Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thai-style Fried Rice

Went over to his place for lunch! His Mum cooked Thai-style fried rice, which was really good. The picture doesn't have the green mango shreds which went really well with the rice! He said the rice was supposed to look purple..? Lol. No idea. But it was damn nice to eat. =D

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Come, come!

Saw this display along Orchard Road just now. The one outside Tangs. The one in the middle moves in the "Fortune Cat" pattern. You know, the hand moving up and down in the "Come here" movement. Hahaha. It's like it's saying "come, come".

The funny part is that... can you see the ERP gantry behind the display?
It's in operation.

Ya ya, come and pay $$.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Meringue = FAILED

I tried making this meringue today, but apparently, FAILED. =(

They stuck to each other and to the greaseproof paper, and was too sweet for our tastes. i just wanted to find a way to use the excess egg whites from baking. But apparently, this is too gross. Lol.

I wonder if it was because I didn't beat it enough. Because it was a little too watery. Hmm. Can try again next time. LOL. But I doubt anyone would want to eat it. It's seriously too sweet.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


On Christmas morning, under the tree was loads of prezzies! (Picture was taken at night though. =X)


Bag from Mummy, bracelet from Bro (a little scratched because I wore it already), jewellery box from Aunt! And a bra set from Sis. Lol. =D

Prezzies from the Womans!

My very tightly wrapped gifts to them. Hahaha. BHG wrapper!! =X A jersey for each one of them. And I have one too, of course. =D

Oh and Manda gave me a box of chocolates!! Hee.

Last but not least...

Prezzie from him!!

Ooooh pink box!! XD

Cinderella and Prince Charming's snowglobe from Precious Moments!!! XD

So pretty!!!! *loves*

I got him a Love-a-lot carebear and a pillowcase! Printed with words and a handdrawn heart. =D Not as good as his though. =X

Thank you everyone!! XD

Merry Christmas!!!

Blessed Christmas to all out there!! =D

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve!!!

Picture taken last week. Lol. But so Christmas-y!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Manda came over in the afternoon!! Finally saw her after more than 1/2 a year. Lol. So much catching up to do. Hurhurhur. *gossips* So fun. We should do this more often!! But provided that busy woman is free. School seems to be quite busy. Lucky it's the holidays. =) Must come to my chalet hor!

Went to meet the WomanS at AMKhub for dinner. nEbO!!

We tried this new game - Hedbanz. I have the adult one at home, but it's more difficult. The kids one is more fun. =D We all have to wear the hedban on our head, and put a card in it then try to guess what we are by asking yes/no questions. Hahahaha. I totally cannot make it in this game. Kar is damn lucky. She got almost all animals. EASYYY!! Mine was mostly food. =.= So difficult. Super fun. But the AMKhub's nEbO has really limited number of games. The one at Downtown East is still better. Wider selection. And cheaper too. Lol. I didn't know there was a difference in the outlets, but apparently there is.

We exchanged gifts too. Hoho. Will post pictures of them soon. Hehehe.

We should do this more often. Or maybe just buy a few board games and play at each others' house, since we play a total of 1 type of game everytime. Hahaha. Buy and collect board games!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Rich Chocolate Ice Cream

Ok this is not really baking, but I'm just going to put it under that. Lol. Tried out this recipe for chocolate ice cream. Hmmm. I don't think I did it totally right, but it still tastes nice. Hahaha.

Container~~ =X

Looks kind of gross, but it has already hardened so it's not liquid-y anymore.


I think I went wrong somewhere, because the ice cream isn't very smooth. Like has ice in it. =.= Shall try again next time. Lol. But it has a very very rich chocolate-y taste! Hope people in the house actually eat it. =X

Who wants to be my guinea pig? =D

Christmas Rush

As the title said, Christmas Rush!!! Busy the whole day buying gifts for the boy and my family. It's so damn difficult to buy gifts. Lol. But Sis and I had fun. =) Had Haagen Dazs icecream! My favourite flavour - Mango Passionfruit thingy. You should try it. =D

Back to Camp

He just booked in this morning. >.< But not to Tekong anymore. Now he's at the western end of Singapore.

Hmmm. Have to learn how to find my way there now. New route!

I miss him already even though he'll get to book out on Christmas Eve. RAWRR!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

You Deserve a MEGA MAC!

Mega MAC!

Hahaha. He tried this just now at Queensway. O.O Super huge, but he said it wasn't very filling. Lol. And they cheat de!! There were no pickles and slice of cheese in the burger like in the picture!! But too late to ask la, he finished it already. Lol.

