Saturday, June 27, 2009


I actually dreamt I had a puppy. O.O Oh so adorable!!! Soft, cute, obedient. Hahahaha. I was definitely dreaming.

Eueu and I went through the list of approved breeds for HDB, and came up with a shortlist of breeds I might want to get. Lol. Major elimination!!! O.O

From 62 breeds, we have like 5 left? LOL.

- Japanese Spitz
- Miniature Dachshund (Long hair)
- Papillon
- Pomeranian
- West Highland Terrier

Now for further elimination. Hurhurhur. I want I want I want. My 1st choice would be a Papillon, but its a little rare and expensive? O.O Eueu said no to my choice of a Shetland, and frankly, I don't want an identical breed. LOL. Even though Echo is damn cute. @.@

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