Saturday, January 09, 2010

Supper @ Changi Airport

After class, Shan and Jas came to meet us at school! Ti drove us all to Changi Airport for supper! Hahaha. Shiokness. We took reallyyyyy long trying to find a lot. Hurhurhur.

Swensen's! Ok this post will have loads of pictures but not alot of words. Be warned!

Shan and I, waiting in queue to sit downnnnn.

My prezzie from them! From Sheer Romance?? O.O Bikini?

Oh I love my grey shirt so much!!! =D



Black, silky and lacy. =.= What in the world....?

Maid's costume!! =.=

Ordering food. We all had baked rice of some sort other than Kar who had lasagne.

This picture looks reallyyyy realllyyy wrong, but so funnyyyyyy!!! I think Kar was trying to reach for... something?

Shan having alot of fun pouring ice water from the tumbler for us. Lol.

See? So happy. =.=



Jas, Eueu, Kar.

Shan, Me, Ti.



Jas is hungry!

"Whatcha looking at?"

Shan the 'photographer'.

Free birthday icecream!

Our Earthquake. LOL. Damn big.

And after eating/talking/being retarded, we all went back to the car and and and.....!!! The Sheer Romance thingy was not my actual gift!!!

This is!!!


WAH I LOVE MY FRIENDS!! I didn't expect any gifts this year so it was a superbly good surprise!!!

Oh then we sent Kar home, and took about an hour after that to reach Jas' house. Hahahahha. Super lost. JAS STAY SOMEWHERE NEARER LAAAA!!! =X

Nevertheless, it was a damn good/tiring birthday!


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