Sunday, November 30, 2008


Met Shan and Kar at J8 after class. We seriously couldn't decide what to eat, so we went to the foodcourt instead. Even worse; they had an even bigger selection of food. =.=

Bought 2 ice-kachangs! Been so long since I had one of those. Lol. Nice, but I don't like the corn and red beans. Haha.

Talked about many many things. So fun. =D

Went to Shan's house to take a look at her 15cm tall Christmas tree. =.= It's... really small. LOL.

Tired tired.

And my boy went back to camp already. =(

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Promise Musical

We drove to the University Cultural Centre Hall at NUS. Had a little problems due to a lack of water to quench our thirsts. But all was fine in the end. =)

Aunt invited us to this musical called The Promise Musical. Very interesting. Kind of a huge production? I thought it was one of their yearly Christmas plays at their church, but I was wrong. Hmmm. A collaboration of all the presbyterian churches in Singapore.

The whole musical was quite well played and the famous few scenes and all that. The voices were really good. =)

All in all, a rather good musical.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lunch with the daughter

I drove all the way to SGH today! To have lunch with Kar. Lol. That stupid girl told me opposite her building at HSA can park, but then... it's for official visitors only. And the carpark at her department says "Staff Parking Only". =.= Parked at the public carpark quite far away instead. Lol.

Lunch was good. Nice Hokkien Mee!! =D But 1hr pass very fast. =( Then it was home I had to go, since nobody else was free. But at least I got there and back safely (though it's very very near school). Haha. One more place down. =D

Wonder if I actually remember how to go again without directions...

I want to drive more!! But everyone seem to be busy. Sis is in Hong Kong, so I have the car, but... nowhere to go!! Irritating.

P.S: I miss my boyfriend. =(

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Woman!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Womannnnnn~~~
Happy Birthday to YOOUUUUU~~~

Happy BIG TWO-OH Woman!!! Hahahaha. =D

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dinner with my ex-colleagues.

I met my ex-colleagues from Unity for dinner just now! To celebrate Len's birthday. =)

Went to this seafood place called Mellben Seafood under a void deck opposite Mayflower Secondary. I remember Eueu said that they have very good Crab BeeHoon. Hahaha. Apparently its supposed to be really really good. And they did not let us down. We had 2 different crab dishes, namely the Claypot Crab Bee Hoon and Chilli Crab. Too bad the adults didn't go with the idea of the Butter Crab. I would like to try that the next time. =)

Gossips were definitely there. Hohoho. Though there's no space at the moment for me to go back. =( But it's fun seeing them again. The whole big group. Plus, Pauline treated me! Hahaha. XD

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Ok I just added a new place to my list of places I drove to! Hahaha. Ngee Ann Polytechnic! I drove there to pick Shan up from school and I managed to get there safely, then I got lost in her school. =.=

Why can't they be like RP, with one central carpark or something? And their signs are... small. It's pretty hard to read them when you're driving. Haha. But I doubt they'll bother about my feedback. I don't belong to that school anyway. =X

The drive to J8 was... quite interesting. Hahahaha. We got lost. I missed a turn and we ended up pretty far away. And I was with Shan (who does not know how to read maps). Lucky I did some homework and told her to flip to the correct pages in the Street Directory and she gave me a few directions + reading map between traffic lights. Hahahaha. We got there later than Kar. =.= Lol. Which says something. But there was a jam on the PIE, so it wasn't my fault. =X Lalala.

Dinner at MOS Burger was good. We all ate Ebi rice burgers. Lol. And everyone was on budget. Sent them to Shan's house downstairs that area, where there was a pasar malam!! Too bad I had to get home. =(

It was an interesting drive today. Lol.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dinner with his family.

I had dinner with him + his family tonight. =) They're all very nice (though I've met them plenty of times already). I'm nervous everytime I meet them. Haha. Don't want to leave a bad impression? =X

Dinner was very very nice. Seafood! =D

<3 him.


Day 1

There're just too many pictures to upload from all 3 cameras that I'll just post this entry in collages. =X Haha. Lazy la. Click pictures to see bigger version.

Our budget BBQ.

Each of us spent approximately $11 per person. Hahaha. All we wanted to do when we got to the NTUC at E!Hub was to get snacks, drinks and cup noodles. We ended up getting those and more. Like an Instant Grill pit, sausages, marinated chicken wings, prawns, mushrooms and more. We were really 'budget'. =.= We bought wooden chopsticks to use as chopsticks for cup noodles/tongs for BBQ/sticks to toast marshmallows. =.= And we even bought the cheapest packet (the 'more expensive chopsticks cost 10cents more). Oh we bought aluminium tray thingys that can be seen in the pictures, 1 to use as 'plates/bowls', one to put uncooked sausages, another to cook mushrooms. It came in a 3-pack. Hahahaha. We even had enough leftover food. =.=

Caught Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa at E!Hub at about 11pm.

