Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Dogs

Pomeranians are happy dogs.

2 of Mum's sisters (my aunts) have pomeranians. And just got them recently too. Both around CNY this year. I almost got one, but didn't. =(

Anyway, went down to Boon Lay with Mum today, for my maternal Grandpa's death anniversary thingy. I just went to play with the dogs. Lol. =X

The 2 Poms are same, but different. Ermm... Crystal is younger, taller, skinnier. Bebe is older, shorter, plumper. Lol. Very adorable. I can so imagine if I had kept that Pom, it'll be like hell breaking loose in the house. 3 Poms!! So adorable.

I want a dog. =(

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