Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sis' Twenty-something Birthday Dinner!

Wheee! Sis' Birthday dinner! Decided on Seafood instead of Jack's Place because we all can't order steak with parents around... Hahahaha. =X But they know about that anyway, just not that nice to do so infront of them.

Jumbo Seafood! Crowded on a Sunday night.

Jumboooooo Seafood @ East Coast Park! Wanted to go to the one at Dempsey because Bro used to work there, so we can torture the staff there, but then again, we're nice people! =X


Sis! Birthday woman. Lol.


Bro. =.=



Smiling Dad.

Smiling Bro.

Smiling Mum.

Smiling Sis.

I know I don't look like any of them. =.= I MUST BE ADOPTED!!! LOL.


Peanuts and chilli.

Chinese Tea.

Titus watch for Sis from us!

Honey Pork Slices.

THIS IS SO SO GOOD! I'm hungry all over again just looking at the picture. T___T

Yang Zhou Fried Rice. Not bad.

Chilli crab!

Nice, but not spicy. Lol. The gravy was a little too sweet. BUT NICEEEE.

Especially when you eat these Fried Mantous with Chilli Crab gravy.... Oh heaven.

Scallops with yam ring!

Saw a waiter walking past with a dish full of these, and spotted them on the menu. Ordered!! NO REGRETS! Hahaha. Why can't they have just yam rings alone? I like the standard yam ring without the stuff inside, but the scallop ones are a better choice! Though I like plain yam rings... LOL.

Sambal Kangkong. =.=

I hate this dish. So oily. We ordered small leh. Why so much? Veggies in oyster sauce is much better.

Drunken prawns!!! Wah I love the soup. GOOODDD.

Erm. Unglam Sis eating crab. Lol.

Bro eating fried rice.

Desserts to share! Almond Jelly with Sea Coconut, Almond Jelly with Longans, Honeydew Sago.

Trying to open the coconut.

To no avail. LOL.

Coconut opening, fail! =X

Anyway, was a very very good family bonding time. =) Love it!!

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