Monday, June 15, 2009

Tokyo Trip Day 1, 090609

I'm home!! Hahaha. Now being self-quarantined at home. Hmmm. Shall post some pictures at the moment.

Day 01!

Okaerinasai! Hahaha. Welcome to Japan! JAL, Japan Airlines. =)

In the train to Shinjuku, where our hotel is.

Suica card! It's like your regular ezlink card. Very cool. And train stations are so huge. It's not fun walking from one platform to another carrying tons of stuff. =.= Lol. Group picture taken with my camera balanced on my luggage. LOL. And Sis giving Julius the evil eye. Julius + Stitch on holiday!

Shinjuku + Hotel.

Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku. Room is small, but very comfy. I love the comforters there. SO FLUFFY!! Shiok. Stitch slacking around.

LUNCH! Curry ramen.

Lunch at some random shop far far away from the hotel before we checked in. Food was realllyyy good. Yummy. Why don't we have such food in SG? Lol. And yes, I'm wearing a bib in the picture. =X


During the ride to Obaiba. Lol.

Aqua City @ Odaiba. Statue of Liberty!! Rainbow Bridge.

Wind was super strong there. Probably because of the open water? Lol. Walking around was fun, but very very tiring.

Our dinner!! Omu rice. (From top: Bro's Pizza Gratin Omu Rice, my Tomato Cheese Omu Rice, Mum's Cream Prawn Omu Rice, Sis' Tomato Cream Omu Rice, Salad, Shop Front, Icecream, Utensils, Drink)

Dinner was really really good. But serving was too big though. Ate till we almost burst. Lol.

Walked over to... Palette Town/Mega Web/Venus Fort (they're all located next to each other). Lol. There's an extremely huge ferris wheel there, but we didn't ride it. AND WE DIDN'T GO KIAP TOYS!! =( Extremely upset. Venus Fort was huge, like VivoCity. Lol. Loads of things there. Mega Web has a Toyota showroom, which we didn't enter because it was closed for the day already. But apparently they have models we don't see in Sg. =(

Palette Town! + Tokyo Teleport Station. It's one of the train stations. Lol. TELEPORT!!!

And thus ends Day 01. =D

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