Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 058 - Sunset!


What do you call those rays thingys? Very nice. But I don't know how to make the picture..... better? More oomph. =( Have to try harder next time.

Btw, any suggestions where to go to capture nice sunsets in SG?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 057 - Cross-eye


I love making fun of Thierry. He looks super comical. LOL.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 056 - Stare

I like this picture of Thierry! Very sharp, very intense eyes. Hahahaha. I woke him up while trying to get some pictures.

And I'm tired. =( Sorry for not updating regularly (who am I talking to?). My #Project365 is lagging wayyy behind. I think after the massive phototaking during CNY, I suddenly have a phobia of taking pictures. =.= Less enthusiastic? I don't know. And I haven't even hit Day 100 yet. Oh my sky. How can I lasttttt?!?!?

Oh and.... is there anyone out there reading this? LOL

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 055 - A Little Bird Told Me...

Heard some chirping outside my window and peeked out to see a bird sitting on the ledge outside. Went back to get my camera to snap a picture of the myna! Hahaha. It was totally staring back. =)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 054 - Iconic Octopus

Seriously iconic.

Was testing the 35mm lens I rented during the CNY weekend, and I absolutely love this picture!!! See the blurry background!! So chio.

Anyway, like I said, this Octopus is iconic. Hahahaha. It's now in Sis' car. =( No longer in Grandpa's car. Everyone remembers the car by the 'red round thing on the dashboard'. I need to go buy something new for the dashboard!!!

Wonder if I can fins something similar to this octopus??

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 053 - Wet Cat

Thierry trying to sun himself.

Bathing Thierry is quite fun, but troublesome because you need a sunny day. He refuses to be dried with a hairdryer. =.= So sun it is. Lol.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cafe Cartel

Had dinner at Cafe Cartel @ Junction 8! Hurhur.

Fish & Chips

Mine! Not bad! I like. I just didn't like the tartar sauce. Too diluted.

Cartel's Pan-fried Macaroni

This is his, and it's awesome! Haha. I wanted this too, but but. Weird when 2 people order the same thing? Need variety. Hahaha. But this is very very nice! Must make mental note and not miss this again next time.

Love going out on dates. Hurhurhur.

Day 052 - Zomgosh Beautiful Sunset!


Wished I was at the beach or somewhere with full view of the sunset without stupid buildings blocking my sunset. =(

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 051 - Teenager

I wonder if he's eating well. =(

Thierry reallllyyy dislikes him. But then again, Thierry dislikes all other animals. =.=

McDonald's Breakfast Deluxe!


How can you not want to try this?!?! Hahaha. Okay I know it's not much (like one less hotcake, 2 extra bread + scrambled eggs from hotcakes with sausage), but to me, this is awesome!!

Because everytime I have Mac breakfast, I cannot decide between Hotcakes with Sausage or Big Breakfast. Although Hotcakes with Sausage always wins.

So now I have a choice of the Breakfast Deluxe, which is like the best of both worlds, why not, right?

So we (Mum, Sis, Bro, me) woke up like really early for breakfast. LOL.


Very very fulfilling + filling. =.= Fattening! I think I'll just stick to Hotcakes with Sausage from now on. LOL. But at least I had my 'dream' of eating both in one breakfast sitting, at least once.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 050 - Upside-down

Thierry, being totally adorable.

I know you miss seeing him (hurhur) so I'm putting up a picture of him! So adorable right? =D

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 049 - Bracelet

Handmade bracelet.

I made this more than a year ago. And I still love it. It was supposed to be for sale but I couldn't bear to part with it, so it's still mine. =) On and off, I still make earrings, but not bracelets and necklaces. Hahaha. Earrings are the easiest. =X But I don't think I can make enough to sell, thus Sis gets to have them most of the time. =.= Haha. Maybe I should make a few more. BUT NO INSPIRATION!!! T____T

Oh and Mum lost my gold bangle Grandma gave to me. =( WHERE IS IT?!?!?!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lunar/Chinese New Year 2010

Hi! I'm finally blogging about CNY. =.= Almost 1 and 1/2 months have passed by already. Hurhurhur. Anyway, I rented the Nikkon AFS 35mm f1.8 from The Camera Rental Centre for this CNY period at 1/2 price due to some promotions thingy.

All I can say is.... I LOVE THIS LENS!! Probably will love all prime lenses. LOL. Bokeh rocks. Anyway, super many pictures. Not much words. And all 3 days are stuffed into this entry. Hurhurhur.

I'm an awesome ribbon-tie-er. LOL.

Oh did I mention the SUPER AWESOME FOOD we have every CNY?!! Hahahaha. Grandma is THE BEST COOK EVER!

