Friday, January 01, 2010

How I spent the 1st day of 2010

Had steamboat with Mum, Sis, Bro and him! Hahaha. Dad didn't want to join us. =( Steamboat near Bugis! Zhong Hua Steamboat..? Can't remember the exact name. =.=

My fav cooked food there. Mantous and cockles. Lol. Love the gravyyyyy.

Erm only pictures of raw food and no steamboat because I took the pictures of the food we took before they gave us our steamboat, and when the steamboat came, we all started eating and pictures were forgotten. LOL.

And we went to Ah Chew's Desserts after! So sorry to him for the blockheaded me. >.< Stupid me.

Oh and I had to pee so badly I went to his house to use the toilet. =.= Wah lao cannot tahan!!! LOL. Too urgent. =X

Anyway, hope this year is filled with great food and great company!

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