Monday, September 28, 2009



Free ice-cream from my boss. Hahaha. YUMMMM

Saturday, September 26, 2009



Watched this with him at AMKhub. IN 3D!! Guinea pigs are the cutest things when they can talk and do ninja moves. Hahahahaha. Watch this is 3D!! It's very very nice.

Oh and all the trailers are like for coming 3D shows. AND AND. I suddenly have so many more shows I want to catch. Wahahahahaha.

Ichiban Sushi

Went to Ichiban Sushi for dinner before the movie started! Hurhurhur. I think it's become our semi-usual place for dinner already. LOL.

Tried this for the 1st time. Salmon with asparagus! Quite nice.

Had our usual Aburi Maguro. We ate it before I remembered to snap a picture. =X

His Don Don Set. 2 rice bowls! Lol. One Unagi with egg and one salmon don. NICE.

We shared one bowl for each of us. =) Because we had an additional dish!

Beef Sukiyaki! It wasn't fantastic.

I think the Salmon Sukiyaki we had the other time was way better. Lesson learnt. Order seafood/fish when at a Japanese restaurant, not meat. =.=


Went to J8 after my dental appointment with Sis to buy Mooncakes from last year.

Dragon Phoenix Restaurant!

They changed the packaging this year, and the box is super super long. Lol. Mooncakes in a row, not a square.

Super big box.


You should really try this place. I like that it's not too sweet and I love the texture of the skin with the lotus paste.

Oh and we bought something new this year! Crispy skin yam paste mooncake from Garden Pastry & Cakes. It's surprisingly really really good for the 1st mooncake I've eaten that's not the usual kind. Bought 2 boxes of those. Hahaha. Everyone likes them! =D

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

1st in line.

Number 1!

Went to the doc's this morning, and I'm number 1 in line to see doc! =.= I think I was like 1/2hr early. Waited like crazy. I was given an MC for today. =) Totally feel like shit. Ughhhhhhh.

Shall go sleep. Byeee.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

More pictures of Thierry

More pictures of the fluffy cat.


Emo-looking kitty.

Awwww. Don't cry... T_T

I don't know what else to post. Hahahaha. Just upload a chunk of pictures. =D

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Curry rice + crepes

Sis picked me up from home and off we went to The Central for food. Even though I already had dinner at home. =.= But apparently she hasn't eaten, so I had to eat with her. T_T

Brought my cam out, but I'm too shy to use it. I'm not very good at using it, yet. Why does everyone have to stare when I take it out of my bag? =.= Makes me feel so awkward, but when I think about it, I used to stare at people with DSLRs too. =X I'm guilty. And I feel so much more aware of people around carrying big cams now. Weird.

Sis and me.

Mr. Curry's food display. Wow much?

My mince beef + potato omelette curry rice. Curry in the brown pot. Lol.

Sorry about the lousy food picture. =.= I need a closer lens. MACROOO!! =X

Sis' prawn omelette curry rice.

THE CURRY RICE WAS AWESOME. But abit too big a serving. Lol. Very very good though. =D

Lime juice.

Then we headed over to Liang Court to get our dessert! Crepe!! I miss eating crepes in Japan. I think we had like 2-3 in Japan. Only. =( I MISS EATING THAT!! So Liang Court has it. And we had to try it. =D

Mother's Crepe.

Banana + vanilla gelato + caramel sauce + whipped cream crepe. VERY AWESOME.

The whipped cream was light and... nice. Not like the ones I usually see/taste on icecreams. NICEEEE. I'll be back again.

Happy Sis.

=) With full stomachs, we headed home. CUT DOWN ON FOOD!!! ARGHHHH. =X

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ministry of Food @ Bugis

Sis picked me up from work and we headed to Bugis! Went to MOF for some food.

Green tea!! Very nice pot + cups.

I love this place. Very nice!

Salmon sashimi. Fresher than Sakae's, and about the same price too!

Tamago sushi. LOL. ALOT OF EGG!! Very very good.

