr. That ends the pictures from the film camera! Hurhurhur. We all went back dripping wet to the room to rinse off the chlorine from our hair and dry a little and went to Kallang for our last Cardio Sculpt class of this course! 

Oh and we were like super unlucky. =.= Rained like hell when we were on our way there. Wah lao. Totally drenched.

Very unglam but is my only picture of Radiah. LOL.
Then after class, we went back to buy the remaining things for our BBQ! 

I am sunburnt....
Peeled prawns! Left heads only. LOL.
Defrosting chicken wings.
Our super unconventional way of defrosting chicken. LOL.

Look!! The BBQ downstairs is covering the ENTIRE PIT with aluminium foil!! =.=
Our very small BBQ loot.

They said this was the easiest fire to start, ever. LOL. 


Love this stingrayyyy!!!
Oooo mushrooms and scallops.
Scallops and hotdogs!

Our very own chocolate fondue. 

Chocolate covered banana. *yumm*
Then Kar started doing something retarded with the marshmallows.

Drawing on the marshmallows!!


Our creations. LOL.

Eueu's Marshmallow man has a banana hat!

Trying to set a marshmallow on fire.
The blisters are so gross. =.=

Melting marshmallows for fun. Looks very gross.

Hair on fire?

Marshmallows successfully melted! But nobody ate it.
After BBQ, we went to the top storey of the multi-storey carpark to take some pictures. Lol.

"Dead" Kar

*self-timer fail*

Posing like the White Queen. I fail la. =.=
*splat* Eueu dropped from the sky

Group pic!

Tired out by the time we got back to the chalet. Zonked out and checked out on Sunday. Lol. 

WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!! I wonder why chalets must have many people? I think just us 5 make a damn fun chalet. Oh and maybe adding Shan and Diane probably. But the smaller the group, the better, no?