CNY eve.

Famous braised duck.

I think Grandma made like 5 or 6 this year. 5 or 6 whole ducks, mind you. And finished in like 3-4 days. =.=

Pork curry!!!!! <3

Asparagus + prawns~~~

Ngoh Hiang. I think that's what it's called. Handmade!! Very very yummy. Gosh I'm salivating just looking at the pictures. T___T

Sea cucumber duck!


Look! DUCKKKKSSSS! Unchopped. Lol.

Table is set for lunch!

Grandpa setting the table~~

"AhGong... there's a hole in your hundred year old shirt leh..." =.=

Pussy willow! Decorated it with that furry tie things instead of hanging decorations this year. =)

Table outside the house for prayers to ancestors? LOOK AT THE PINK KUEHHH!!!

I am hungry. =.=

Season of mandarin oranges. LOVEEEE!!!

Slippers. Family reporting for reunion dinner!

WAHHHHH. 2 steamboats!! So much food!!


Fishballs + stuff you find in yong tau foo. Lol.


Pork! <3 this

WAHHH MY FAVORITE!! (Ok I have loads of favorites). Fish maw!!!!



Ngoh hiang, again. =D

Sis can't wait to eat. Lol.

Me neither!

Aunt dying from hunger. Hahahahaha. =X

Shark's fin!!

Grandma preparing.

Grandma!! Her hair is so messy LOL.

Woooo!!! Heavenly.

I was trying to tie fishtail braids for Janice. =D


I want to grow my hair out so I can tie them too!!!


SHE IS SO SKINNY!! *jealous* LOL.


Uncle William and his beautiful daughters, Grace and Janice. =D

CNY Day 1

Erm while waiting for everyone to reach Grandparents' place to set off for visiting, this year we had a round of family photos taken!! Pardon the lousy pictures. Sitting back facing the sunlit window is no fun for pictures, even with flash. =.=

GRANDPARENTS!!! <3 them to the maxxxxxx~~~

I don't think I'll label all the pictures regarding family tree. =.= Very complicated and no idea how to address them in English. Zzz. Oh and we had 2 rounds of phototaking because Grandparents were not smiling in the pictures. Lol.

Dad's 2nd younger sis + family! Uncle's face is super funny. =D

Better picture!

My family! I detect lens flare T___T

2nd Uncle + family!


Erm. Sis, again.


Watching TV! And I detect lens flare, again. T___T

Aunt + Sis.

Hahahaha. Aunt Tricia in unglam moment.


Sis and her favorite duck drumstick.

See so happy?


Grandpa! <3 this picture of him!!



Aunt rolling her eyes because we were all being trigger-happy. LOL.

Me + Mum.

Sis + Mum.

Sis + Aunt.

Ryan + my Mum.

2nd round of phototaking commenced!! Obviously with Grandparents. =.= But since they're the only constant in the pictures, I didn't introduce them all over again.

Aunt Tricia + 2 sons + sons' girlfriends.

Aunt Jo + Ryan + Kevin + Shaun! Hurhur. Didn't know if 'kids' was the right word...

Aunt + family! Now Grandparents are smiling =D

Uncle + family! =D

Us, again! With Auntie Jamalia. =D

The children!!! LOL.

Then it was off visiting for us!!

Dad driving.

My awesome-ly pretty bracelet.

Aunt + Grandaunt (Grandma's eldest sibling)

Angie and Jojin~

Stella + Jino

Jojin, Sis, Jino. Lol. She insisted on this picture. =.=

Sisters!! They look alike, right?

Sis + Bro

Bro + Me. My hair looks like crap. =.=

Aunt + her godbrothers!

Aunt Tricia + Uncle Steven with 2nd Grandaunt + Granduncle (Aunt Tricia's godparents)

Family photo!




I love this picture of them. =D

Erm super unglam picture of us eating cuttlefish. Lol.

Jojin, "I'm not eating!!!" *chew chew chew*

Sitting around listening to the seniors chat.


CNY Day 2 or was it 3??

Maternal relatives, Mich and Zk came over. Lol. Played Wii! Rayman Raving Rabbids is fun!!! Especially when you have 4 players. =D

Find the mike minigame?

We're all concentrating reallllyyyy hard.

Oh and we went to Zk's place for dinner the next day. Lol. Very good food!! I love eating louhei. Haha. Biggest pomfret I've ever seen/eaten!!!

This Chinese New Year has been good. Full of laughter and good food. =) May the whole year be like that!!

Oh and we didn't celebrate Valentines'. Hurrr... A little sad, but it's alright. =) Everyday is Valentines' Day! =X

My Awesome Family!!