Monday, June 08, 2009

Finally found my gladiators.

I finally found a pair that I liked! Okay actually I found one before this, but I didn't buy it and I couldn't find it anymore. Which was a total regret. And I wanted something that buckles higher up, in white. BUT THIS PAIR TOTALLY ROCKS. Even though they look unimpressive here. Hahaha. Because my legs look good in them. Hurhur. =X And I can always find another pair in Japan. =D

And Sis finally bought her luggage. Hahahaha. I totally love it. And I managed to get her to buy red, not black! =D Shopping mayhem yesterday night after class. Hahaha.

Ermmm. We went to Canele for dinner. FOR THE CAKE! Lol. I love the strawberry shortcake there. CREAAAAAMMMM. Sis had the Corn and Crab soup, and I had the beef stew thingy. Nice. =D I still like the cake more. And serving was too large. Couldn't finish the food. Lol.


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