Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today's cooking workshop consisted of 2 egg dishes. Haha. Chawanmushi was nice, but the ginko nuts inside spoilt the taste. I don't remember eating ginko nuts in the regular chawanmushi... do you??

The egg rolled with fish was... not bad, but would've been better if unagi was used (but more expensive?). Shall try it next time. Lol.

Menu for the day:
- Chawanmushi
- Sake no tamago maki (Egg rolled with fish)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Echo and the Red Ball

Went to Bishan Park with Eueu and Echo. Lol. We tried to teach Echo to fetch but... When you throw the ball, he runs towards it, touch it with his nose, then come back, leaving the ball there. =.=

So we ended up walking alot to pick the ball up everytime we throw. Hahaha. Exercise?

Anyway. School ended late. Computer lab sessions kind of suck.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sentosa + nEbo

Shan, Eueu and I made plans to go to Sentosa today. And it was raining the entire week. What the hell. But heck, we still met and went out! Took the train all the way to Harborfront, then we went to Vivo 1st. Erm, spent quite abit of time there, sidetracking. Lol. =X

Next up, we went upstairs to the tram station to get out tickets! I have not been to Sentosa for a very very long time. The last time I went, bus rides to Sentosa were still free, but not now anymore. O.O Tickets like Ez-link! So exciting. =X

The sky was getting darker every minute, by the time we got to Palawan Beach, it started raining. =.= Camped out in the public toilet (there was shelter inside) until the rain stopped. Got changed and the sun came out! Lol.

It was surprisingly hot. Bloody hell. I didn't really want to get darker, but when your 2 BFFs want to, I can't refuse, right? Outing with them leh!! =D Above are some pictures we took. Lol. No pictures of us in bikinis. Too fat. =X


After tanning for awhile, the clouds started gathering again and we went to bathe! It rained while we bathed, and we had to wait awhile before we could get out of Sentosa. Haha.

Went back to Vivocity and shopped! Love the petshop~~!!! I want a dog!!! So many things to buy for it. Lol.

Shan with an elephant on her face.

Took the bus from Vivo to AMKhub. Though on the way Shan and I dropped off (Eueu had to go home) to Thomson Plaza because I needed to pee. Hahahahahahaha. =X Met Kar at Hub to go nEbo! Shan's 1st time there. Hurhur.

We played Hedbanz (for kids), and Shan finally got her elephant! Lol. Exciting.

I am so tired and sunburnt.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Sis called me around dinner time to ask me to look out of the window. There was a super huge rainbow!! Grabbed my digicam and started snapping away, but the evening sun was going down, and dark clouds were rolling by. The rainbow didn't last very long, but it was a full arch, and I bet many noticed it. There were also hints of a double rainbow.

When Dad saw me snapping away at the rainbow, he took out his phone and showed me some he took on the way home too. He noticed the rainbow too! And so did many other motorists. Lol.

The pictures turned out pretty light because of the dull clouds behind and the setting sun. But all can be solved!

After some minor tweaking...


I just wished my love was here to see the rainbow together with me.


*This entire entry is filled with pictures of me, so close this window if you want to sleep well at night - You've been warned*

Erm. I woke up with this feeling. The feeling that 'I shall cut my hair today'. Erm. Drastic move. Maybe also because Sis went to cut her hair on Monday, and she bought a $25 voucher. Hahaha. So I called Audrey up at HairLaw and made an appointment.


I've been saying I want to cut my hair short, but I don't know how short and what style. And I've not had short hair since Primary 4. The last time I cut my hair short was in 2005, and it was... although not very short, but a total mistake.

So I've been apprehensive about cutting my hair short. And short hair is high maintenance. I think I might need to rebond my hair - too many flyaways. Lol.

But Audrey has been rather good with my hair, though she's the one who came up with all my outrageous hairstyles and all, but she's pretty good. Seems like whatever she cuts for me, I'll see popping up on the streets in the next few months or so. Hoho. I'm ahead of the hairstyle fashion? =X

I've permed my hair at the start of 2006, the day after I got my braces. Rebonded fringe and sides, very very very curly at the back - they made up 4 curls, with blood-red highlights. In 2007, I permed my entire head(?) into wavy-ish curls, with 3 different shades of highlights. I didn't do anything drastic in 2008. All done by Audrey. LOL. (But apparently I didn't blog about getting my hair permed in 2006 and 2007 - maybe I should go dig the photos out)

This year, at the start of the year 2009, I highlighted my hair with streaks of bright red (Eueu's hairdresser).

