Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wang Cafe

Met Kar at City Hall after work to go to Suntec City for dinner at Wang Cafe. Hahahaha. It's a damn long walk from the MRT station. =.= Oh I went from work too. Hurhur. So rare.

Why does it say 16th month?? I thought there were only 12 months in a year. O.O It's our order thingy.

Kar's Iced Teh-O and my lime juice. Nice. =D

Her disgusting fishball noodles. Not that the noodles are yucky, just that she added like a ton of chopped chilli and it became really gross. Totally spicy, no taste of the soup left.

My curry chicken with bread. =D Yummy.

Went to the arcade and Kar spent on a bomb on a Donald Duck toy she said was "SO UGLY LA" when I pointed it out to her. =.= LOL. It grew cuter the more she looked at it. HAHAHAHA.

Headed to Carrefour to walk around and spent like more than 1/2 hr there playing with the light-up keyboards. LOL. I know Kar wants one. It's super fun to play. =D

Took the MRT home. Dammit. Been so long since I took such a long trip. TIRING!

But lucky tomorrow's an off day. =) And Saturday is coming soon!

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