Friday, May 29, 2009

What I want.

I think I know what I want:

- Do execptionally well in school. Like duh. Who wouldn't want that? Class starts tomorrow. I hope I can cope with both school and work. And it should be okay because I work only 4 days a week? =)

- A dog. I finally decided on the breed already. I want a Japanese Spitz! But there're a few problems I need to figure out. About tearstains and something about their kneecap problem? Hmmm.

- A DSLR. Canon 450D. Actually this is optional. Kind of like a backup plan. I've always wanted a DSLR. Pictures just turn out nicer. =X And to take pictures of my pets.

- A bicycle. So I can exercise. And bring my dog out in the basket. =D Until he/she is too big for the basket.

- A motorcycle license. But objections from family and him. Though Eueu, Ti and I want to get it. All for the sake of riding a VESPA.

- Manual car license. Just for the hell of it. Before I turn 30. LOL. 9 years to get this. Hmmm.

That's about it. Can't remember the rest. Apparently 3 of the above concerns transportation. Hmmm. Lol.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let's Go Pizza Hut!

I've had cravings for Pizza Hut since last week. LOL. The cheesy crust thing is back!! OOOO. Yummy. And there's an offer too.

So after tuition, Eueu and I met for dinner!! Wahahaha.

Dinner was damn bloody good.

Although every single time we eat at Pizza Hut, we end up bloated like hell. We need more people to join us!! Too bad Kar couldn't come. Lol. Lazy bum. =P Add-on the yummy drumlets. Hurhur.

After eating for like more than 1 hr and talking about weddings and our dream weddings, we walked back to AMKhub. Arcade session! And not our usual kiapkiap session mind you. We were trying to find a particular machine. And the one at AMKhub does not have it. Had to go to Virtualand above McDonald's. LOL. YAY!!

Let's Go Jungle!

I so totally love this game. And by the way, I've never completed it (not even when I played with him. Lol). And so finally we actually completed it!!! After alot of screaming. And people watching. Why don't they have the one with seats?! Lol. We should try the other route next time.

OOOO. 7th Place!

And look at our ranks. Cs amongst the S ranks. LOL. So embarassing. But YAY! Completed! Like finally. We shall aim to do better next time. Hurhur. This took us like 1hr? Better than kiapping. Duh.

Let's do it again!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wang Cafe

Met Kar at City Hall after work to go to Suntec City for dinner at Wang Cafe. Hahahaha. It's a damn long walk from the MRT station. =.= Oh I went from work too. Hurhur. So rare.

Why does it say 16th month?? I thought there were only 12 months in a year. O.O It's our order thingy.

Kar's Iced Teh-O and my lime juice. Nice. =D

Her disgusting fishball noodles. Not that the noodles are yucky, just that she added like a ton of chopped chilli and it became really gross. Totally spicy, no taste of the soup left.

My curry chicken with bread. =D Yummy.

Went to the arcade and Kar spent on a bomb on a Donald Duck toy she said was "SO UGLY LA" when I pointed it out to her. =.= LOL. It grew cuter the more she looked at it. HAHAHAHA.

Headed to Carrefour to walk around and spent like more than 1/2 hr there playing with the light-up keyboards. LOL. I know Kar wants one. It's super fun to play. =D

Took the MRT home. Dammit. Been so long since I took such a long trip. TIRING!

But lucky tomorrow's an off day. =) And Saturday is coming soon!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Snow Jelly a.k.a Hashima

Snow Jelly. Commonly known as Hashima?

And it's not easy trying to find what the hell Hashima is. And you can't find it for a good reason. HAHAHAHA. It's some part of a snow frog? Nevermind. I still like it no matter what.


This is not bad, but I prefer the one Grandma used to broil. Tasted sweeter? More good stuff inside. Hahahaha. There're not red dates and yangshen inside. =( Not easy to prepare.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tori Kara-age

I cooked this just now. As part of my dinner. Hohoho. It's very very simple to make yet very delicious. LOVE IT! Though I can't eat too many. =.= Fattening. Just enough to satisfy my cravings and dump the rest to Bro. Hurhurhur.

6 more days...

... is the coutdown to the day he comes back.
... and also to the start of class.

=)/=( YESSSS/NOOOOO. =.= Contradictory. Bleh.