Now, approximately 2 months later, I got my hair chopped off by Audrey. Haha.

This is the result:


Before (top), after (bottom).


My neck feels kind of cold now.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have 3/5 of the items pictured above. I want the mousepad!! It looks like the default wallpaper in my lappie. CHIOOOO.

And the speakers are cute. Haha. =X

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bishan Park Dog Run

Went to the dog run with Eueu just now after he left to go back to camp. The one at Bishan Park. Lol. After a heavy rain, the whole place is... wet. I thought we wouldn't see any dogs there, but boy were we wrong. There was a birthday party for a Siberian Husky named Oscar. Interesting. 1st time seeing a birthday party held for a dog, though I've heard of them. Haha. Echo celebrates his at home. There were even birthday gifts. O.O

Went into the dog run to play with the other dogs and try to escape Echo. LOL. He kept sticking to us like he's afraid we'd disappear. Cute.

Egg Mayonaise Sandwich

So rare that Sis actually cooked, but she made this for MrS, my boy and me. =D NICEEEEE. Yummy egg mayo. MOREMOREMORE!!!

I love spending time with him. =) He's going for a field camp in Tekong from Mon-Thur. =( No calls for 3 nights!!! T.T


Do the following 2 pictures bear any resemblance? LOL


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cooking Workshop!!

Bro didn't go today. Haha. I remembered to bring containers to store food!

Menu for the day:
Yaki Udon
Yaki Tori

Friday, February 20, 2009

Webcamming Madness

Last Wednesday, I was at Eueu's house. Erm. We played with her webcam... and VIOLA! Many retarded pictures. @_@

8 eyes? Lol.

My face is so slim!! And there're 2 Eueus. *gasp*

HAHAHAHAHA. Super pajiao

Woman with 2 eyes, no nose, no mouth, no ears too. Hahahahaha.

Fat cyclops? =X

Wah. Long sharp tongue.

This was random. Hahahaha. Time warp?

Another pajiao one. CENTRE PARTING!!

I look like some witch. @_@

This picture is plain creepy can. I look like some Blythe Doll. Scaryyyy...

If we were ever going to be fat, we'd probably turn into this... *NOOOOOO*

Somebody pinched our faces? LOL. My hair is SO BIG.

HAHAHAHA. I have no words to describe this. Too funny man, too funny.

And classic picture of the day....

IGOR!!! =X

Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 things

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

1) This is the 2nd time I'm doing this because after I did the one on Facebook, I realised there were many more that I didn't list down.

2) I gained 10kg while studying in RP. That's in 3 years!! Ohmygosh.

3) I have really frizzy hair.

4) I've been learning Japanese language for 3 years+ yet I still can't converse without referring to my books. =.=

5) I use 6 or 8 squares of toilet paper everytime (at home).

6) I like to step on really dry leaves on the ground,

7) and stopped after a cockroach came running out from under a leaf I was about to step on.

8) I used to wish that I was petite/short, but not now.

9) I like cooking and baking (though it's not always a success).

10) I like ketchup and chilli sauce but I don't eat tomatoes or chilli if I can see them. (eg. tomato slices or chopped chilli in soy sauce)

11) I have never bitten my nails.

12) I love Disney shows. Anything on Disney Channel, I watch.

13) Eunice and I share telepathy.

14) I pay to watch movies about animals even though I know I'll bawl my eyes out (all shows about animals end with them dying). (Quill, 10 Promises to my Dog, Helen the Baby Fox).

15) Whenever I'm with Eunice, we always sing out loud without shame, out of the blue at random songs.

16) I sleep in the masterbedroom with 1 cat & 2 rabbits.

17) I like chinese tea more than regular english tea.

18) I never had many friends, just the few really close ones.

19) I think pecan pie looks like cockroaches arranged on a pie.

20) I have never watch a 3D movie in the theatres other than The Park, which was a horror movie that I didn't even pay attention to.

21) My favorite kind of cookies are cornflake cookies followed by chocolate chip cookies.

