Sunday, March 29, 2009

Huge headache.

I've got a huge headache. I CAN'T THINK OF WHAT TO GET FOR HIS BIRTHDAY!!! T.T So dead. AHHHHH. He doesn't want anything, but but. 21st leh. Everything I suggest, he doesn't want...


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chakin Sushi & California Rolls

Menu for the day:
- Chakin Sushi (top left)
- California rolled sushi (bottom left)

Anyway, the Chakin Sushi is just a ball of flavored rice wrapped in a sheet of egg with a prawn on it. Haha. But its not bad. Though I liked the California rolled sushi more. Lol. Biggest California rolls I've seen so far.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Race to Witch Mountain

Watched this with him and his Godma at Shaw today. Haha. Super early show, because we watched this at 10.45am after my 9.25am dental appointment. O.O The cinema was like... EMPTY! Hahaha. Only a handful of people watched. Hurhur. Anyway, I LOVED THE SHOW! I was practically on the edge of my seat the whole time. Lol. Very exciting. *bang bang bang!!* *shoots laser* Hahahahahahahaha. He said it's too summarised because the producers try to market the show for kids, but it should be for teens-young adults instead. Hahahaha. But but!! I LIKE LEH! So I'm a kid? O.O Lol.

I *heart* Disney shows.

Free McMuffin!!!

Hurhurhur. Mum left this on my lappie on Monday morning, and I finally went to redeem it this morning after sending Sis to school. Super cheapo but what to do? MCMUFFIN LEH!! LOL. =X

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hotel for Dogs

Watched this with him, his Godma, his sis and his sis' friend at Lot1. Free tickets! Lol. And also, my 1st time at LOT1! =X Chua Chu Kang right? I've never gotten off the mrt there. Hahaha. Interesting. But didn't walk around much because we went straight to the cinema, watched the show, and I had to rush off to school. =(

THE SHOW IS DAMN NICE CAN?! Haha. Touching. I WANT A DOGGGGG. SO MANY! SO CUTE!! AHHHHHH~~!!!! Ignore my ramblings. Haha. Friday (the dog) is so damn adorable.

Me wants dog. =(

Pet Lovers Centre's VIP card

Yay! Hahaha. MEMBERSHIP CARD!!! Me like.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wrong about KinderJoy.

Apparently I was proven wrong when I got one that that a fix-able toy. LOL.

But I still prefer Kinder Surprise.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Been quite awhile since I last posted pictures of Thierry. Hehehe. See!! So adorable! Sleepy boy. Fluffy fluffy one. Hurhur. My pride and joy!!! WAHAHAHAHA.

It feels damn good to have pets. Because although he pisses me off pretty often, 50% of the time he's perfectly nice and loves to cuddle/be pet. Haha. And he does stupid things too.

Pray Thierry lives to a ripe old age.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kinder Joy

Ehhh. Sis bought these for Bro and I, so well, I decided to see what was inside and how it tasted like compared to the regular Kinder Surprise. It's a little runny and weird tasting. I think there's a nut inside? Lol I'm not very sure. The whole ball/round thing just felt crispy. But I really liked the milk thing there. Lol. More the merrier.

I just didn't like the toy. It's not the regular Kinder Surprise kind where you have to fix it yourself. It comes in one single piece. =( No fun. I think I still have my Kinder Surprise toys somewhere in my cupboard. Hmmm. Oh and each Kinder Joy costs $1.60. Damn expensive!!!

I still prefer Kinder Surprise.

I heard that there's a Maxi-Kinder Surprise!! EXTRA LARGE KINDER SURPRISE. Only available around Easter?! I WANT I WANT!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Grandpa's 77th Birthday

This year, for Grandpa's birthday, he picked a different venue from the usual seafood. Tai Seng Restaurant, located somewhere in Chinatown. Haha. Traditional chinese-style food? Been there quite alot of times before, but not for birthdays. Hmmm.


Had the usual food stuff? 10 dishes I think. I didn't take a picture of the yam paste (dessert) because the waitress already started dishing the yam paste out, like the shark's fin, just that the shark's fin looks okay in a separate bowl, but when yam paste is served into smaller bowls... it looks... not very appetising. Lol. Oh and Grandma's Siew Mai was... not served. Because they bloody forgot. And Grandpa specifically told them that we wanted that when he made the reservation. Grandma only likes to eat there for the handmade Siew Mais. Lol. Dabao-ed them in the end.