I hope we can still go to Japan. Because I want to get my wallet!!! =(


Or this?

I prefer the 2nd one more, but I have no idea if it's still in stock? Last year's design I think. But it matches my bag!! But the 1st one is really sweet, and it's the latest spring/summer season's (If I'm not wrong)? I van my Burberry Blue Label wallet. =S

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grandma's the best!

Celebrated Grandma's 76th birthday with a dinner as per usual. Total of 30 of us! =D Hahaha. 3 tables, covered in red tablecloth. Kind of special? Because the rest of the restaurant had white tablecloths. LOL.

Hua Yu Wee.

Been here umpteen times already. Seems like the place never changes. Food was good as per usual. ESPECIALLY THE LOBSTER!! *YUM* I love lobster. Hahahaha. This year's lobster was different because in one dish, there were 2 different cooking styles? One was the regular lobster salad, the other was fried butter lobster? Really cool. And the green stuff under the lobster is jelly. Hahahaha. We had so much fun eating that. =D

Had some fried toufu thingy too (the one covered in shredded cucumbers). NICEEE. You're supposed to take the toufu, with cucumber, and drizzle with the sweet chilli sauce and eat it. YUMMMYYY. Oh and the chilli crabs were good. VERYYYY good. Especially with the deep fried mantous/buns. Hurhur. Prawns were extremely fresh, and I loved the youtiao+squid filling thing.

Overall, food was *two thumbs up*. =D

Grandma's really adorable. =D I love the way she laughs with her head thrown back.

Happy 76th Birthday, Grandma.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crazy moments underwater

Okay! Film's back! Hurhur. 113 pictures!! There're some pretty decent ones. =D

Group pictures! Though we're not always in the middle... Hahahaha. Some of our faces are cut-off. =/

Some weird pictures underwater~~~ =X

And all the funny things we did. =D

Phototaking is fun. We really enjoyed taking tons of photos in weird positions. So fun. But tiring.

Ok. Sleeptime.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day out with Womans

Hurhur. Just came back from the day out with Womans (Eueu, Siti, Kar, me). =D Had lunch at McDonald's, went to Wild Wild Wet, took a major load of pictures with the waterproof camera, had dinner at White Sands and home sweet home. Can't wait for the pictures to be ready tomorrow. Hurhur. Kar's going to go collect them.

Work tomorrow. Sleep!

UGH. Talk about suay-ness

And so it hits Tokyo. =.= Thanks man. I don't care, I still want to go. *pouts* I waited for this trip since like damn long ago. NOOOOO. AHHHH. =(

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Please let Tokyo be okay.

In less than 3 weeks we're supposed to be in Tokyo, Japan. But what do you know? FREAKIN' H1N1 HITS KOBE. Wah lao eh. Like seriously. How much worse can it get? OH NO PLEASE DON'T GET WORSE. Please don't reach Tokyo. I DON'T WANT TO CANCEL THE TRIP!!! T-T

Monday, May 18, 2009

Flower in a flower?

Along the way from home to the MRT station, there're these bush-like plants which grow interesting flowers. I say 'bush-like' because it's neither a tree nor bush? It's bloody taller than me, but yet not exactly a tree. Probably just a very big bush. =.=

I've been noticing them (the flowers) for years already, but I finally stopped and took a picture of it. It's really cute, because all the petals of the flowers look like colored leaves? Except that the petals look like softer versions of the leaves? Hahaha. And among the petals of the flowers, there's this bright yellow little star-shaped flower. VERY CUTE.

See?! SO CUTE.

Hahahaha. So utterly adorable.

There's actually another bush-thingy which sprouts red with yellow centre flowers. Pretty too, but there were no nice ones I could take a picture of. =)

12 more days!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another 21st~ Ms Ang

Happy Birdday Ang Shan Shan!

You're finally 21! Though I doubt you'll change/mature. Hahahaha. You'll always be you. =D

Anyway, do you realise that this will be like the 9th birthday since we met?! WAH SO LONG LE! Hmmm. That's like 9 presents?!!! O.O Wow many more to come man, many more to come. Hahahahha.

See you later tonight!

The Sims 3


Yes I know I bought The Sims 2 not very long ago... But but. IT'S SIMS 3 LEH! Who wouldn't want it?! Hahahahhaa.

