Friday, April 24, 2009

Collage of the evening sky


Tested this out. Hahaha. Took pictures of the evening sky just now, and tried to stack them. Like a panoramic picture, but with the edges of the stacked pictures. Nice effect. Just that it takes bloody long to do so. =.=

Oh and did you notice the wind on Wednesday night?? It was super strong. I heard on the radio that the highest speed was like 83km/hr? Wow.

I want a TV and DVD player in my room. =X

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shan the Brownie Baker

Shan suddenly asked me if she could come over to bake. Lol. At 6pm. So, I said yes. Hahahahaha. And told her to meet me at Phoon Huat, which is like down the road from my house. I had to give her directions, so I did.

Credits to Mighty Minds DIGImap 6 for the map.

Well, I guess my instructions were very very clear. And she got there. LOL. Had loadsssss of fun exploring the shop. =D Bought what we needed and headed home, had dinner at Grandma's and started baking. Lucky I remembered to take the butter out of the fridge before going out, otherwise it'll never soften.

Oh and we followed the brownie recipe from AuntyYochana's!! =D She bakes the most wonderful-looking stuff.

The process.

This is probably the 1st time I took pictures throughout the process. =.= Not every single step, but often enough. I usually just take pictures of the product, but since this is a verrrrryyyyy special occasion, many pictures then!!! SHAN'S 1ST TIME IN BAKING. =X

Very excited Shan.

She totally can't wait to eat it.

Our brownies!! I spread the chocolate chips out because it didn't melt totally. Hahahaha.

And, contrary to popular belief, Shan can actually bake!! Hahaha. =X It's definitely edible.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Dogs

Pomeranians are happy dogs.

2 of Mum's sisters (my aunts) have pomeranians. And just got them recently too. Both around CNY this year. I almost got one, but didn't. =(

Anyway, went down to Boon Lay with Mum today, for my maternal Grandpa's death anniversary thingy. I just went to play with the dogs. Lol. =X

The 2 Poms are same, but different. Ermm... Crystal is younger, taller, skinnier. Bebe is older, shorter, plumper. Lol. Very adorable. I can so imagine if I had kept that Pom, it'll be like hell breaking loose in the house. 3 Poms!! So adorable.

I want a dog. =(

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

17 Again!!!!!

Watched this at AMKhub with Eueu. =D Like finally we watch a show together, after missing 2 of them. Lol. The show was exceptionally good, with nerd scenes. =.= Hahahaha. You'll get what I mean when you watch it. Like geek heaven? =X

Went to MOS Burger for dinner after the show, and sat at the open air area. Seriously, there're loads of scribbles on the wall. =.=

Rushed home for Restaurant City (we're addicted), but it's UNDER MAINTENANCE!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO. =( It's STILL under maintenance since getting home like 1 hour ago.

Oh and we didn't spend a single cent in the arcade. What a wonder. Lol

Blue sky

Picture taken using the Pixon on Saturday after Dim Sum. =D
"It won't rain if there's enough blue in the sky to make a sailor's trousers" - Enid Blyton.

If I remember the quote correctly. Lol. Shall go dig it up from the books one day and check. =D There's definitely more than enough blue in the sky.

Monday, April 20, 2009

No-bake Bailey's Cheesecake

Followed the recipe from Yochana's, again. Haha. Her stuff are awesome. I'm so going to try to bake more things from her blog. They all look so yummylicious.

Hurhur. So far, the review of this cheesecake from my family is good, better than the Strawberry Shortcake's (duh). Lol. I like the taste of Bailey's. Nice. =D I will definitely make this again. =D

I think because this does not require baking. =X

Sunday, April 19, 2009

His post-birthday celebration

His Mum and Sis came back from Thailand this week, and we went out for dinner. We meaning his Dad, Mum, Bro, him, Sis and I. Lol. Went to Mouth Restaurant at Chinatown Point.

Dinner was good. The dishes that his parents ordered were tasty. =D But too bad we didn't have dessert there. Mango pudding! Next time! Lol.

Walked out of Chinatown Point to find this dessert shop (can't remember the name), and had dessert there instead.


I think they're called Snow Ice? Lol. And one Mango Sago with Pomelo. The Green Tea Snow Ice took some getting used to (because surprisingly, though I like Chinese Tea, I don't really fancy Green Tea), and got better with each mouthful. I didn't really like the Durian Snow Ice because the taste was too strong and overpowered all the other desserts' tastes. I like the Soursop Snow Ice best, because it was light, not too heavy on taste and not too sweet. Mango Sago with Pomelo was so-so.