There were some complains about the prawns covered in mayo in the cold dish, and the boss decided that well, he'll give us a complimentary... of prawns covered in mayo. =.= The prawns were super hard and not chewable in the cold dish, and the replacement was not a very big improvement, though it's edible, but still hard. Wonder why. Aunty makes better prawn mayo.

Then came the cake-cutting time!! So many candles. Haha. And without fail, it's mango cake from Bengawan Solo.

Happy birthday Grandpa! =))

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sushi Balls and Pressed Sushi

Stupid me forgot to bring my camera to cooking class, so I had to make do with my lousy phone's camera without autofocus. Which sucked. Very much.

Anyway, hands-on again today! Hoho. Bro and I rolled the sushi balls. Hahahaha. Pressed sushi is weird. But not bad. Hmmm. I'm rambling.

Menu for the day:
- Sushi Balls
- Pressed Sushi

Flying Car?

This conversation took place in the car last night.

Kar: "Eh, there's this news about a car that can fly... Can't remember the name/brand, but it's quite long de..."
Eueu: "Flying Car..?"
Kar: "No no, starts with a T...."
Eueu (in all seriousness): "THE Flying Car...?"
All of us: "....... Wah lao"

Anyway, the car's brand is Terrafugia, if you wanted to know. Read about it here.

Supper Night

Supper at Adam Food Centre after class last night! Couldn't decide where to go at first. Which was a big problem. LOL. Drove to Holland Village and spent probably an hour going there, looking for the entrance to Holland V and a parking lot, to no avail. =.= Headed down to Adam Food Centre instead. Haha.

Food was... good? But the oyster omelette failed the standards. Haha. Yes, I'm a huge fan of oyster omelettes, cannot ah? =P Had oyster omelette, satay, rojak, roti john and prawn mee. Though I didn't eat the prawn mee, because of the yellow noodles. Hahaha. Oh and we finally had a group photo?? Forgot about that the last time we went out for supper. Hurhur.

Kar says she's treating the next round!! Thank goodness this module is ending soon, because I'm almost the size of a whale already. Lol. =X

Sunday, March 15, 2009


When someone you know so well suddenly becomes a stranger. It feels sad, right? Probably not suddenly but over a period of time, but you don't really notice things happening until it is staring at you in the face. A sense of loss.

How did this happen? From best buddies, to acquaintances who acknowledge each other only when they meet accidentally. Not either one reaching out to contact the other, just to catch up, like old times.

I know how it feels, because I like my friends, and they all play an important role in my life. But the fact that people do lose contact, as there're only 24hours a day - not enough to share with every friend, makes me feel flustered. Like how should I allocate my time with the handful of friends I have, so that nobody will be distanced? It's not easy juggling friendships with so many people. Maybe that explains my handful of friends - closest only.

I've been through this before, and don't wish to do so again. It's painful enough, but when you turn 21 and have a birthday party, and when you forget to invite someone who used to be an important part of your life, think how it'll hurt that person.

Seriously, I don't know why I'm writing this. =(

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sushi sushi!

Hurhur. Today, we had to make our own sushi! Ingredients were prepared by the teacher, then we had to shape our own rice and wrap the seaweed around it, add mayo, prawn and cucumber slices. FUNNN. Let's make more sushi. Lol.

Met him after cooking class at Vivo, and he ate the chicken and sushi! Hurhur. I'm soooo aiming to make a bento someday soon. =D Shopped for a shirt and pants for his upcoming Social Night. I can't go. =( Because of all suay things, Test 2 is on the same day, Thursday. How suay is this? Nevermind, I hope he has fun. =)

Menu for the day:
- Tori Kara-age
- Gunkan Sushi

1st Supper with Womans!

This, is my 1st ever supper out with friends. Not including my family and boyfriend, because that is pretty frequent. Lol.

Impromptu decision made during lecture to go out for supper. Both Eueu and Ti drove last night. Hahaha. Went to Bedok North Block 85 (or somewhere) for supper. Apparently almost all the stalls sell the same few things? Oh and I wrote directions down!!! Oh I'm good man. Hahahaha. Because Eueu's GPS took really slow to detect location and plan the route. Maybe because we had to be on the move for it to work, because it did work once we were on the way. Lol.

Supper consisted of bachormee for Eueu and Kar, stingray and oyster omelette + sugar cane juice. Wasn't alot, but was full after eating. Lol.

Eueu sent Kar then me home. Ti went home 1st. Haha. Very good Friday night! 1st supper! More more more!! =X

Thursday, March 12, 2009

IT Show 2009

Oh my gosh. I actually went to the IT Show this year. Hahaha. For your information, this is the 2nd time I've been to any IT fair thingy. Which is wow, considering me being a nerd/geek and all that.