I drove to Queensway! To collect the gifts for the girls. Lol. Welly welly nice. =D I even bought Bro's gift! Driving there and back without getting lost, a major plus!! Wahaha. *happy*


Today is 冬至! Grandma made 汤圆s. Lol. Empty ones. I kind of like the black sesame and peanut ones more, but since Grandma handmade these, I polished off a bowl. Lol. And some are pink! =D I like the sweet sweet pandan smelling soup. NICEEE!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

'How I Met Your Mother' cast in 'The Best of 2008'

I found something really funny about the show How I Met Your Mother. The cast did this "The Best of 2008" photoshoot, and it's hilarious. =D



The men lost a lot of hair to play the U.S. 4x200m relay team; Harris (far right) even cajoled Segel (far left) into shaving his
armpits. ''The guys sounded like they didn't think it was going to grow back,'' laughs Smulders. ''Dude. Trust me. It grows back. I wish it didn't. It does. You're gonna be fine.''


Smulders (left) didn't see Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (she says the key to Cate Blanchett was ''just look like a badass''), while Harris studied Indy hard: ''It's sort of a quarter-squint. The lips go down, but there's a hint of a smile. But he's not amused, because he's always got other things in mind.''


Hannigan (far left) ditched her heels before the shot: ''I couldn't do it,'' she sighs. ''They were too high. I had to catch Cobie and not fall on my face.'' Radnor (right), on the other hand, had no trouble stepping into Mr. Big's shoes: ''I get hit with a bouquet of flowers at least once a month.''


''I don't often wear skinny jeans. It's not my thing. But I heroically squeezed into some,'' says Radnor. Harris worked to internalize his character deeply, as well: ''I got to be the straight-ironed guy. Not the curly. I don't know their names...Alvin? Theodore?''


''It probably will just be an imitation of Tina Fey,'' admits Hannigan, before slipping on her Sarah Palin suit. For Segel, this role is a culmination of a lifelong dream: ''Ever since I was a kid, I always imagined someday I'd get to play Joe Biden in a photo shoot.''

View all the photos here.

Mario Kart Love Song


You be my princess
I'll be your toad
I'll follow behind you
on rainbow road
Protect you from red shells
wherever we go
I promise.

Noone will touch us
if we pick up a star
If you spin out
you can ride in my car
When we slide together
we generate sparks
in our wheels and our hearts

The finish line
is just around the bend
I'll pause this game
so our love will never end
Let's go again

The blue shell is coming
so I'll go ahead
If you hang behind
it'll hit me instead
but never look back
cause I'm down but not dead
I'll catch up to you

Don't worry about
Bowser or DK
Eat this glowing mushroom
and they'll all fade away


to the mushroom cup
and the flower cup
and the star cup
and the reverse cup


Music and Lyrics by Sam Hart


This is SUPER NICE!!! Thanks to him for sending it to me. =D

I'm currently a little bit siao over Mario Kart. Hahaha. Eueu too. Been trying to unlock all the damn cups and karts.

I particularly like the part about the blue shell. You'll know what I mean if you play. So sweet!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Igor!!! + Super Suay Day

Watched this at J8 with him!!

This show is full of jokes that kids wouldn't understand. Not that they're dirty jokes, just that they're too cheem for them to understand. =.= Probably only the both of us laughed at the retarded puns and jokes, because I didn't hear anyone else laughing. Also maybe because more than 1/2 the theater was empty.

Anyway, something really suay happened.

I left my phone at home.

I was about to be late then I rushed out of the house, by the time I reached the bus stop, I realized my phone was still on my table. End up I couldn't contact him. >.< Sorry. We almost didn't watch the show. But glad we still did. =)

And J8 does not have payphones that use coins on the 1st floor. And those stupid phone booths at the MRT station don't have phones on them. WTH. Finally managed to find one on the 2nd floor. >.<

Don't ask me why I didn't ask to borrow from some passerby. I don't want to look like some psycho who wants to steal other people's phones, okay.

Went for a swim at his Godma's place while he went to the gym after the movie. Lol. FREEZING COLD!!! I came up after like 15mins in the water because my head started hurting. =.= Super cold. Like dipping into ice cold water. Haha.

All's fine now. ^-^

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Seoul Garden!

Stepped into Seoul Garden yesterday night at Bugis for dinner. We couldn't decide what to eat so the weird decision. And it's not cheap. =.= After all the plus plus plus, it came up to pretty alot. Lol. Could've eaten somewhere nicer/better food with that money. But the experience was fun, because it was just the both of us. =D

Things at Seoul Garden seem to have changed though. Lol. We have more utensils! And the variety of food is hugeeee.

