Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Fathers' Day!

For Fathers' Day this year, we went back to Hua Yu Wee again since the last time we went for Grandma's Birthday. Hurhur. Celebrated early this year? Like 2 days early. Lol. All of us wanted to eat certain dishes. Hahaha. Didn't order as many as the previous round. About 6 dishes? Plus complimentary fruit platter.

LOBSTERRRR. My favourite!!

The best lobster salad. Lol. I just like lobster salad.

Grandparents' favourite Tauhu Goreng. It's really good. =D

We had....
-Lobster (have to pre-order)
-Tauhu Goreng
-HongKong Mee
-Chilli Crab
-YouTiao with filling

The servings were huge. O.O TOOOO MUCCHHHH SHIOOKNESSSS. Lol.

Happy Fathers' Dayyyyyy!!!

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