The night didn't end very well, because of me. Sorry. =(

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Electric Stand Mixer!!!

Went swimming at like 8am, drove home, went to Crystal Jade Kitchen at Toa Payoh with family for dimsum. Then....

Cornell Stand Mixer.

Mixer at work!!

Bought this at Courts after dim sum today. Lol. Have always wanted a standing mixer with a bowl. =D I feel so domesticated when I say that. Fancy me getting all excited over some electrical appliances. XD

This is so fun. Hurhur.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Popiah and Thumper's Doppelganger

While at Eueu's, we (Eueu, Shan, Elaine and I - Kar and Siti left already) did this while chatting.

Popiah!! I think they tried to make wantons, but failed. Lol. Look carefully, it's not edible. Toilet paper. I can't remember if they even called it a popiah. =.=

And something interesting happened while we were doing the above. Eueu saw a stray dog (assumed stray because there was no leash/owner around), and we all headed out to see it. Imagine a Jack Russell, then times that height by 2-3? Lol. Those mixed breeds with Jack Russell coloring. When we walked to the bushes, the dog was chasing something small and hoppy in the grass. RABBITTTT!!!! Then a stray cat ran out of nowhere to avoid the dog. Seriously. What are the chances of seeing all 3 strays together outside? Lol.

So we tried to catch the rabbit. Almost did. =( Went hunting for it in the bushes but couldn't find it anymore. Shan went to shit and we all dug around in the cars (that Elaine and I drove there) to find a torchlight. Found one with no batteries. Lol. Was about to give up when we saw 2 foreign workers circling the drains.

Went to find out what was going on and and and!!! THEY WERE TRYING TO CATCH THE RABBIT!!! YAY!! What were the chances of that happening?! Lol. Helped to catch it and put it into a box. By then Shan came out of the portable washroom already. =X

Male rabbit. Lol.

Looks like a very dirty Thumper.

Looks almost exactly like Thumper!!! But none of us could bring it home, so we set it free. T_T Sad.

And the night passed super fast. =X

Tampines One

Hurhur. After much waiting, Sis and I went to Tampines One!!

Yum. Japanese Gourmet Town. Wonder what it looks like. Fooooddd. Lol.

Oh and the carpark is pathetic. Seriously. It's so damn small.

Wanted to go to the roof terrace, but apparently it's not open to public yet (or will never be). So Level 4 it is then, since we do not want to go to spa/gym.

ARCADE!!! Played air hockey (is that it?) with Sis. Hurhurhur.


7 vs 6. I WIN! Even when I was trying to take pictures, I STILL KICKASS!! MUAHAHAHAHA. =P

Then then then.... the long-awaited....

UNIQLO!!! What else? Lol. Long long queue. But we still managed to shop. Hurhur. I just don't fancy the queue at the fitting rooms. And you have to remove your foorwear too. Bought 2 tops and a jacket, Sis bought 2 (or was it 3?) tops.

Bakerzin! Why is it that others can make perfect Strawberry Shortcakes (top left)? I am so upset.

Oh and when we went to the basement to walk around looking for dinner place, I saw like 4 shops selling Strawberry Shortcakes, ALL LOOKING LIKE THE ONE ABOVE. They all look so nice. So WHERE did I do wrong? =(

Mum came to join us, and we picked to go to the Japanese Gourmet Town (Manpuku) for dinner instead. Good choice!

Clockwise from top left: Mix Sauce Omu Rice (mine), Moonlight something Okus (Sis'), our cards (Marche-style), Ebi Tempura Udon (Mum's).

Food was good. Haha. Tastyyyyy. I WANT TO EAT THERE AGAIN! =D

Sent Mum and Sis home, then drove to Eueu's. Will do a separate entry on what we did there.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

His Birthday Celebration!!

Hurhur. Baked strawberry shortcake again. Lol. 5th cake this week? O.O I was so worried something might go wrong.

Went to his place to put the cake, hunted around his place for candles (I didn't have any small ones), then his dad drove to Jurong Point with his bro, Godma and I. He had to go back to camp for some swimming thingy. =( Cannot be sad on a birthday celebration! =D

Kuishin-bo for dinner!!

