Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mothers' Day Celebration

Celebrated Mothers' Day in advance with my family just now!! With Grandparents, Mum, Sis, Bro, 2nd Aunt + Uncle and Auntie Jamalia. Too bad Dad's work ended late, otherwise he could've joined us.

Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts.

International cuisine buffet. Hurhur. Grandparents' 1st time to such things. =) I love the decor of the place!!! There's even a stand thingy to put your utensils. O.o Cooool. I couldn't figure out which way up was the design of the plate so I suppose most of them were upside down? Lol. I only found the logo of the place when we were leaving.

My favourites!!!

The 2 biggest pictures in the collage are my favourite stations in any buffet. LOL. CHOCOLATE FONDUE AND DESSERTS!!! Oysters were reallllyyyy fresh. Fat and juicy. Nicee. Food was really good, but I thought it lacked more variety. Although they focus more on seafood, which was fresh, but not different kinds like hot food, or different ways of cooking a lobster and such. If you actually get what I mean. Grandparents had a hard time trying to find food suitable for their stomach. They prefer more hot food than cold seafood. Hmmm. New location next time then.


Hee. Chocolate 'art'.

I did stuff myself with loads of cakes and other foodstuff. LOL. I even managed to sneak some ribeye!! Uncle sneaked them for me though, and I just ate from his plate. Hurhur. Veryyy verrryyy good. XD The roasted chicken was good too. Very tender and juicy. =))

Super full/bloated when we were done. Hahahahaha. Nice to see everyone happy. =D

Happy family.


Happy Mothers' Day in advance!!

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