22) I have always wanted to keep Sea Monkeys, but have never done so.

23) I am right handed, but I use the knife in my left hand and fork in my right.

24) I switch on the lights in the room (when I'm in them), even when it's daytime.

25) I love my boyfriend!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dog for a day

Went to Aunt's house yesterday afternoon after going to the temple in the morning. Recently, my cousin adopted a Pomeranian, and then his bro has another friend giving up 2 more Poms. So Aunt adopted one, with one extra. Well, Bro and I went down to pick up the 'extra' one.

At first, Mum was planning on keeping the dog, but then... well. End up we're not keeping the dog, and giving it to Bro's friend instead. Aunt is keeping the female (older, about 1yr++) one, Crystal. Bro's friend is keeping the male (younger, about 7mths+) one, Diamond - now called Cookie. Seriously, who names their dog DIAMOND?! Oh and Crystal can't keep still. =.=

So, Cookie came home with us yesterday, and stayed a night. Haha. The feeling of having a dog for a day... Well, too much poop and pee around the house. =.= And it was also his 1st night sleeping alone. He always had Crystal with him. LOADS OF BLOODY WHINING. But forgivable, because he's so cute. =X

Crystal is the shaved one, while Cookie is the fluffy one.


I want a dog, now.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vegetarian Steamboat

Today I woke up early, damn early. Went to Guang Ming Shan with Grandma, Grandma's Sis, Mum, Sis and Bro. Hahaha. 6 in one car. =X Didn't want to go, but Grandma wanted me to go because every year, Sis and Bro would go with her, but not me. So... I decided to be the nice granddaughter and go this year.

Mum and Grandma!

Attended some prayer session. Wah piang. I was damn bored. =.= The hall place was huge, and well, they were singing something out of a book. It felt like a temple's version of choir... I couldn't stand still. And there was like kneeling and standing. Ouch my legs.

The afterwards was really good though. Hahaha.

Vegetarian steamboat!!

Ok I can't be a vegetarian, but it's only one meal. Though I did eat alot more food when I got home. Oh they had vegetarian wantons. Very gross. I still like my shrimp wanton best.

Oh and they had popiah! Do it yourself style. Hahaha. Mine is at the bottom right hand corner of the above picture? I took a bite out of it already though. Haha. The filling was something different. Not your usual ones.

Food was not bad. Lol.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oh My Pink Baby

Welcome home my pink one! Hahahaha. Comes with a free pink bluetooth mouse and pink lappie case. ^-^

Oh and even the spongy sleeve used to store the lappie in the box it came in was pink too. AHAHAHA.

I know most of you can't stand my pink stuff, but but... I LIKE!!! SOOOOO pretty!!! My gosh. My Vaio CS26G. Long awaited!! Finalllyyyyy. =D

Happy Valentine's Day!

This picture was not taken this year, but like more than a year ago, maybe even more. Lol. Anyway, he booked out today and we met for dinner!! With his parents. Hahaha. Double dates!! They're so adorable. Went to this beef noodle place, and his mum mentioned something about his dad bringing her here to eat in the early days when she came to Singapore. Haha. And the beef noodle place has moved a few times, yet they will still go there and eat. I want us to be like that when we grow old. Going to places we used to go, eating food we used to eat when we 1st met. =D

I love my boy!!

Japanese Cooking Workshop

Hurhur. Bro and I attended our 1st Japanese Cooking Workshop today. 7 more to go!! It's quite interesting, but not hands-on. I hope I get to learn many others and whip something up at home!! Haha. We shall see. =)

Menu for the day:
- Japanese Curry
- Omelette Tamago

Monday, February 09, 2009

Monday with BFF

Went to submit my application for Jap class again, then went off with Eueu to Pasir Ris! Hoho. Super fun. 1st, we went to Pet Movers'. Bought some stuff and off we went to Ericsson Pet Farm. The kittens there are super duper cute!!! Especially those Russian Blue kittens - they were so soft with the baby fur and so nice to play with. The dogs there seem to have more space/ventilation than those at Pet Movers' (just saying).

Went over to U Petgamart to look around afterwards. GREAT DANE!!!

