Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Dental appointment

I went to the dentist today. At Aljunied. Lol. I know it's a little hard to understand, but I visit like 2 dentists. =.= Very weird. Anyway I went to the Aljunied one at first for my braces consultation, but they said they couldn't do it because my teeth were too complicated/difficult to adjust/blablabla (I have to wear a stupid headgear if I do it at Aljunied) and referred me to the one at Wheelock (they used to be at The Mandarin Gallery). Dr Lien (from L.C. Lien Dental @ Wheelock) said she could probably fix my teeth but it'll be better/faster if I did surgery (obviously I didn't. Too freakin' expensive).

So I've been going back/forth between 2 dentists ever since. Because Dr Lien only does the braces, not filling/scaling/extraction/etc. Lol. Super troublesome, but NOW I HAVE AWESOME TEETH! Anyway this is the story of my very complicated teeth.

So today I had an appointment at Aljunied for scaling and filling of one cavity. Super expensive. FML. Bloody poor now already. =(

Cute cat near dentist!

I actually took public transport today (bus is particular). Oh my sky. Might even strike Toto.

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