Now they use the convection cooker/heater thingy, not fire anymore. And there's also the smoke thing that sucks the smoke away? Lol. If you get what I mean. Lesser oil splashes.

Pictures of raw food.

Haha. I didn't take many pictures of the food because we were too busy eating. =X And I have to say that... I didn't eat any dessert!!! No space in my tummy. =( I wanted the icecream and the self-made ice kachang!!! AHHHH. Nevermind. Next time. Next time we'll go in the afternoon, with student passes. Lol. Way cheaper. If we ever go again. =X

Very fun!! =D

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Build-a-bear Workshop

Bro went there to get his friend a gift and we 2 older sisters went there to watch the fun yesterday before meeting Mum for dinner. Well, I went to watch the fun and take embarassing pictures, Sis went to help. Lol.

Watched my brother do things like pick a bear, fill it, then make a wish with the heart, stuff it inside the bear, sew it up, fluff the bear up at the shower station-look-alike thing, pick an outfit, help the bear wear the outfit, then fill in the certificate of the bear. Very very fun. Hope his friend likes it. =)

P.S: Maybe I should buy Julius a new outfit too. Lol.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Very Early 21st Birthday BBQ

Okay so I had my very very very early 21st birthday celebration yesterday. Erm. Yeah my birthday is in January, but Grandma wanted to celebrate earlier, because it'll be like celebrated on the 3rd of January instead (weekend before my birthday)? Will be too busy. Lol. So... chinese birthday! If I'm not wrong, 1988 was a leap year?? You know the double lunar month thing? So my chinese birthday is like wayyyy ahead. =.=

Anyhow also weird la. Lol. Teaches you not to give birth too early in the year. =.=

Anyway, on to the party! It was just a simple BBQ with the family. Both paternal and maternal. And a handful of friends. That gave a total of more than 50 people. O.O I've booked a chalet or next year too. Friends! =D

We went to buy stuff at NTUC in the morning and the day before, and bought balloons and some decorations too. LOL.

I kept telling Sis and Bro I had 'nervous energy' to burn. I was so paranoid for the few days beforehand whether or not we had enough food for everyone and all that crap, I couldn't sleep well. Due to burning of my nervous energy, Eueu came down early after many phone calls. =X So sorry woman. Echo came too! Played with Echo (he loves balloons), then sent him home on the way to pick up the cake. Picked Jas up too from AMK. Sorry Jas for my lousy directions. =X

So people started arriving and all that, and we got the BBQ started! BBQ was held just downstairs, and the place is surprisingly big, with 2 BBQ pits we can use and pretty many tables and benches. Decorations were put up with the help of Eueu, Jas and Kar. Lol. I love the balloon pump. So fun. Relatives trickled in group by group. Then Jie Hao and Zhong Kai came! Ti couldn't come because she needed to attend a wedding. Shan and her friend Vanessa arrived late late late. (I don't think it's in order, but whatever lah)

Grandma is the best!! The food she prepared was all met with thumbs up! =D Especially the pork fillets. Superrrrr tender and nice! The Womans made 2 aluminium boxes and cooked mushrooms and ready-peeled prawns in them. Shiok.

It was quite busy trying to entertain everyone and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Stressed out.

Cake cutting time!

I love my cake. Lol. Care bear!! =X There were so many pictures to be taken with each group of family/friends that the candle went out. =.= Grandpa wasn't there because he was busy playing mahjong with 3 of my uncles. *pout* Lol.

And it's the 1st time I see a big birthday cake get polished off. We usually have like 1/3 or more left?? Lol. Cake was delicious!!

And on to the stupid pictures....

Eueu the octopus..?

Lol. Super fun, but very tiring. No wonder I don't like to organise parties. =.= Oh the cleaning up was fun because we used satay sticks and poked all the balloons!! Lol. It was loud and scary, but very fun! I poked a few only because I was too chicken. =S Let's poke more balloons during the chalet!! I will buy more. =X

Thanks everyone for coming!! Really appreaciate it. =D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I attended his P.O.P yesterday! =D Congrats my boy! ^-^

Picked his mum up and drove there to the carpark in Changi. I was... nervous. 1st time alone with his mum. But she was really nice, and chatted quite abit. =D Was really worried I would lose my way there. But we found our way there!

The whole parade was really cool. =D *march march march* *happy*

The way home was... not very good though. =X Got a little lost and I sort of lost my temper. Sorry.

The tom yam soup his mum cooked was very very good. And his whole family was so nice...


