Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 048 - Dog-tired

Emo Boxer.

Anyway, the CNY public holiday is over! And the house is back to being quiet. =( I woke up wondering where Sis and Bro were. =.=

Oh we went visiting for the 1st time ever to Zhong Kai's house!!! Hahahaha. His Mum looks so young!! And she cooked too much. =.= Almost burst from all the food. Saw the largest pomfret in my life. LOL. Love the louhei!! Yummyyyyy.

Been staying up late the past few days. Ughhhh. Even if I slept earlier/woke up later, it still doesn't compensate the tiredness, because of the energy wasted throughout the day. Gosh.

I love public holidays because of all the free parking in most carparks.

How was your CNY? Need to blog about that soon. I haven't blogged a proper post in aeons. But then again, my life is boring. Rarely I get to take so many pictures. Hahahahaha. Erm I don't particularly like taking pictures of people. Especially when you can't order them around. Since they don't understand the concept of light, most pictures turn out with dark subjects + bright background. =.= It's not that I'm lousy, ok? =P I'm still learning. So quit whining about my photography skills. Not as if your pictures are any better. =.=


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