Unagi sushi. =.= Unagi was a disappointment.

ICE CREAM~~~ I love the honey thingy in the small cup. This dessert rockssssss.

Then Sis sent me to Lavender to attend the 7th month dinner with his family. Hahaha.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pulot (Putih) hitam.

Went to Ti's house today with Shan to see Pulot, Putih, I mean. Poor Hitam passed away on Monday. =( I keep thinking of Pulot Hitam (black glutinous rice dessert?). Ok. PUTIH PUTIH PUTIH.

Brought the cam along to snap some shots of her bunbun. But her room was really dark. And the table lamp was yellow. =.= And too... concentrated. If you get what I mean. Nonetheless, it was fun, because Putih didn't jump around, but sat down and let me snap like a crazy person. Pardon the blur pictures.

Putih looking emo-ish.

Helicopter ears!!


Sorry I 'flashed' you. =X

3 tones of white/grey/dark grey! It's not supposed to be monochrome though. Hmmm. CUTE.

Blurry, but adorable.

Double ears?

Shan + Putih. Lol. SO SMALL.

Putih tired, sleeping in Mummy's (Ti) lap. =D

Putih is so so so small! Like Thumper when we 1st got him. =D Brings back memories. Lol. Putih grow big and strong faster so your Mummy can get you another playmate! =X Heard Putih conked out after we left. Too tiring for a baby bun I guess. =)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thierry = My Model

Took a whole truckload of pictures of Thierry to test out the new cam. But apparently, I'm still not good at handling it well. And I only have time at night. =.= So the pictures kind of turn out mostly shitty. =(

His eyes are so so orangey and pretty!


Cute! But paw couldn't fit into the frame, or the moment was lost. Lol. *rolling around*

Another position. Hahahaha. SUPER POSER. =/


Scary eyes. INTENSE! =)

And my favorite picture goes to....

=D Love the expression! FTW.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bye bye Kismet

Kismet, at my place.

Today, Kismet went over to her new place....

Kismet in carrier in the lift to her new home.

Kismet in new home.

If you ask if I'm sad, of course I am. Who wouldn't be? But this is for the best. And she seemed extremely happy in her new place, making wonder why she was always unhappy here with me. =( Did I do something wrong? Maybe she just really didn't like to not be the only one, thus the bullying.

You have no idea how much I cried. Took me one whole year to give her up. I tried, but I guess it wasn't enough? *sigh*

At least I know she's in good hands, and her new owner is smitten with her, including the whole family. So everything's good. =)

My cute girl for a year.

Thumper's going to be sad. He really liked her, me too. =(

Saturday, September 12, 2009

74/08 Commissioning Parade

74/08 Commissioning Parade

Sketch of OCS Parade Ground. =)



Can you see the Merdeka Lions? Lol.

His Mum + younger Sis.

His Sis and I.

Getting ready in position...

Parade start!

*March march march*

*left left left right left..*

Spot him!


Bowing heads for blessing by religious leaders.. O.O

Erm.. The religious leaders. Pillar blocked some?

Handing over of Colors.

Someone tripped and fell over when marching. O.O Super poor thing.


Marching into the stands! Hahaha. They marched up the stairs through the guests to the back. I think I saw someone trip on the stairs. O.O

Preparing to march down from behind the stands.


And the suddenly burst out in song. =.= LOL. Super funny.


His Dad helping him change his shoulder thingy/rank.

Other side.

Him + parents!

Family photo! Short of his elder Bro though.


SAF Pledge taking.


... to throw their caps!!


Awesome evening sky. =)

I took too many pictures. But I should've brought the DSLR out instead of the T70. Many blur pictures with weird colors. =.= I was afraid the zoom was not enough, and I don't really know how to use it, which means I might end up with alot of lousy pictures. Nevermind! I still have alot of acceptable pics. =)

He went for the sit-down dinner with his parents while I went to the buffet dinner with his Sis. =) Went to look for them after dinner.