Eueu and I met up, ate Mac's and went down to Suntec to meet Ti and Kar. ERMMM. Super packed is an understatement. Eueu had to keep distracting me because I was staring at everyone's purchase when they walked past. I WANT TO BUY ALL THAT!!! =X Lol. Ignore the raving nerd in me.

Anyway, Kar was there early and she went to take all the flyers for the notebooks and desktops available. Seriously, it's like ALOT LA. Hahaha. And, we went to Marina Square's McDonanalds to sit and 'think'. Actually, more like Eueu and I help her look for her new com/lappie. LOL. Go through all the brochures and narrowed down to 2 desktops and 2 laptops. We're gooood. Siti already had what she wanted in mind already, so the walk back was to check Kar's one out. Hmmmm. WHY DID ALL THE 4 CHOICES HAVE TO HAVE THEIR BOOTHS AT LIKE SUPER FAR FROM EACH OTHER?! It's suayness. Lol. Walked/squeezed our way through the massive crowd and talked to unpleasant salespeople who didn't bloody know their stuff.

Kar bought a Lenovo desktop and Ti bought an Acer lappie. Lol. Walked somemore to the accessories level and well... worse. Should've like done this before buying the bulky items. LOL. Didn't buy any empty DVDs though. =( Next time next time next time!!! It's so damn cheap there. =( I need income. *sigh* Bought printer ink though. Hahaha. Cheaper there. =D

Oh and the Samsung Pixon was going at like $688 or something?! WAH LAO!!! I WANT!!! Money please drop from the sky. O.O

All 4 of us squeezed into a cab to my home and boy was that the worst cab ride of my life. And also the most expensive. Bloody cab uncle. He literally crawled his way to my place. Zzzzzz. Took about an hour can?! And it wasn't even that crowded on the road. =.= Ti left to meet BB, we went to my place, peed, took the car keys and off we went to Kar's place. LIKE FINALLY WE GET TO SEE HER HOME. LOL. And help her set the desktop up. Hurhur. I love setting electronics up. Bought dinner... Guess what?! MCDONALD'S. ZZzZzzzzz. Lucky I only ate a total of one burger from all the visits to Mac today. Lol. Because I already had lunch when I met Eueu, and had a drink only at Marina Square. Though I can't say the same for Eueu. LOL. McDonald's queen.

Kar's house is... big. Hahaha. Super huge living room because of one room being knocked out. Hur. Biggggg. Went home after setting up and exploring her new computer. =D Now we know what her room is like, we can plan her birthday gift. Hahahahaha. Might require a bit of clearing a space, but it's not decided. =X


Monday, March 09, 2009


Push at AMKhub with my boy!! =D

Show was good, especially with the company. =D Action scenes were not bad, but some scenes were... like low-cost production. Lol. If you get what I mean. Furthermore, the show was set in Hong Kong? Even more low-cost. And pay attention at the start. The show's intro starts before the usual starting credits start rolling. And they speak a little fast.

*Warning* This show has a sequel. =.=

He booked out today! Yay. Spent almost the entire day together! ^-^ Thoroughly happy. XD

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hand warmers!

My boy has been feeling cold during field camps and was looking for those disposable hand warmers. Apparently most places sell those that you have to boil in hot water yourself. Finally, I (with the help of the Womans) found them! And of all places, it is the most obvious. =.= Winter Time! Hahahaha. Shop selling winter clothes. WAH LAO... I seriously thought they sold clothings only.

It's called a chemical warmer.

It works by opening the packet, then taking out the pack inside...

..which looks like this.

Then you expose it to the air and maybe shake it a little, and chemical reaction takes place in the bag. It starts to get warmer and then it lasts for about 8 hours? The bigger pack lasts for 18 hours. Highest temperature of 63C and average of 52C.

Oh and I opened a packet to try for fun. Hahaha. So shiok. Warm hands in my cold air-conditioned room. =X A little retarded la, but fun.

Wooo!! So many more for him! Hope it comes in handy. =D

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cooking cooking.

It's supposed to be beef rolled with vegetables, but pork was used instead. Because not everyone eats beef. Haha. Nice. I like the taste of the roll. JUICCYYY.

Teppanyaki was different from the usual you see at those restaurants though. Hmm. Alot of veggies and no bean sprouts. Weird. Taste was different too. But I guess it is Teppanyaki in a sense. Lol. It tasted pretty good too.