The geek in me is speaking.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Many heads of my cat.

Hahahaha. So cute!! I took all these pictures super long ago, using the Pixon. Wahhhh. Very nice!!! Thierry is super cute.


The following is full of crap. Just ignore my ranting as per usual.

I was depressed when I went to bed last night. I don't know why, but probably because the time of the month is probably round the corner. =.= Ass. Anyway, why is it that nothing I plan turn out the way I want it/them to be? Like my birthday party for example. It was totally a big FAIL. I meant the chalet thing, not the family bbq. I totally hated the fact that no matter how much I tried my best, people did not turn up. Especially people who said they would. Like wth. I know I don't have many friends, which is another FAIL in my life. Seriously, can your number of friends be lesser than mine? I have possibly only ONE GROUP of friends. And that's a total of less than 10. Seriously. How pathetic can I get? While I was wallowing in self-pity last night, I so totally broke down. Like wth. Anyway, I thought it was also due to the fact that the 2 biggest of my less-than-10 pillars of strength was not in Singapore, and also I didn't get to talk to them yesterday night too. I need to freakin' keep sane man. Woman I know you'll land at midnight, but can't your plane like land now? Like nao. And please don't bloody get quarantined. I'll skin you, I promise. And I was also worrying that somebody might have had bought the same damn thing as what we (Eueu and I) bought for Shan. If that happens, I'm going to stab that person. I hate my life sometimes. Why is it that everyone's birthday parties are like so nice? I'm so upset. And I didn't get many pictures taken too. I didn't even dress up/wear a dress. Ugh. If only I can redo this thing again. Probably not, because I bloody hate planning, hoping, then get disappointed. Fuck. I'm damn upset. But not that I'm not grateful for what my family did for my birthday, just that why was I so damn stressed out planning for my birthday yet I see many blogs where people just bloody breeze through and have a good time? I think if he wasn't there that night I would've just shrunken up and died. And not because I didn't enjoy myself when the girls and I were alone in the house playing Pictionary and all those games, but well, I'm a freakin' perfectionist and I totally would like everything to be a dream. I'm never going to plan a birthday party ever again. If you want me to have a party, just go plan me a surprise party man. At least I don't have to lift a damn finger.

Don't mind me, I'm just being emotional. =.= It's been so damn long since I last posted something like that.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

History of Spectacles.


I WANT THESE SPECS!!! Both are super niceeeee. I like the round one especially. Lol. I wouldn't mind getting them for fun, but I forgot to ask the price. =( The rectangular pair has a matte finish and looks like it's made of wood.

Don't worry, I didn't buy either. Hahahaha. Can't wait for my new spectacles to be ready!

By the way, I feel kind of retarded, and want to post up the history of my sepctacles. LOL. They are super funny.

In reverse order (I totally cannot remember the year, so I'm just guessing):

#5: 2006-now.

Okay, this is totally my favorite pair so far. Like duh. Wait till you see the old pairs. Especially my 1st pair. O.O

#4: 2004-2006?

I liked this pair too! But not as much as #5. Hahahhaa. A great improvement from #1 & #2.

#3: 2001-2004?

This pair of frameless was toally wrecked. Lol. The 'legs' of the spectacles can actually be detached because I broke the entire thing. Hahaha. It was nice, but after trying frameless spectacles, I don't think I'll ever wear frameless again.


#2: 1999-2001?

ERM. The frames are reddish maroon. Hahahahhahaha. Can you even begin to imagine me wearing this? HAHAHHAA. And it's Winnie the Pooh brand hor!! Hahaha. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought that.


#1: 1997/1998-1999??

HAHAHAHAHA. Snoopy brand specstacles!!! Hahahahahahahaha. I can't even stop myself from laughing. =.= Seriously, why did my parents even allow that to happen?!!?!?!


And I tried the old spectacles out.... LOL.


Free Saucepan from 91.3fm!! LOL

Hurhur. I mentioned about the free saucepan I won from 91.3fm, and.... Tadah!! Collected it yesterday. LOL. Lucky Sis went with me, otherwise I would probably get lost. I hate driving inside Toa Payoh. =.=

Revo 18cm covered saucepan. Hahahaha.

Looks pretty good.

But we already have 2 at home already. =.= Nevermind. It shall be the spare saucepan then. Hahaha.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Busy driving.

