Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 029 - Teenager Kitty

Teenager Kitty!

Anyway I spotted him around the estate afew times before, but always when I was going out, so I couldn't play with him much. Lucky I brought my camera out with me this morning, and he was there!! So so so so cute. I went upstairs to get (Thierry's) food and water, and he was still there when I came back! So adorable. =)

1st cat I see that is not afraid of taking the lift. =.= They're usually scared because they prefer solid ground (or at least things that don't wobble/tremble under their feet), but apparently Teenager has no problem. He followed me home!

So manja. Even let me carry him and he gave that super blissful look when I stroked him in my arms.

CAN I KEEP HIM?!?!?!?!