Saturday, May 09, 2009

Pictures from the Waterproof Camera.

Got the pictures on Wednesday. Lol. WE WAITED FOR SO LONG!!! O.O The pictures were super funny. These are some of those okay-ish ones.

Us. Eueu can't aim for nuts. LOL. And I can't sink. =.= I actually took a picture of her + my finger in it. LOL. Lucky I didn't block her. =.=

Us, again.

Some repeats, can't be bothered to remove them. Ahahahaha. There're only 27 pictures!! Might as well reuse them, otherwise I'll not have enough.

I can't post all the pictures, because Eueu says some are really ugly (I have to agree). So...

This thumbnail is like a compiled version of the stupid/failed pictures we took. Lol. It's just this size, unable to expand a bigger version. LOL. See the 1st picture on the right on the 2nd row. =.= MY HEAD GOT CUT OFF!!! LOL. *stares at Eueu* =P And she caught me in unglam positions. =.= Ahahaha. MORE PICTURES!!!

We're going again, soon!!! Can't wait.

Eueu flew to Aussie yesterday night. =(( For a week. Work will be slowwwww. T-T

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