Monday, November 30, 2009

DM Archery

Went to Dm Archery @ Suntec after dinner with Eueu, Ti and Kar. Someone suggested going to try the archery since we always see it when we go to the arcade, and we finally did!

Dm Archery

Eueu. And it was Monday, not Saturday.

Ti and Kar going 1st.

Wah look so pro.

Shoot to kill!!!



My turn.

And Eueu's turn too.



Ti kicked butt. Lol. I'm 2nd! Eueu 3rd, Kar 4th. Hurhurhur.

Try again next time? =) Worth it for like $6/person.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New!! Magnum Thumbdrive!

Remember my Magnum Thumbdrive?





With strap.

It's more expensive than the previous one. Now you have to bu 4 Magnum Icecreams instead of 2 to be able to buy this. And it's 4gb! Not 2gb~ =D


Thursday, November 26, 2009

My day in a word, "AWESOME"

Seriously. =D Will blog about it when I have the time. SO MUCH TO TELL!!! XD

*edit* 29/11/09 Finally finished updating. Wah so many pictures. *faint*

Birthday in school.

School on her birthday. Lol. Super sian. We were all quite dead bored. Hahaha.

See her 'happy' face last Sunday.

'Sibei sian' face today.

Oh and look wad they drew.

Wah lao. Hello Kitty... ZZZZzz. Became muscular..?

Bought this for Eueu.

Tadahhhh!! But I drank one. =X Hope she doesn't get diarrhea. Hahaha.

Prata afterwards, and I GOT MY 1ST PARKING SUMMON. AHHHHH. Idiot.

Kittylab! Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Project


WE WENT TO KITTYLAB!!! SUPER HAPPY!! AND AND AND!!! HE WAS THE ONE TO SUGGEST IT!! Lucky didn't go with Sis that time. =X Wheee~ Park tor!! Hurhur. =D

Apparently nobody else I know close to me shares my love for Hello Kitty. =.= CUTE MAH. I LIKE LEH. Blame my mum for introducing Hello Kitty to me when I was super young. LOL.

And I'm too lazy to type too much, so just see the pictures ok? Oh and there's this no picture-taking allowed rule. LOL. But everyone was like snapping away. Although I do hate it that they keep blocking my way, but I just snap away in my own world. Imagine if it was a weekend. Wah die. =D He was like the only other guy there. =X


KTA - Kitty DNA?

We're each given this KTA thingy with a sensor at the base for each of the 'game' stations and it records the progress of our personalised Kitty. Haha.

Oh and if you complete the whole thing within 35mins, you get some extra badge thingy. We completed like really fast, and I didn't any pictures other than the KTA picture above. Then he went out to wait for me so he can get the badge for me 1st while I take my time snapping pictures inside. =D

Some of the game stations were really dumb. =X And the selection time was really little. MADE MISTAKE IN PICKING ITEM!!! *angry*

Super huge KTA in the middle of the entire place.

Oh when you enter the place after the briefing, the 1st thing you see is...


WAHHH. Looks like the chanel bags, in Hello Kitty form.



Kitty Cafe!

Very cute food on display. Fake food of course.


Kitty-shaped pizzzaaaaa.

Kitty's Mama (if I'm not wrong).

Super blur menu. The person inside the cafe (one of the stations) was staring at me. Scary.

KITTY-SHAPED DESSERTS!!! Ahhh I want the cakesssss.

Kitty's Mama outside the cafe.

Dress shop?

I don't understand why they always draw her hand like that. Looks like she's pointing middle finger, no? Weird.

Bear looking at dresses!! Isn't it male? O.O

Oh there were so many of the bears there!! But no actual figure of Hello Kitty. =( And I think if I'm right, that bear is Hello Kitty's toy? The one she keeps carrying around.

More dresses!! So cute. They look like they were made from clay.

Map outside the "Police station".

Kitty College!

Kuromi at the top of one of the fake walls. Lol.

"No photo & video"

I like the "gothic" design. Looks nothing like gothic. Hahahaha. Canon was one of the sponsors?

Bear painting wall!

Hello Kitty Spaceship. Weird.

Alien?!?!?! =X Hahahahaha.


Hello Kitty version of the Toyota Yaris!!! Not much zhng-ed, just the design on the front. I LIKE.

See see see!! Not very disturbing to the eyes. =D

Bear 'fixing' the car!

Super cute.

Spanner in hand!

Random Bear picture.

Some signs.


Hello Kitty's Grandpa.

Wanted notice for Kuromi.

Erm. Her 'gang'?

One of the games we had to go find the above poster and look for the following near the poster...

.. then opening it to find our next location!

Erm yeah, our 'occupation' was police. =.=


Strawberry Hospital!

See the sign outside! LOL. I'm too lazy to translate. But it's quite retarded. Hahaha.

Kitty-shaped chair?!?! LOL Does her skull look like that?!

Outside the hospital.

Injured Bear! T_T

Kitty in wheelchair..? Handicap lot.

Nekosen Station, to exit. =(


Is the Bear trying to climb onto the box thingy to make a phone call?

Phone booth sign!


Map of the place.

Information and official products for sale. I like the cap, but it was sold out, and it's too ex. And the thumbdrive too. =(

Remember I said something about some badge if you complete it under 35mins? Well, apparently after my major photo-taking spree around, I still did it under 35mins. =.=

So now we have 2!!

Card holder souvenir that came with the tickets.

Our personalised Kitty. Left: His, Right: Mine.

Left: His Picky Kitty, Right: My Sentimental Kitty.

Hahahahahaha. They both look quite... Hahahahaha. XD

The only thing I bought... Coin purse!

Kittylab!! The purse is like super cushiony and fluffy and nice to touch. =D