We managed to get 2 of those hourly specials? Lol. One was a baked lobster with cream cheese, the other was an orange sorbet (much nicer than any I've tried so far). Hahaha. Teapot soup is cute. And very tasty, the kind of herbal-ly thing I like. =D

Went back to his place to cut the cake. Hurhur. Moment of truth!

Birthday boy man and me!!! XD

Cake was... okay only. LOL. The layer of whipped cream and strawberries in the middle decided to split up from the cake layers, and the cake fell apart after cutting. Hahahaha. Each slice became 3 layers. =.= And the cake was a little hard, but still edible. I WILL DO BETTER NEXT TIME!! At least it's no longer crumbly. Lol.

Hope he enjoyed the dinner + cake!! =D

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dinner at home.

Don't look down on this plate of sushi hor! There were actually alot of dishes. But we were so busy cooking/wrapping sushi, we totally forgot about pictures, except until there was only this presentable plate left. Not exactly presentable too, because there're still empty sushis. =.=

Cooked this dinner for him, and for Mum, Sis and Bro too. Lol. I think we made too much, because there were quite alot of leftovers. Hahahaha. Although I took superrrrrrr long to get everything done. Like 4 hours, or more. =X Hey, it's my 1st time cooking a full meal leh! Hahaha. 1st time cooking rice!!! It was abit hard though. But edible. Hahahahaha.

Sis and Bro decided to help with the making of sushi. I think the Tori Kara-age, Temaki Sushi and California Rolled Sushi were the best dishes tonight. Lol.

We had:
- Chawanmushi
- Tamago (Bro had fun making this)
- Nishiki Maki (Used pork, not beef)
- Tori Kara-age
- Gunkan Sushi
- California Rolled Sushi
- Foto Sushi
- Temaki Sushi

Hope you enjoyed this 'little' dinner with us. =D

I can bake it!

Hahahaha. Retarded title, I know. I refuse to give up man. I found some of the comments in the post about the recipe useful, and decided to try it out to see if it worked. Well, it did!! The cake was alright, but a little dense in the middle. I think I overcooked it a little though. The outer layer was too dry/brown/whatever. And I didn't ice this one.

But at least I managed to make it taste like a decent cake. =.=

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Competition for sushi.

Eueu picked me and off we went to J8. Haven't seen her in awhile. We actually couldn't decide where to go, and she has to go back to the hospital before 9pm, so J8 it is. You know why it's J8? BECAUSE THEY HAVE SAKAE SUSHI!!! Hahahaha. Sushi buffet! Cheap thrill, I know. But sushi rocks! =D

Final score,
Eueu: 9+1 vs Me: 6+1

+1 because of the extra red plate. 1 free red plate with every buffet.

I lost totally man. Haha. I think it's because I had a little food before meeting her. =.= I could've done better!!! But nevermind, I think we ate enough to cover our costs. Haha.

Went to the arcade next and tried to catch a few toys to no avail. Seriously, J8's arcade sucks. The past 3 times I've been there, I haven't been able to catch a single thing. It's making me depressed. Hahaha. I need to kiap something soon. Played Let's Go Jungle with Eueu and we made it to stage 3!!! ARGGHHHH!!! Like possibly 2 more stages and we're done?!! Not enough tokens. Lol.

I tried to kiap this really big Minnie Mouse. It looked damn soft, but I gave up after a few tries. Then when we were walking near the shops, IT WAS ON SALE AT GIFT-A-NAME!!! WTHHHHHH.... =.= $19.90 only. Wah piang. Wasted my money.

But but!!!


Thanks my woman. You just made my day. Haha.

Let's head to Iluma at Bugis soon ok? I heard the arcade's pretty awesome. =D

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I haven't seen you in awhile.

Picked Shan up to go to Plaza Singapura! To collect my phone. =.= Haha. My 1st time driving to PS without help! Hahaha. Shan does not consitute as help, because she can't read maps. LOL.

She was supposed to meet her friend there for lunch and I was just giving her a lift, but her friend didn't reply, so we had lunch together!

At Pastamania. =)

Her meatballs thingy pasta.

Erm... My... I can't remember the name. It's not the creamy chicken thing. It's the other one, with ham inside.

We both couldn't finish our food. Lol. Too much.

Went to Carrefour to walk around and bought strawberries to try out the Strawberry Shortcake I mentioned. Hahaha. Shan came home with me. Imagine her face when I told her, "I don't really know the way home leh..." Priceless. And it was true, I didn't really know the way home. LOL. Lucky we managed to get back, safely.

