Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shan the Brownie Baker

Shan suddenly asked me if she could come over to bake. Lol. At 6pm. So, I said yes. Hahahahaha. And told her to meet me at Phoon Huat, which is like down the road from my house. I had to give her directions, so I did.

Credits to Mighty Minds DIGImap 6 for the map.

Well, I guess my instructions were very very clear. And she got there. LOL. Had loadsssss of fun exploring the shop. =D Bought what we needed and headed home, had dinner at Grandma's and started baking. Lucky I remembered to take the butter out of the fridge before going out, otherwise it'll never soften.

Oh and we followed the brownie recipe from AuntyYochana's!! =D She bakes the most wonderful-looking stuff.

The process.

This is probably the 1st time I took pictures throughout the process. =.= Not every single step, but often enough. I usually just take pictures of the product, but since this is a verrrrryyyyy special occasion, many pictures then!!! SHAN'S 1ST TIME IN BAKING. =X

Very excited Shan.

She totally can't wait to eat it.

Our brownies!! I spread the chocolate chips out because it didn't melt totally. Hahahaha.

And, contrary to popular belief, Shan can actually bake!! Hahaha. =X It's definitely edible.

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