Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We were talking about our dreams...

Was talking to Eueu today and... Well. I think we have similar wishes?

Like what I said, it'll take about 100 years to save money for a $2.6mil house at $2000/mth. Lol. And that's my aim. Though I know I'll never live till like 120+++. =.=

Anyway, we both want to own our own shop. Or something. Probably pet-related shop. Pet cafe? A pet-cafe with pet boarding, pet day-care, pet shop, pet grooming. Sounds like alot, but its not actually. Because the pet cafe is the main part of the shop = kitchen, with grooming in a room, only few boarding so we won't have too many to handle + give more care to the boarders, and pet shop area will sell essentials only, and day care... depends. Hahaha. It'll be tough, but I'm not even sure if it'll earn money. =( We even thought of the location (if possible). Apparently we want the same things. But that does not necessarily come true. Not unless I strike TOTO or something. =.= It'll even have an instant camera so everyone can paste pictures of them with their pets on the walls (1st timers only). Lol. I wouldn't mind doing that. And also serve good human food. =.= Pet cafes usually have pretty awful human food. Not that I judge but, food is just sub-par.

I think the research period before starting would be taxing, but fulfilling. Even just imagining it is hair-pulling. Lol. How I wish we could really do it.


P.S: Japan trip updates will be below this entry, but I don't really have the time to do it. So... Erm. Hahaha.

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