The great dane is huggeeee. The other dog, a Caucasian Sheepdog. His head is bigger than mine and the great dane's. O.O

Headed over to Ikea to look around and start planning our future homes. Haha. We tend to look at the showrooms and go a little crazy over them.

Had food 1st before heading in because we were both starving.

Kiddy meal's meatballs!! Yummy.

Chocolate mousse!

We had a serving each of the above items and shared a cup of refillable drink. Lol. Satisfied.

Went in to look around and...

Eueu got comfortable. Lol.

Whenever we go to Ikea, we tend to spend more than 2hours in there. =.= Hahaha. Imagine sitting in every sofa/chair/bed - this takes up a helluva time already. Today we skipped the bed and chair sections (because she already bought her new Ikea bed & we don't want chairs). Skipped the table/bookcase/wardrobe sections too. Erm. We spent time testing sofas, checking out all the kitchens (we found our dream kitchen - the same one too), seeing all the showrooms' bedrooms, playing with toys, looking at utensils, touching all the fabrics, etc etc. Haha. Super fun. So many things to do.

But Ikea always drain us out. =.= Super tired. Place is sooooo huge!! And also, too much planning dreaming of the layout of our dream homes is draining. Exhausted by then.

Off to home we went!

I want to go to the dog run.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Boyfriend

Spent the day in with him! Haha. Not going to celebrate Valentines' this year, because next Saturday, he'll be booking out late. His graduation thingy is on that day. And also, I signed up for a Japanese Cooking Workshop that starts next Saturday from 2-4pm too. Lol.

So it was spending time nua-ing on the couch watching shows like "Taboo", "Everything you need to know", "MTV" and "MTV Chinese". Hahaha. Lazy Sunday afternoon.

We had dinner at home together, then he went back home then headed for camp. I miss him already. =(

Jiayou!!! <3


Pictures of Thierry, again.

The Cat has been sleeping in places with bright sunlight and posing for the camera. Haha. Good for me, because I get to take more pictures of him. =D

And he has been suffering from withdrawal from fresh milk. =.= I know we're not supposed to give adult kitties milk, but apparently he hasn't had diarrhea, yet. Lol. He can recognise you holding a cup of milk (if your cup is see-through), and he also runs to the kitchen faster than you walk there whenever he senses that you're headed that way and parks himself at the fridge door. LOL.

Super pathetic and desperate for milk. But that's my cat, the one with weird antics. =)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thumper has grown up!!

Been long since I last posted Thumper's pictures. Lol. He is super adorable even though he loves to eat my hair. And like Thierry, he is starting to like to pose for the camera. @.@

Friday, February 06, 2009

Hello Kitty Bento!

Sis bought this for me the last time I had my dental appointment. Lol. $31.90 for this bento box. XD

COMES IN A BAGGGGG!!! Utterly adorable.

2 separate boxes to store food!

Though its not like really big, it stores enough snacks. Not too much, just enough. And also no lunch inside because my maid is not back yet. Lol. =X I wonder what to put inside. =D

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Back to school!

It's back to school again tonight. All I can say is: Statistics suck. Like seriously. I hate numbers. It's so damn boring and difficult to process. And the lecturer was... reading off the slides. =.=

I hope the next lecture get better.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Regular gaming

Today, Eueu and I went to pick Kar up from work and went to Pasir Ris' nEbo. Woo! Games games games!!!

Uglydoll! "UGLYUGLYUGLY!!!" Our favorite ones on the left. Lol.

Hey, that's my fish! Retarded game.

Time's up! It's like Pictionary, Charades and Taboo all in one. Hahaha.

This is retarded, but in the middle of the board there is that picture on the right, while the real cards look like the one on the left. Eueu tried to pick the one on the right up. =.=

Eueu: "How to draw 'Parson's nose'? Who the hell is Parson?!!"

Parson's nose = chicken backside..................

Played other games like... Pictionary (our usual), Game of Life (the new version sucks) & a few other games that I can't remember. We're still exploring the games available. Haha. See which one we will actually play for a damn long time. So far, it's Pictionary. We even play our own version. =D

Erm. Kar's spotted shirt.

Eueu was sitting on Kar's left and was complaining the whole night that her coke was very gassy. After like 1hr, we realized that and her straw had a hole. And the drink kept going onto Kar's shirt. LOL. Retarded.

We *heart* boardgames. Lol.