Chopped Korean strawberries. Not sweet at all. =( I suck at picking strawberries.

Then off to bake it was. Haha. Shan fell asleep in my room as per usual. While I was slogging my guts out in the kitchen. =P


MY CAKE WAS HOLLOW CAN?! I made 2 at first, and they were both like that. It was super tall in the oven, but after it came out, it deflated. And looked like shit. Damn hard. =(

Sorry Shan. My cake was a failure. =( She went off for cheerleading first then I refused to give up, and tried baking again. Hey my strawberries were chopped, whipping cream whipped, so I better use it, right? Haha.

3rd attempt: 3.5/10

At least it looked like a cake.

But it tasted like hell. Hahaha. The cake was totally crumbly, with hard lumps of flour (cooked la). But it was not smooth!!! AHHHHH. This totally sucked.But it was iced pretty okay. Hahahaha. Looked good, tastes not good. Though everyone in the family gave me 'face' and ate a slice each. Lol. Thanks my dear family, for eating that disgusting cake. =)

Last but not least,

Welcome home my Pixon. Like freakin' finally.

Monday, April 06, 2009

I'm on a mission

Mission: Strawberry Shortcake

It's for his birthday. Haha. Chocolate cakes are not very aesthetically pleasing to the eye as a birthday cake, so I was scouring the web for something else to bake. Something with fruits and decorations. And I found this!

Did you know that there're super many mums baking in Singapore?? Many many baking blogs. Cooking ones too. Wow. So many recipes. I found many that I'll want to try in future. Hahaha. Wish me luck.

But for now, this cake should be pretty tough to bake, for a novice in cake-baking like me.

Recipe from: Yochana's blog, and icing idea from Zu's Kitchen.

I wonder how I'm going to bake that. Lol. I don't seem to be able to bake fluffy cakes. *cross fingers*

Class 95FM Dog Walk 2009

Woke up early yesterday to send him back to camp for his guard duty. Then I headed to Eueu's house. Haha. Sorry Eueu, Elaine and Eueu's Mama for waking you guys up super super early. =X

Watched them nua around and get ready, while I got to know Elaine's dog, Onyx more. Black labrador-mix pup. =D

Drove to Bishan Park and took like 1/2 an hour to find a freakin' parking lot. =.= SOOO CROWDED.

Queue for goodie bag.

People with dogs milling around.

Balloon man.

We didn't join the actual walking (about 1.5km?), because we reached kinda late (when they were about to start), and it was so damn crowded.

So we went to the dog run and I went trigger-happy and snapped pictures of cute dogs. Lol. But they can't keep still la!!! Many wasted blur pictures. =(

Many many cute doggies.

And someone brought....

A PARROT!! Super cute.


Not many pictures of him today. Lol. Sorry Echo. But nevermind la, I usually take many pictures of him, so I guess it makes up for the lack of pictures today. Lol. And he was so busy running around chasing Schnauzers. He has a thing for them. =.=


He was like the star of the day, because there were so many gushing over how cute he was. Hurhur. Male puppy in pink top. He kept wandering off on his own, and ignoring his owner. =.=

See this super chio Collie?

He is a show dog. DAMN OBEDIENT!! He doesn't mix around and sniff other dogs' butts. Lol. Follows the owner super calmly. I wished I had a dog like that.

Anyway, Eueu was so crazy, because she said,

Me: "Huh?"
Eueu (starts walking in a particular direction): "Everything else is a
blur now, I can only see that..."
Me (realises what she's talking about): "........"

Guess what she saw?

Blue Merle Collie!

The most handsome I've seen so far. =) Eueu's dream dog, in that color. Hahahahaha.

Oh and this is retarded.... there were many Shetland Sheepdogs around that looked like Echo, just bigger. Echo is like 3yrs old already, and people still think he's a puppy. Good right? Hahaha.

Clones! Medium and small. Echo on right. They have the same expressions. Lol.

Small, medium and large! Echo on far left. Super funny.

Oh Myra and her friend with dog came. Shih Tzu. Hahaha. Of all dog breeds. =X But the dog was okay la. Not like the usual ones we see. Hurhur.

This teacup Pomeranian won best dressed I think. Lol. Or some award. Out of 40 dogs that entered the contest? CUTE. It definitely knows how to pose.

Class 95fm's Deejays with teacup pomeranian.

I had to go for class after going home for a bath, and then I K.O-ed after reaching home at about 6pm until this morning, 10am. LOL. 16 hours. Wow.