Yesterday, I had my day planned for today already:
- Send Sis to school
- Go have McDonald's breakfast
- Go swimming
- Revise school work
- Lunch
- Tuition with Janice
- Go collect the 91.3fm's saucepan
- Go to Tiong Bahru to get Shan's prezzie
- Meet Kar for dinner at Tampines One

In the end, I had tuition yesterday instead, because stupid me thought Janice's exam was next Monday, but it was today. =.=

Things I did today:
- Send Sis to school
- Go have McDonald's breakfast
- Go swimming

- Go home and sleep
- Revise school work
- Lunch
- Tuition with Janice
- Go to Tiong Bahru to get Shan's prezzie
- Pick Sis up
- Go collect the 91.3fm's saucepan
- Send Sis to Novena Square
- Meet Kar for dinner at Tampines One

Hmmm. Lol. In the end, I found out that I could've bought Shan's prezzie at Tampines One. =.= Wah lao waste petrol. =X Hahahahaha. Her prezzie is... HUGE. O.O

Dinner at Manpuku.

Dinner was.... disappointing. I'm never going to order their curry rice, ever again. And the tori kara-age sucked. Like really gross. I can cook better ones. Hurhur. I liked the icecream though. Sweeeeet. Nice.

And there goes my diet. Hahaha. What diet? =X

P.S: Congratulations for Shan on her graduation today! =)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lotion, anyone?

Look at the number of bottles of lotion I've gotten from work. Lol. They gave me a bag full. =.= But those are sample sizes, so they're small. And I have 3 tubes of the regular sized ones at home.

How am I going to finish using them??

Monday, May 11, 2009


Erm. I won something on 91.3fm on Friday morning. LOL. I will tell you what it is when I get it on Wednesday. Hurhurhur. It's the most ridiculous thing ever. Why did I even sms in my answer?!

Qns: What is another name for Brinjal?
Ans: Eggplant. LOL.

And. I fell down the steps while getting off the company bus in the morning. Damn paiseh. Lucky I didn't cut myself. =.= How suay is that?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dinner with Mummy + Siblings

Mothers' Day!!

They came to pick me up from Japanese Class, and off we went in search of a place for dinner, but not before stopping at Bugis to change the bag that Mum bought for me yesterday, which was... ugly, into something nicer. Hurhur. I like my new bag. =D

Dad was busy, again, so he didn't come along... =(

Tried going to Great World City to check out Kuishin-bo, but they didn't accept walk-ins today, and guess what? The place was fully booked a week ago. O.o

So we headed down to East Coast Park instead, and went to The Little Red House for seafood!! (Too much good food these few days... =( There goes trying to slim down =.=)

USSSSSS. Bro is super funny. Lol.

And.... I got everyone to take self-shots. LOL.

This is the result of our self-shots. Cool huh.



Food was pretty good, but the place was busy and our prawns came late + cold, so we had it changed. Hmmm. THE CHILLI CRAB WAS THEEEE BESSSSTTT. Love the mantou. *shiok* Scallops and asparagus was a mistake. Overall, food was really good and filling. I WANT TO COME BACK HERE AGAIN!!!

Happy Mothers' Day, Mummy. =)


The Boyfriend has left for Brunei. For 21days. =( His flight was at like 2am?? So I couldn't go to see him off. =(( He'll be home on the 30th!!! Can't wait for the day to come~~ And also, it's going to be our 3rd year soon when he comes home!! Yay!

Counting down...

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Pictures from the Waterproof Camera.

Got the pictures on Wednesday. Lol. WE WAITED FOR SO LONG!!! O.O The pictures were super funny. These are some of those okay-ish ones.

Us. Eueu can't aim for nuts. LOL. And I can't sink. =.= I actually took a picture of her + my finger in it. LOL. Lucky I didn't block her. =.=

Us, again.

Some repeats, can't be bothered to remove them. Ahahahaha. There're only 27 pictures!! Might as well reuse them, otherwise I'll not have enough.

I can't post all the pictures, because Eueu says some are really ugly (I have to agree). So...

This thumbnail is like a compiled version of the stupid/failed pictures we took. Lol. It's just this size, unable to expand a bigger version. LOL. See the 1st picture on the right on the 2nd row. =.= MY HEAD GOT CUT OFF!!! LOL. *stares at Eueu* =P And she caught me in unglam positions. =.= Ahahaha. MORE PICTURES!!!

