Monday, May 18, 2009

Flower in a flower?

Along the way from home to the MRT station, there're these bush-like plants which grow interesting flowers. I say 'bush-like' because it's neither a tree nor bush? It's bloody taller than me, but yet not exactly a tree. Probably just a very big bush. =.=

I've been noticing them (the flowers) for years already, but I finally stopped and took a picture of it. It's really cute, because all the petals of the flowers look like colored leaves? Except that the petals look like softer versions of the leaves? Hahaha. And among the petals of the flowers, there's this bright yellow little star-shaped flower. VERY CUTE.

See?! SO CUTE.

Hahahaha. So utterly adorable.

There's actually another bush-thingy which sprouts red with yellow centre flowers. Pretty too, but there were no nice ones I could take a picture of. =)

12 more days!!!

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