Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of 2009.

Erm. It's like the last day of 2009 today. Tomorrow, we enter the year 2010.

Any resolutions?

1) Be a better girlfriend (there's always room for improvement).
2) Save money.
3) Get a dog/puppy.
4) Take more pictures with my DSLR.
5) Try to blog everyday.
6) Complete my #Project365.
7) Lose 5kg.
8) Bake/cook more (then point 7 might not be valid anymore T____T).
9) Exercise more often.
10) Keep room clean and neat as often as possible. (Hurhurhur)

Okay. Done!!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Christmas 2009

Presents under our tree!

This year, we spent almost the whole day together. Hahaha. =D Oh and it's my 1st time at Orchard Road during a major holiday. O.O If you get what I mean. I'm usually at home, out of the crowds.

Anyway, it was so damn bloody crowded. And I dressed up! Wore heels. Feet hurt. @.@

Dinner! Korean food.

Hurhurhur. Been here like twice before I think? Or maybe more. Can't remember. But we always eat these 2 dishes. Lol. NICEEEE!!

Christmas was spent with my love. =D

Ok I need to go out now. Hahahahha. IKEA!!!

Deep Fryer!!

A little late to update about Xmas, but Sis got me a deep fryer for Christmas!!

See my deep fryer!!

Okay, I'm probably the only person to be so excited getting cooking appliance as a gift (excluding homemakers). =.= BUT I'VE WANTED ONE FOR DAMN LONG ALREADY!!


Ya ya ya I know it's damn fattening and all that, but but but!! TASTY FOOD!!! =X

Oh my love. LOL.

It's small, but works wonders.

Have cooked.... Onion rings, Calamari Rings, Fries, Popcorn Chicken and I don't know what else in this already!! Hurhurhur.

Nuggets were like toasted instead. Too oily. =X Oh and another oven baked item is this...

I&J Light and Crispy Deep Sea Fish Fillets.

Cooked using the oven. IT'S NOT BAD!! Quite nice if I may say so. Hurhurhur.

Oh and the aftermath of such eating frenzy is....

*deng deng deng DENGGGG*

Super many bowls/plates/utensils to wash. =X

I want a nice camera bag.

Billingham Hadley Small (Sage with Tan leather trim)

HerringBone Old Pharm Basic (Brown)

SO CHIO THESE 2 BAGS!! But expensive. I think the Billingham is above $100, less than $200 for that model? I know the HerringBone Old Pharm Large, not Basic, is like $300. Zzzz. I might as well get my 35mm lens. But both bags are so so so so chio. =( Leather is definitely nicer. =S


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thumper & Sayang

Thumper and Sayang

So similar, yet so different. =)

Sayang went home today. Hahaha. Siti couldn't wait to get him home. Was quite fun having him here, but they didn't get along, so it was abit sad. But overall, her Sayang was quite well-behaved. Thumper was the one misbehaving. =.= 1st time seeing such behaviour.

And Thierry avoided my room the whole time Sayang was around. I guess 2 rabbits in one room was too much for him to bear. Lol.

Things that irk me when I drive.

After driving for more than a year, I realized that there're alot of things that irk me on the road.

By "cars", "motorcycles" and "bicycles", I mean people who drive/ride the respective vehicles. Lazy to type it so many times.

1) Cars that tailgate.
2) Cars that don't signal before changing lanes.
3) Cars that don't stay in their lanes when they have no intention of changing lanes.
4) Cars that don't turn into the correct lanes.
5) Motorcycles that go really really slow and block everyone's way.
6) Bicycles on the road that can't go straight or take up one whole car lane.
7) People who jaywalk even though the road crossing is within sight.
8) Cars that park illegally at the side of the road blocking the way.
9) Cars that have highbeam on all the time.
10) Cars that have super bright, illegally modified headlights.
11) Cars that are illegally modified to sound really loud and powerful, but in fact just sound like their engines have a very big problem.
12) Cars that 'cut queues' at turning junctions. (Sis I know you do this)
13) Cars that suddenly speed up to block your way when you've signalled to change into their lane.
14) When there's a mosquito bite on my right leg but I can't scratch it because I need to step on the brake/accelerator.
15) When Eunice/Siti shouts "GOGOGO" from the passsenger seat.
16) When Eunice/Siti screams for no reason in the passenger seat.

These are the only things I can think of at the moment. What are your irks?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Things I obtained in 2009

Some note-able stuff I obtained (because I didn't buy every single one of them) this year. Lol.

Canon Pixma MP486

Sony Vaio CS26G

The Sims 2

Samsung Pixon
Electric Stand Mixer

Samantha Thavasa Wallet
The Sims 3


Running Shoes

Nikon D5000
Seagate 1TB HDD

Nothing amazing for the months after September because I'm broke from buying my DSLR and HDD. =X Overall, this was a good year!!

I can't wait till 2010 comes rolling around! <3 all you people.

The Mentalist

Keith Wolcutt: Are you sure Agent Cho? Because I can make one phone call and your career is toast.
Kimball Cho: That's impressive. The best I can get with one call is a pizza.


