Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Look what came in the mail!!

HURHURHUR!!! It's a waterproof camera!!! It uses old-school films though. But but!! It's like really cheap. It doesn't even use batteries. LOL. Eueu and I bought one each. But the one for Eueu came in the wrong color!!! O.O I am damn sure I selected blue, but the one in the mail came as GREEN!!! It's not that it's veryyy ugly or anything, but the color combination of the waterproof housing and the camera is a little weird. Purple and green? Just so not it. But but, we can always get another one!! Lol. Because I don't really expect it to last forever, just enough to help me save money from buying the disposable waterproof kind which costs like $17 each time with only 27 takes. =.=

YAY NEW CAMERA!! Hahaha. Really old-school. XD

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