I cracked my toenail at Tekong. =.= I tripped over those steps kind of thing. Though I didn't fall flat on my face, it still hurt.

And I was still not feeling very well. Been ill since last Tuesday. His parents were both so sweet and concerned. =D

And I've been to the doc's again today for the 2nd time in less than 2 weeks. =.=

Get well soon!!! RAWRRR!!

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Happy 2 years 6 months / 2 and a half years / 30 months anniversary my love!!

Time seems to have flown by, and we're still going strong!
Stronger than ever.
Time flies when we're happy, and time really did zoom by us.
Because we're too happy. XD
Now and forever more, I love you.

Your girl. <3

Thursday, December 04, 2008


WATCH BOLLTTT!!! Watched this at Marina Square with Eueu, Shan and Kar. Had me laughing in fits at certain points. Stupid Rhino the hamster. =.=

And Bolt is a White German Shepherd. Oh my gosh. I WANT!!

See!! Looks like!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Driving Madness

Finally I get to go out with that woman on a weekday. Hoho. We planned to go to that place at Changi where you get to see the planes takeoff and all that, but... WE JUST COULDN'T FIND THAT STUPID PLACE. *angry* Can someone please tell us how to get there?? Or just the location will do. We'll find our way there. Somehow.

Driving from AMK to Changi, I missed the exit from CTE onto PIE. Ohmygosh can. I'm so blind. Lol. So we made a big round around and got to Changi, somehow. And we couldn't find the damn place. Circled around to try to guess the place on the street directory, but we ended up near Changi Prison? I think. And some very very ulu construction site. We even went to Aloha Changi to check out the chalet I booked for next month. LOL.

Finally we settled for Changi Beach (?). Because we got lost. And there was a carpark entrance along the road. *ahem* I think it was Changi Beach. We were at Changi, and it was a beach... so.. I assume...? =X Anyway Sis took my pink Sony camera to Hong Kong, so we had to settle for the older Konica Minolta one. Hehe. Not that bad lah. We still took many pictures. Hoho.

After taking many retarded pictures/spending an hour at the beach, we headed to WhiteSands to have our long-awaited Sakae Sushi Tea Time Buffet. =D

More retarded pictures?? Look at the picture at the top left hand corner. O.O Hahaha. And the 2 pictures at the bottom left hand corner was supposed to look like some of the pictures we took before at Sakae. =X

Then, the fun begins. =.= Lucky I topped up petrol before going to pick her up. We called Kar and told her we were going to pick her up from work (she ends work at about 5.30pm). So we left Pasir Ris at about 5pm, we made our way to SGH. Erm... And we were supposed to go onto the PIE, but somehow, managed to get onto the ECP, which was weird, because I swear we followed the roadsigns to PIE. So from ECP, we exited and reached the Raffles Place area? I know we went onto a flyover next to the Singapore Flyer, and we went past the IR under construction. =.= And we went past 2 ERPs.

Then... we managed to find our way to Bugis?! Then onto the CTE. But in the wrong direction. So we exited at Moulmein Road, and couldn't freakin' find an entrance towards CTE (AYE). Nehneh. So we went via Orchard Road/Tanglin Road (lucky I remembered, hehe), and managed to finally reach Kar's workplace. At 6.10pm. =.=

And guess where we went? BACK TO PASIR RIS!! O.O To E!hub this time. By the time we finally parked and got out of the car, we were officially on the road for slightly more than 2 hours. 1.5hours of that lost on the roads.

So we needed somewhere to chill at... and off to Nebo!! Our 1st time there, all of us. Hahaha. So weird when ordering, because we were all noobs. And people go to such places to play games they don't usually play/try new games... We went there to play Monopoly. Hoho.

Monopoly!! Singapore edition. Mostly tourism stuff?

And... look at Kar's face. =.= So much money eh? Don't be deceived. She went bankrupt 1st. Hohoho. Because I had both blue houses. The Parliament House and Asian Civilisations Museum. Hohoho. 4 houses leh!! Happy happy. She stepped on it and went bankrupt. Though I was near bankrupt when I stepped on Eueu's green houses on the same side at the blue ones = expensive.

We finished up the game by removing all the other houses and just simply make it that only stepping on the green or blue property, then we have to pay to finish faster. Hahahaha. I WON!!!! =P

Sent Kar home, then sent Eueu home, then went home. Then, I went with Bro to pick Sis and Mr.S up from the airport.

I drove to the east of Singapore 3 times today. =.=

P.S: I just remembered that from WhiteSands, we should've gone via TPE -> CTE to pick Kar up, not PIE. Wrong side of the CTE!!! @_@