Monday, August 31, 2009

Goodbye (soon) my dear girl.

When we just found her.


I put Kismet up for adoption a few weeks ago... And now decisions are being made. It's not easy, but I think I've found her the perfect new home + owner. =)) She's leaving soon (a few more weeks at the most). T___T On one hand, I can't bear it. But on the other, I think it's for the best. *sigh*

He bought a Nikon D90 yesterday, so I hope we can capture some pretty pictures of her before she leaves for her new home. >.<

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pizza + Mahjonggggg (again!)

Eueu, Siti, Kar, Diane and I gathered at Shan's house for a gathering of sorts. Finally Diane appeared!! O.O LOL =X

Pizza Hut!!! Finally we have Curry Chicken Lovers', which stuck to the cardboard box. =.=

Mahjong session.

We didn't chat much unless you count mahjong stuff. LOL. And seats kept switching around. =)) And the banker kept winning, like 2-4 times per banker. LOL. Super funny. I don't think we even got past the 2nd 'wind'. =.= And we played for about 2 hours or more? Power. Hahahaha.


Peanut thingy


I bought this really weird looking peanut-thingy from one of those really old-school shop that still sells biscuits from tins during lunch today. It came in 5 in one pack, and it's really really nice. THE RIGHT TEXTURE/TASTE OF THE PEANUT THINGY I'VE BEEN TRYING TO FIND!! I gave 4 to some colleagues. And one piece is too big to finish (also because I can't eat such chewy stuff). But it was the last pack!!!

So far, all the peanut thingys I've tried looked soft and chewy but turned out to be more of a hard to chew kind. I WANT THIS AGAIN!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Currrrryyyyy Cheeeekeeennnn

Dinner at My Dessert House!

Paid school fees and went down to AMKhub for dinner plus some shopping with Eueu and Ti. Hurhur. I love eating at My Dessert House. Cheap and good (okay, acceptable) food. Lol. I like that the serving is not too huge (can eat less!). And I like the range of food they have to offer. Hurhur.

Oh and we walked around, and Eueu was looking for tshirts. We ended up buying 2 each. =.= How did that happen? LOL.

Saw a dress while walking past a shop on the way to the interchange, but didn't go in to see/try it. Hmmmm. Keep in view! It looks special. Hahaha.

I'm very very pms-y lately. =(

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ethic of reciprocity

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

I try my best to follow this. It's the Golden Rule. I try my best not do something to someone which I might not like if done to me. I try my best.

I know your 21st is important, but is getting us to spend so much money worth it? You would probably say "yes", since you're not the one paying. Maybe we have different standards and ways of looking at things. I find that if you're the host, it's more logical to pay because, well, you're the one inviting people to celebrate with you, no? Don't say I didn't think of going on a trip for my birthday, because I did, but I couldn't pay for everyone, so I scrapped the idea. I never did once think of asking anyone to pay. Especially if I invited you to come celebrate my birthday with me. "Treat it as a holiday". My holidays are fully paid for. =.= Why would I want to spend money on a 2d1n/3d2n trip that I have to pay for myself to celebrate a birthday? It's cheaper to book a chalet. If I really have to go for the trip, I'll probably just get the birthday people a card, because I'd be broke then. And also, it's wayyyy above my budget to spend per birthday. This has been on my mind for damn long, I just have to get it out. Just because you think it'll be fun doesn't mean that everyone will be able to join you in the fun. I'm quite irritated. And to tell the truth, there's a 80% chance I wouldn't go. Have fun.

This is my blog, my ranting ground.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I want these shoes!

Enamel bootie shoes (Beige)
Size... 250/255? Size 40 is like 25cm, but it says to buy 1 size bigger... So... LOL.

Item 12!!!
Haha. Size 40, red. PLEASE!!!

I'm not very sure if the following 2 shoes are still available anot... It says closed sometime in July, but the title says 'OPEN'. Hmmmm. Wonder if I can backorder...