Menu for the day:
- Nishiki Maki (Beef rolled with vegetables)
- Teppanyaki

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fluffy pink toy

Bought this toy for Thierry yesterday. HAHAHA. It's so damn cute!! I think I bought it more for my benefit than his. =X But he plays with it! Probably want to bite it to death or something, because it's pink. HAHAHA.

The Sims 2

Finally, after many many years, I've gotten my The Sims 2! Furthermore, it's Double Deluxe! Comes with the original The Sims 2, The Sims 2 Nightlife and The Sims 2 Celebration Stuff! Wahahaha. 3 for the price of one! In one DVD! Hurhur.


Can't play much though. Study study study. >.<

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sakae buffet with Sis

Sis came to pick me up after tuition. Lol. She had sushi cravings? Hahaha. But when we reached Thomson Plaza, Sakae was closed. O.O And we had to idea WHY. So off to J8 then!

I always wanted this mouse. Sis say it's weird because you poke its eyes everytime you click something. LOL.

Food was satisfying for all our cravings. Hehe. SALMON SALMON SALMON!!

Sis wanted to eat this, so we had a plate of it. Edamame. =.= I can't eat this without shooting the peas all over the place and in my face.

Strawberry mochi icecream! PINKKKKK.

WEEKEND BUFFET!! Hohoho. I soooo want to try it sometime soon.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Marley & Me

Watched the much anticipated Marley & Me with Eueu at AMKhub. =.= We waited for like.... at least 4~6 months for this show to start airing. It was supposed to air last December?! MARLEY IS SO CUTE!!

Interesting. Even guys cried. LOL. Saw many a teary-eyed when we left the cinema. Loud snifflings during the show too. Many girls in the theatre, duh.

I still wonder why I pay to make myself cry. =.=

I seriously want a dog.

Pink Dolphin?

The above 2 pictures are your ugly regular pink dolphins (they are a type of dolphins) that can be found in the Underwater World @ Sentosa.


OH MY GOSH!!! Hahaha. Super chio. Albino!

Wonder how many more of these will appear? None? CLONE IT!! Rawr.

Pink dolphin, anyone?


Finally, I tried out the popcorn machine Andrea, Mich and ZhongKai gave me for my birthday gift. Hurhur. Have been hunting around for unflavored popping corn the whole time. Almost 2 months?? It's so difficult to find unflavored ones. =.=

I only made salted ones because I have no idea how to make sweet caramelised ones. =.= I can't find caramel sweets. To melt and drizzle over the popcorn. Haha. Next thing to hunt!!

Overall, it makes... alot. Need to share with someone (him). =)

Samsung Pixon in PINK!!

OH MY GOSH!! So pretty!! I want I want I want!!!

I didn't used to consider this model because it doesn't have Wi-fi and no GPS, but but, what the heck, those 2 functions are not free, contrary to belief. So I can do without them.

Come to mama.

Monday, March 02, 2009

1000th day!

Happy 1000th Day dear! ^-^

It hasn't been an easy road till date, but we've overcome it! =D

Many more thousands of days to come! XD

I love you.

I miss you.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Lazy Day

Woke up really early today to send Mum to her 1st Refresher Course's lesson, which started at like 8.15am?

Then it was to the swimming complex down the road with Eueu and Kar. Haha. Fun. Played alot of retarded games. One was to throw one of our goggles and two of us try to find it. The funniest was Eueu and I looking for my goggles for a damn long time, then some random father teaching his daughter how to swim asked, "You looking for goggle? I found a pair and left them at the edge of the pool." *immediate silence from all 3 of us* Zzzzzz. AHAHAHA. Super funny. We probably spent 10 mins finding them in the water. =.= Usual takes us about... less than 5 mins??

Bathed and planned to go to the sushi place down the road from the swimming complex, but but... it opens from 11.30am onwards!!! It was like 10.45am?! Haha. Change of plans and we went to McDonalds instead. =X

After breakfast and sending them off, I popped by his place. =D I was pretty tired out by 12pm though, so I fell asleep on his sofa, with his mum saying it's okay and giving me pillows. Lol.

Woke up, then his parents brought us out for lunch!! So fun. Haha. They're so nice. =) Went back to his place, and slept in his bed, while he slept on a mattress on the floor. =X Too tired!!! O.o Woke up about 4.45pm? Ate some dinner his mum prepared, then he had to go back to camp already. >.< His dad fetched him back to camp, and I came home.

=( Field camp till Friday. I miss him already.