Saturday, December 26, 2009


Siti passed me her rabbit, Sayang, to look after until Tuesday. Hurhurhur. Thumper doesn't like Sayang. I think because Sayang's a male bunny. Anyway it's damn difficult to take pictures of a white rabbit. =.= Nothing to focus on. And red eyes = no flash of any kind. WAH LAO DAMN DIFFICULTTTTT!!!

Sayang is super huge. As compared to Thumper.

And Sayang is like only 6mths old?!?! He used to be so small and adorable.... =X

Walking out of the playpen...

Looking very very scared. =X

Only time they will sit next to each other.

And the peace doesn't last. =.= Rabbits start pooping to mark territory. SO MUCH POOP EVERYWHERE!!! UGHHHH....

Siti faster come back. Lol.

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