Size 250, Black or blue, doesn't matter!!

Size, 250. WHITE!!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Love You, Man.

I know I took really really long to get around to watch this, but I finally did. Anyway, IT'S BLOODY AWESOME!! Hahahahaha. Made me laugh a million times. =)) Heartwarming. I think everyone should watch this. =D

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You can tell how bored I was.

You know how sometimes, ice from fast food restaurants (ok maybe not only fast food restaurants) are tube-shaped?

I had a dental appointment on Saturday, then I went to J8 to have lunch, while waiting for Eueu and Ti to reach. I think i had like at least 30 mins after finishing my shrooms burger that I did this...

Can't see what I did yet?



I made a hole through the ice-tube thingy. LOL. I actually drank a hole through!!! O.O

Sorry I was that bored.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Just the way I like it.

My lunch - Chicken rice with mega load of dark soy sauce + little chilli.

Just the way I like my chicken rice. It may look weird/gross, BUT IT'S REALLY YUMMY. But the dark soy sauce has to be those thick kind, not those watery (cheap) kind.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Casuarina Curry.

Look at Eueu's curry prata!

Friday, we cycled all the way up the damn slope of Thomson Road (safely on the sidewalk of course) to get to Casuarina Curry. HURHURHUR. We were perspiring like crazy and when we go there, only I brought the key out for the bicycle lock while the other 2 had the locks around their bikes with the keys at home. =.= Ok Eueu had an extra lock but it was those number dial thingy. And the combination was hanging from the lock. =.= I think we spent like 15mins trying to get 3 bikes locked to the post that tells you the parking fees. And when we looked up, 1/2 the staff from Casuarina Curry were standing there, watching us. I guess it's because we were super noisy aruging about how to lock 3 bikes together. LOL.

ANYWAY, chocolate prata looked different from the one we had at Tiong Bahru Plaza before. O.O This is better. Me: Onion prata, Eueu: Chocolate prata, Ti: Egg prata. 3 Bandungs. Lol.

Very very fun, but so sinful to eat so much. =(

'Project Slim Down, Tone Up' is on! Aim aim aim! =D



Watched this today with him at AMKhub! =D Didn't catch this in 3D though. Haha. BUT IT'S SO GOOD I DON'T MIND WATCHING AGAIN! LOL. And the short clip before the actual movie, "Partly cloudy", IS SO CUTE!!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Can't believe this.

OMGOSH!! Super tired. LOL.

Guess what?

Let's see, last Friday I met Ti to go cycling after work. From about 7.30pm, reaching ome about 10.30pm. With an hour inbetween at Eueu's void deck chatting.

Yesterday, Friday, Ti and I met again at 7.45pm (I was late. Stupid lift)! She brought her foot pump and off we went to Eueu's house to pump her bicycle, and then we cycled to Casuarina Curry for prata!! Hahaha. Will upload the pictures soon. Then we cycled around and I got home at about 10.45pm?


I've never perspired as much as anything during these 2 cycling outings. Constant perspiration for another 1/2 hour even after reaching home. =.=

After the crazy cycling yesterday.... Ti, Eueu, Kar and I WENT FOR KICKBOXING CLASS!! OMGOSH LA. My poor muscles. AHHH. LOL. But the instructor is super funny. And I know I do not have any coordination skills, but this creams my corn man. I really cannot follow tempo, and have no arm/leg/eye coordination. =.=

I hope exercising regularly will stop the bloody body aches. =(

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Running shoes.

My new running shoes.

I've not bought any running shoes since I was in Primary school. YES! PRIMARY SCHOOL! I never did own any sports shoes since then. Just because. Yet now, I gave in and bought a pair. For a course on Saturday. O.O Wow.

5 pairs for $10.

I see an increase in sports attire in the forseeable future.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Away away.

Kiss my ass.

