Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lunar/Chinese New Year 2010

Hi! I'm finally blogging about CNY. =.= Almost 1 and 1/2 months have passed by already. Hurhurhur. Anyway, I rented the Nikkon AFS 35mm f1.8 from The Camera Rental Centre for this CNY period at 1/2 price due to some promotions thingy.

All I can say is.... I LOVE THIS LENS!! Probably will love all prime lenses. LOL. Bokeh rocks. Anyway, super many pictures. Not much words. And all 3 days are stuffed into this entry. Hurhurhur.

I'm an awesome ribbon-tie-er. LOL.

Oh did I mention the SUPER AWESOME FOOD we have every CNY?!! Hahahaha. Grandma is THE BEST COOK EVER!

CNY eve.

Famous braised duck.

I think Grandma made like 5 or 6 this year. 5 or 6 whole ducks, mind you. And finished in like 3-4 days. =.=

Pork curry!!!!! <3

Asparagus + prawns~~~

Ngoh Hiang. I think that's what it's called. Handmade!! Very very yummy. Gosh I'm salivating just looking at the pictures. T___T

Sea cucumber duck!


Look! DUCKKKKSSSS! Unchopped. Lol.

Table is set for lunch!

Grandpa setting the table~~

"AhGong... there's a hole in your hundred year old shirt leh..." =.=

Pussy willow! Decorated it with that furry tie things instead of hanging decorations this year. =)

Table outside the house for prayers to ancestors? LOOK AT THE PINK KUEHHH!!!

I am hungry. =.=

Season of mandarin oranges. LOVEEEE!!!

Slippers. Family reporting for reunion dinner!

WAHHHHH. 2 steamboats!! So much food!!


Fishballs + stuff you find in yong tau foo. Lol.


Pork! <3 this

WAHHH MY FAVORITE!! (Ok I have loads of favorites). Fish maw!!!!



Ngoh hiang, again. =D

Sis can't wait to eat. Lol.

Me neither!

Aunt dying from hunger. Hahahahaha. =X

Shark's fin!!

Grandma preparing.

Grandma!! Her hair is so messy LOL.

Woooo!!! Heavenly.

I was trying to tie fishtail braids for Janice. =D


I want to grow my hair out so I can tie them too!!!


SHE IS SO SKINNY!! *jealous* LOL.


Uncle William and his beautiful daughters, Grace and Janice. =D

CNY Day 1

Erm while waiting for everyone to reach Grandparents' place to set off for visiting, this year we had a round of family photos taken!! Pardon the lousy pictures. Sitting back facing the sunlit window is no fun for pictures, even with flash. =.=

GRANDPARENTS!!! <3 them to the maxxxxxx~~~

I don't think I'll label all the pictures regarding family tree. =.= Very complicated and no idea how to address them in English. Zzz. Oh and we had 2 rounds of phototaking because Grandparents were not smiling in the pictures. Lol.

Dad's 2nd younger sis + family! Uncle's face is super funny. =D

Better picture!

My family! I detect lens flare T___T

2nd Uncle + family!


Erm. Sis, again.


Watching TV! And I detect lens flare, again. T___T

Aunt + Sis.

Hahahaha. Aunt Tricia in unglam moment.


Sis and her favorite duck drumstick.

See so happy?


Grandpa! <3 this picture of him!!



Aunt rolling her eyes because we were all being trigger-happy. LOL.

Me + Mum.

Sis + Mum.

Sis + Aunt.

Ryan + my Mum.

2nd round of phototaking commenced!! Obviously with Grandparents. =.= But since they're the only constant in the pictures, I didn't introduce them all over again.

Aunt Tricia + 2 sons + sons' girlfriends.

Aunt Jo + Ryan + Kevin + Shaun! Hurhur. Didn't know if 'kids' was the right word...

Aunt + family! Now Grandparents are smiling =D

Uncle + family! =D

Us, again! With Auntie Jamalia. =D

The children!!! LOL.

Then it was off visiting for us!!

Dad driving.

My awesome-ly pretty bracelet.

Aunt + Grandaunt (Grandma's eldest sibling)

Angie and Jojin~

Stella + Jino

Jojin, Sis, Jino. Lol. She insisted on this picture. =.=

Sisters!! They look alike, right?

Sis + Bro

Bro + Me. My hair looks like crap. =.=

Aunt + her godbrothers!

Aunt Tricia + Uncle Steven with 2nd Grandaunt + Granduncle (Aunt Tricia's godparents)

Family photo!




I love this picture of them. =D

Erm super unglam picture of us eating cuttlefish. Lol.

Jojin, "I'm not eating!!!" *chew chew chew*

Sitting around listening to the seniors chat.


CNY Day 2 or was it 3??

Maternal relatives, Mich and Zk came over. Lol. Played Wii! Rayman Raving Rabbids is fun!!! Especially when you have 4 players. =D

Find the mike minigame?

We're all concentrating reallllyyyy hard.

Oh and we went to Zk's place for dinner the next day. Lol. Very good food!! I love eating louhei. Haha. Biggest pomfret I've ever seen/eaten!!!

This Chinese New Year has been good. Full of laughter and good food. =) May the whole year be like that!!

Oh and we didn't celebrate Valentines'. Hurrr... A little sad, but it's alright. =) Everyday is Valentines' Day! =X

My Awesome Family!!

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