Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Things that irk me when I drive.

After driving for more than a year, I realized that there're alot of things that irk me on the road.

By "cars", "motorcycles" and "bicycles", I mean people who drive/ride the respective vehicles. Lazy to type it so many times.

1) Cars that tailgate.
2) Cars that don't signal before changing lanes.
3) Cars that don't stay in their lanes when they have no intention of changing lanes.
4) Cars that don't turn into the correct lanes.
5) Motorcycles that go really really slow and block everyone's way.
6) Bicycles on the road that can't go straight or take up one whole car lane.
7) People who jaywalk even though the road crossing is within sight.
8) Cars that park illegally at the side of the road blocking the way.
9) Cars that have highbeam on all the time.
10) Cars that have super bright, illegally modified headlights.
11) Cars that are illegally modified to sound really loud and powerful, but in fact just sound like their engines have a very big problem.
12) Cars that 'cut queues' at turning junctions. (Sis I know you do this)
13) Cars that suddenly speed up to block your way when you've signalled to change into their lane.
14) When there's a mosquito bite on my right leg but I can't scratch it because I need to step on the brake/accelerator.
15) When Eunice/Siti shouts "GOGOGO" from the passsenger seat.
16) When Eunice/Siti screams for no reason in the passenger seat.

These are the only things I can think of at the moment. What are your irks?

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