I'm too tired to blog. Lol. Lazy. =X Work sucks.

By the way, I GOT MY 1ST BURN!!! ON THE BACK OF MY HAND!!! MY 1ST BURN OK!!! Bloody painful. F*ck. I've never ever been burnt by anything before. Stupid Apple Crumble pan from Swensen's. Ugh. It better not scar. It's now one ugly streak. =((

I want to sleep. Goodnight, people.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Mum bought a barely used 2nd-hand LCD TV from her colleague. Bigger than the current one in her room. AND I FIXED IT UP! WTH. Ok. I had help from Dad to connect the stupid SCV box, but even he didn't know how to configure it. I pushed some random buttons and viola! I rock. I feel like the other handyman (2nd to Dad) in the house. Setting up electronic devices? Call me. =.= No, don't call me. Why can't people just read the manual?

Oh and by the way, this means I get Mum's old TV!!! YAY! But I can't put it into my room yet. There's not enough wall space to put the damn table for the TV. =.= Shit. And Dad, being Dad, is lazy to repair the TV's connection/antenna/thingy attached to the wall. =( He said some other day. I guess I'll just get a DVD player and watch DVDs only on the TV. =.= But it's ok since I don't watch local TV much I guess. I just need a DVD player that has the USB thingy.

Time to redecorate my room!

*chants* Buy paint buy paint buy paint.


I think there're not going to be many posts this month. Most of them are backdated. Hahahahaha. We're (family) too busy Wii-ing.

Lately, we play Wii Bowling like every 2-3 days. 3-5 games each time. Lol. And scores are recorded. =X

My score is 4!!!

Bomberman every other night? Hahahahaha. I think our neighbours are going to come knocking on our door soon. Because Bowling is loud + we scream like crazy people when we play Bomberman.

Rayman Raving Rabbids every once a week (at least), and Rock Band 2 once a week (Bro keeps bringing it to his friend's house =.=)?

Now, I think I'm weaning off my internet addiction. LOL. I don't feel the need to have my lappie on constantly anymore. =D I can even go more than 2 days w/o turning it on. Hohoho.

Now for Wii addiction....

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bro's Chinese 19th Birthday

Pizza Hut dinner! My Grandparents are the cutest. XD

Bro's 19th Birthday according to the lunar calendar. Lol. Ordered Pizza Hut for dinner + Mango Cake. =) Our standard birthday celebration. Hurhur. Other pictures of Bro cutting the cake with Sis.

Bro you better pass your BTT tomorrow. =.=

Monday, August 03, 2009

Freeze-dried Ministrone Soup from Muji

I finally had the guts to try to totally weird-sounding soup. Hurhurhur. Brought it to work. I think I shouldn't bring extra food to work. I need to curb my food intake. Lol. And also because I've been sick like at least once a week for the past 3 weeks, I haven't cycled much. =( Shall go at least twice this week!!! *promise*

Looks good...

Ingredients, blabla.

The actually freeze-dried piece of soup. LOL. Looked totally weird.

Soup in my mug!!!

LET ME TELL YOU!!! The soup is AWESOME! Tastes like the one from MOS Burger! Just more carrot-y. Yummyyyy. I shall get more next time. Hurhurhur. Love the cabbage inside. NICEEEEEE. But quite filling. O.O

Sunday, August 02, 2009

He's Backkkkkk!!!

Yay yay yay yay!!!

My Boy's home home home!!! 21 days. AHHHH. Finally.


Yesterday we slacked around at home, playing Wii, and watched TV. Happy to have him back home!! =D

Went to J8 to walk around after lunch today then drove to some shop along Neil Road to see clothes. Hurhur. I was itching to buy that bag. Restraint restraint.

Went to look at puppies at Serangoon North's Pets' Station (SO MANY CUTE PUPPIES I WANT ONE) + buy bunny stuff, then head home, put down, slack around, then went to join his parents + his Bro for dinner. =D