Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let's Go Pizza Hut!

I've had cravings for Pizza Hut since last week. LOL. The cheesy crust thing is back!! OOOO. Yummy. And there's an offer too.

So after tuition, Eueu and I met for dinner!! Wahahaha.

Dinner was damn bloody good.

Although every single time we eat at Pizza Hut, we end up bloated like hell. We need more people to join us!! Too bad Kar couldn't come. Lol. Lazy bum. =P Add-on the yummy drumlets. Hurhur.

After eating for like more than 1 hr and talking about weddings and our dream weddings, we walked back to AMKhub. Arcade session! And not our usual kiapkiap session mind you. We were trying to find a particular machine. And the one at AMKhub does not have it. Had to go to Virtualand above McDonald's. LOL. YAY!!

Let's Go Jungle!

I so totally love this game. And by the way, I've never completed it (not even when I played with him. Lol). And so finally we actually completed it!!! After alot of screaming. And people watching. Why don't they have the one with seats?! Lol. We should try the other route next time.

OOOO. 7th Place!

And look at our ranks. Cs amongst the S ranks. LOL. So embarassing. But YAY! Completed! Like finally. We shall aim to do better next time. Hurhur. This took us like 1hr? Better than kiapping. Duh.

Let's do it again!

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