Saturday, June 06, 2009

3 Years and Counting!

Hurhur. The day started out with me going to the dentist's. =.= Dentist on this day. But oh well, it was in the morning, so it wasn't so bad. =)

Came home, and he came over with a huge bag. O.O Ermm... I nudged the bag and heard glasses clinking inside. LOL. Finally found out what it was. Hurhur. PICNIC!!! XD He made them himself!!! Woo. Super nice. And the glasses were like 4 bottles of sparkling Ribena. Hahahaha. =D And he told me we're going to Dempsey Road to eat curry for dinner! So he looked up driving directions and told me where to go. O.O

Sent Sis to a wedding thingy after picnicking, then we went to J8 to watch....

Monsters vs. Aliens!!

But we didn't catch it in 3D. Lol. The show was pretty good actually. But the start was not very exciting. =.= Only the 2nd half of the show was good. Hahaha. Lame jokes. Too bad we didn't have enough time to watch Night at the Museum 2. =( Had Mos Burger after the show, and we sat around the same corner we 1st sat at on our 1st date! Some idiotic students were studying in our seats. *RAWR* Lol.

Drove to Dempsey Road, parked and walked around the place. I didn't know there was a Long Beach there. Cool. Looked rather nice. Places there looked super expensive. O.O Walked around and saw Samy's Curry place. Hahaha. We walked further on and we saw this place "LaFondue". FONDUE!! So I suggested that for dessert after curry, and he said we were eating at LaFondue instead. And he even made reservations!! XD I was all prepared to eat curry. =.= LOL.

Yummy food!!

We ordered 2 appetisers, Mexican Tempura and some Mushroom toast thing? Because the Jalapeno Peppers were too spicy for me. =( And guess what? I had to pick the spiciest of all 4. The other 3 were not that spicy at all. =.= But the mushroom toast was REALLY GOOD. Although I would recommend sharing among 4 people. Hahahaha. Huge servings.

AND THE FONDUE!! Cookies and cream! Dark chocolate with crumbled Oreo cookies and white chocolate drops + strawberries. YUMMY!! And the pot was huge. Although it was the double boiler that was huge. Hahahaha. Fruits were sooooo nice. And the icecream. BEST!! I love vanilla, and their vanilla tasted sooooo good. With chopped nuts inside. Deeeeelicious. And it didn't melt very fast too. Which was good. We even used spoons to 'drink' the leftover chocolate from the pot. Hahahahaha. And the service was superb. I love the coziness. Though he thinks the place will not survive for long. Lol. Because buisness seemed a little slow. Hmmm. I want to go back there again if possible!!


Thank you dear! ^-^ Happy 3rd Year Anniversary and counting!! XD

I love you. <3

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