Saturday, January 09, 2010

Singapore Flyer!

Erm yesterday was a super busy day. Hahaha. Woke up since like 6+am to send Sis to school so I could use the car. On the way home, Mum sms-ed me and asked if I want to eat Mac breakfast with her, so I went to meet her. Went home, fed my people/fishes (fb game), then prepared to go to Plaza Singapura with Mum around 1030am. BOUGHT MY BIRTHDAY PREZZIE!! =D

Drove to Amk to drop Mum off at the bank, went to SSDC to pick JieHao up. Came back to Amk, picked Mum up, went home. Shared a packet of Maggi with JieHao (because we're going out to eat). Checked for driving directions, changed, and left house around 2.30~3pm? I was so absentminded (think it was the lack of sleep). I left the driving directions at home. =.= And kept forgetting things. =/

WE WENT TO THE SINGAPORE FLYER!!!! It was either Flyer or Zoo, but not enough time for Zoo because I had school at 7pm. But it was fun!! Wheee~ *ignores fear of heights*

Drove to Singapore Flyer!! Parking is so expensive. And the ERP on weekdays, killer. =(



Super high up. *faints*

Ooooo. *groggy*

How does this work, anyway?

Oh and the sky was really nice when we were in the capsule. Hurhur. Lucky.


Can you spot the airplane?

F1 tracks wayyyyy below.

Taking pictures.

Hur. Kinda regretted not bringing my DSLR but couldn't fit it into my bag because of school stuff. =( Nevermind. Lol.

Woooo spokes!!


Danbo, are you afraid of heights too?


Erm. We're at the top already.

Sun rays!


Kind of like this kind of sky. Hahah.


So many tall buildings...

Oh can see the national day floating platform place!

Weird shape directly below. I assume that's the location for the restaurants?

Sun beams!!

Wah damn high. Just looking at this picture makes me giddy. Lol.

Going down...


Taking pictures of Danbo.

F1 track.

Danbo resting.

We got off already! The sky was really blue. =D I like this picture.

Xmas decorations still up!

Saw people removing them using those lifters thing.


They were really airing Popeye the Sailorman on tv. =.= I used to love watching it. They don't air it on tv anymore, do they?

Chicken tenders. Was not very nice. =( Should've ordered the chicken pieces.

Danbo also want!!

The biscuits were nice, but sticks your mouth shut. Lol. Maybe it's just me.

During the time we were eating, heavy rain suddenly poured from the sky. =.= Wah lao. What is the meaning of this? It was so heavy I couldn't see a thing while driving. Panicked like crazy because of unfamiliar routes. =X Thank you boyf for calming me down. Hurhur. Anyway missed the turn to Heeren's carpark and did another round around Orchard. The carpark is very....... Someone should fix the locations. Seriously.

Anyway, after Heeren, sent him home and picked Sis up near his place, Sis sent me to Siti's house to meet Siti and Eueu, to wait for Siti's Dad so Siti could drive to school. LOL. So confusing!!!!

Last picture to end this entry:

Us! ^-^

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