Friday, May 29, 2009

What I want.

I think I know what I want:

- Do execptionally well in school. Like duh. Who wouldn't want that? Class starts tomorrow. I hope I can cope with both school and work. And it should be okay because I work only 4 days a week? =)

- A dog. I finally decided on the breed already. I want a Japanese Spitz! But there're a few problems I need to figure out. About tearstains and something about their kneecap problem? Hmmm.

- A DSLR. Canon 450D. Actually this is optional. Kind of like a backup plan. I've always wanted a DSLR. Pictures just turn out nicer. =X And to take pictures of my pets.

- A bicycle. So I can exercise. And bring my dog out in the basket. =D Until he/she is too big for the basket.

- A motorcycle license. But objections from family and him. Though Eueu, Ti and I want to get it. All for the sake of riding a VESPA.

- Manual car license. Just for the hell of it. Before I turn 30. LOL. 9 years to get this. Hmmm.

That's about it. Can't remember the rest. Apparently 3 of the above concerns transportation. Hmmm. Lol.

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