We're going again, soon!!! Can't wait.

Eueu flew to Aussie yesterday night. =(( For a week. Work will be slowwwww. T-T

Friday, May 08, 2009

Vitamin C

Many many Vitamin Csssss.

Vitamins provided by the company. Lol. They want us to be healthy!! Duh. Hahaha. And we get it really cheap too. O.o I think the ones in the slim boxes are samples? Hahahahaha. The taste/smell reminds me of something I can't put my finger on. Familiar. Like something long-lost. Hmmm.

Oh and this is a picture of the cap for the ear thermometer. LOL. Yes, we reuse. =X Doesn't really matter right? It's for our own use anyway. Hahaha.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mothers' Day Celebration

Celebrated Mothers' Day in advance with my family just now!! With Grandparents, Mum, Sis, Bro, 2nd Aunt + Uncle and Auntie Jamalia. Too bad Dad's work ended late, otherwise he could've joined us.

Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts.

International cuisine buffet. Hurhur. Grandparents' 1st time to such things. =) I love the decor of the place!!! There's even a stand thingy to put your utensils. O.o Cooool. I couldn't figure out which way up was the design of the plate so I suppose most of them were upside down? Lol. I only found the logo of the place when we were leaving.

My favourites!!!

The 2 biggest pictures in the collage are my favourite stations in any buffet. LOL. CHOCOLATE FONDUE AND DESSERTS!!! Oysters were reallllyyyy fresh. Fat and juicy. Nicee. Food was really good, but I thought it lacked more variety. Although they focus more on seafood, which was fresh, but not different kinds like hot food, or different ways of cooking a lobster and such. If you actually get what I mean. Grandparents had a hard time trying to find food suitable for their stomach. They prefer more hot food than cold seafood. Hmmm. New location next time then.


Hee. Chocolate 'art'.

I did stuff myself with loads of cakes and other foodstuff. LOL. I even managed to sneak some ribeye!! Uncle sneaked them for me though, and I just ate from his plate. Hurhur. Veryyy verrryyy good. XD The roasted chicken was good too. Very tender and juicy. =))

Super full/bloated when we were done. Hahahahaha. Nice to see everyone happy. =D

Happy family.


Happy Mothers' Day in advance!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Gu-gu the Cat

Watched this with Eueu, Shan and Kar at PS.

Let me tell you something: I TOTALLY DID NOT GET THE SHOW AT ALL. Like seriously. It didn't make any sense to me, at all. Wth. I thought since the poster was featuring the cat in a super huge way, it should probably be a very cute movie about THE CAT! NOT THE FREAKIN' PEOPLE. I don't want to watch people. I WANT TO SEE MORE OF THE CAT. And the scenes did not make any sense to me. Maybe it did to some people, but not me. And what's with the Eurasian guy being a tour guide around Kichijoji?! It's a movie, not a documentary. And a cat being.... human...? I bet that sentence did not make sense to you, neither did it to me. =.=

I shouldn't have trusted the poster and picked this over X-men. Sorry people. Shall catch that some other day instead.

Had Wang Cafe's food after the movie and got home pretty late. >.< Work tomorrow. Bye.


Tuition with Janice

I love going to tuition. I get really great food from my Aunt's maid, and the food is goooood. Like the mince pie and fries in the picture above. Lol.

Janice is totally adorable but she makes me want to strangle her sometimes. =.= Not good. Hope all goes well for her coming exams.

Look what came in the mail!!

HURHURHUR!!! It's a waterproof camera!!! It uses old-school films though. But but!! It's like really cheap. It doesn't even use batteries. LOL. Eueu and I bought one each. But the one for Eueu came in the wrong color!!! O.O I am damn sure I selected blue, but the one in the mail came as GREEN!!! It's not that it's veryyy ugly or anything, but the color combination of the waterproof housing and the camera is a little weird. Purple and green? Just so not it. But but, we can always get another one!! Lol. Because I don't really expect it to last forever, just enough to help me save money from buying the disposable waterproof kind which costs like $17 each time with only 27 takes. =.=

YAY NEW CAMERA!! Hahaha. Really old-school. XD