Go and watch The Mentalist. You won't regret it. =D

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Siti passed me her rabbit, Sayang, to look after until Tuesday. Hurhurhur. Thumper doesn't like Sayang. I think because Sayang's a male bunny. Anyway it's damn difficult to take pictures of a white rabbit. =.= Nothing to focus on. And red eyes = no flash of any kind. WAH LAO DAMN DIFFICULTTTTT!!!

Sayang is super huge. As compared to Thumper.

And Sayang is like only 6mths old?!?! He used to be so small and adorable.... =X

Walking out of the playpen...

Looking very very scared. =X

Only time they will sit next to each other.

And the peace doesn't last. =.= Rabbits start pooping to mark territory. SO MUCH POOP EVERYWHERE!!! UGHHHH....

Siti faster come back. Lol.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!


I have so many things to blog about. Hahahahaha. COME BACK OK?!

=D Enjoy your holiday!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Celebration @ Church

Got invited by Aunt to church. Both cousins, Grace and Janice, were taking part in the performances. =) Drama and choir respectively.

Got home a little late. Changed, ate, and left with Grandma. Aunt came to pick us up! =D

Wah. I love the Xmas tree. And I love this church. Always makes me feel comforted. =)

Cross! Don't know why there's a halo around it.

Hurhur. =D

Bethel Prebyterian Church.

Janice in the children's choir.

Performance tonight was in mandarin. Had loads of problems. =( Oh and I sat alone. =.= Too crowded. Grandma sat with Aunt.

I love children's choir. Their voices are like so so so so nice.

Then it was the drama. Hmmm. Interesting. But didn't manage to capture pictures of Grace. =

After the whole thing, there was a guest speaker and a buffet afterwards. I think I was quite tired. Not everything went into my head. Lol. Especially when he was speaking in mandarin. Zzz.


Super tall tree. Hurhur.

Grace =)



She loves posing for the camera, while Grace is like the total opposite. =.= So hard to get a picture of her.

Grace unwrapping some cookies.

Aunt and Uncle.

Family photo! I should probably take a better one in daytime some other day... =D

Went to look around the church and it doesn't seem like it changed much.. Other than the fact that everything's newer? But basically the same. Though the old playground is gone.

Shan!! FOR YOU!! Lol. Painted on the wall outside the daycare.

People people people.

Adorable cousin.

I love christmas decorations!!

Janice and Grandma. It was the only way Grandma would take a picture. Lol. Love my Grandma!!



Prawning on Xmas Eve

Siti planned something for Christmas Eve. Prawning!! Been so so so so long since I last prawn-ed. Lol.

Mainland Tropical Fish Farm.

This place is quite cool. They have prawning, fish spa, longkang fishing, koi fish to feed, chickens, ducks and an aquarium to buy things from.


Baby chicks. Lol. Herd mentality??


Ducks ducks ducks!!

I reached there early because Sis sent me there early after Christmas prezzie shopping. Lol. So last minute. =X Took those pictures while I waited for them.

Erm. Attendance: Me, Eueu, Kar, Jas, Siti, BinBin, Ryan. Prawned for a total of 2 hours only, not our usual 3. 3 rods. Too many pictures, lazy to type. =X

Our 1st prawn!! I think BinBin was the one who caught it. And erm. The pincer is 'kiapping' Ryan's finger. Lol.





This is how we usually remove the pincers so we wouldn't get kiapped when we clean/cook them later. Hurhur.

Siti + BinBin's body.

Kar brought her new DSLR!! D3000!! Hurhurhur.

Eueu having fun. She kept squealing when the pincers bent and touched her. =.=


Eueu again.

Eueu, "Why is there a brown layer on one side of the pincer?" *pokes brown thingy* "EEEEE WHY IS IT SLIMY?!?!?!" LOL

Jas caught something!!

Ahahahaha. =X

Oh oh Jas gave us these cracker thingys from Marks & Spencer and you have to pull the ends and get the stuff inside. Damn fun. Filled with a paper crown, a toy and an Xmas riddle/joke.

Me with my paper crown.

Ahaha. Stupid face. =X

Eueu's cracker.


Ahahaha. Crown.

Why so sad..?

"It's not put on properly. =("

Jas hooking bait.

I finally caught my only prawn. Mission accomplished. Lol. Went to take pictures instead. Hurhurhur.


Rooster grooming. Lol.

Another rooster peeping. O.O

Weird flower.



Jas looking at some damn big fishes.

They look oddly familiar. Kind of like the ones I saw in a temple in Taiwan?? If I remember correctly.

Caught a total of 21 prawns. Total. Not me. LOL.

Washing prawns!

Alive and kicking like mad.

Eueu and the suckerfish.

The suckerfish.


Stupid thing. My lens got splattered with water droplets. =.= ASSSSSS.

I will eat you.

Erm. Looks very cruel.

And it is cruel. Lol. But food is best fresh. =X Prawn was trying to crawl away. Hur.

ANYWAY. The prawns didn't taste nice. Weird taste. I still prefer the ones from the Bishan prawning place.