As expected from a girls' chalet, we all slept at night. Haha. Though that woman next to me kept me awake by saying retarded things and making stupid faces. Lol.

Day 2

We went cycling after all of us woke, washes up and ate our cup noodles for breakfast. Haha. Many sausages in the cup noodles!! *Sausage phobia* Everyone rented mountain bikes except for Eueu and I. But apparently, the double bikes from the Coasta Sands bike rental is really lousy. The bike is super duper heavy. =.= Damn difficult to cycle.

Played at the playground area for awhile. Oh those childhood days. Hahaha. =X

Anyway, Pasir Ris Park is full of hills, so we decided to cycle out and go to the farmway area to look around. FUNNNN!!! The super huge Great Dane in the shop!! Hahaha. We cycled back to the chalet when Shane called and said she was reaching.

Went to Wild Wild Wet after that!! Hahaha. Been so long since I've last been there. And we went on the Ular Lah! like... 4~5 times? Just to get a decent picture. =.= Kar bought the picture. Hahaha. Went back to the chalet to rest and off we went to watch the Madagascar 2: Meet and Greet session. =X

We're all little kids sitting on the floor. =D

Steamboat dinner after that!

Downtown east has a halal steamboat place, and we've been there the last time, so we planned beforehand to go again. Hahaha. Steamboat was fun! Look and the retarded things we did. =)

Candid shots of each individual. The group photo in the middle took us MANY MANY tries to get it right. =.= Lol.

When girls with cameras get together... we do really retarded stuff. =X

And we kept playing MarioKart too. Hahahaha. I can't seem to be able to win. AHHH. =(

"Hairy" picture.

AhLee came with a surprise for both birthday girls. A cake! Haha. Nice surprise.

My boy came even later, but I was still happy to see him. =D So long since I last saw him. XD

But other than that, the night was pretty lousy onwards.

All in all, the chalet could've been better, but well, what's done is done.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

World Toilet Day

I was persuaded to volunteer for this event by Sis. Because of Mr.S. =.= But there was also the lure of a free visit to the Zoo, and Mac breakfast. So I woke freakin' early in the morning.

Mac breakfast fulfilled. =)

So we reached the Zoo, and well, there were signs to direct us to the pavillion, but... they were probably in the wrong direction? Lol. =X

Loo Campaign!

Today is World Toilet Day. I'm not shitting you.

Plaques to be given out...

... and if you noticed, it's in the shape of a toilet bowl...?

The event went rather well, blablabla. I helped pop the party confetti thingy. Very fun, very loud. Hahahaha.

All over the floor.

The performances by the 2 primary school were very good. The recycled drums thingy and the Loo Rap. Lol.

And then when it ended, and after all the guests left... It started pouring. =.= Any hope I had of seeing the white tigers went *poof*. =(

See the rain!!!

AHHH!! I want my white tigers!!

A buggy came to pick us up to send us back, because the trams were full. Hehe. Fun, but wet. Lol. So cool. I like buggys! Oh yeah, we had a free polo tee too! Though I like the front... the back makes me feel like a toilet cleaner. =.= I wouldn't dare wear that out of the house. Wonder if they have any that don't have that slogan...?

Free parking!


Zebra crossing??

P.P.S: I went to buy Eueu's prezzie, and its good, really good. Haha. Post pictures after the chalet. =)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Christmas Tree!!

Finally, it's up!!

Yesterday, we set it up and added all the decorations we bought to see if we have too little or too much, then go out to get additional stuff today.

Sis taking the tree from the box! Such a tiny box holds a tree 180cm tall. Wow?

Thierry inspecting the tree.

Tree fitted!!

Adding the decorations...

We're 1st timers, so we don't have any idea how to decorate it. We will do better next year. =D

More more more decorations!!!!

This was the completed tree.

Then we remembered something rather important.

We didn't buy lights.


So today, we went out to get the lights, and tadah!

It has like 7 or 8 different modes, where the lights will blink, fade, do stunts, etc etc? Lol. Very very pretty.

Lit tree!!

Oh and we decided to do some 'spring' cleaning and clear up the living room, and it looks more 'live-able' now. Plus we threw out one spoilt sofa chair and a coffee table! Accomplishment!! Then we proceeded to clear a little of the storeroom. Sis said if we were to start clearing little by little, we might be able to complete the cleaning process by cny. =.=

We found many many many toys from our childhood days. Hahahaha. Decided to donate those in ok condition ones to the Salvation Army, and this was the end result:

"To be given to Salvation Army. Please feel free to add more stuff =P"

And this is the ball from the display tree we took from and did pay for:


Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas, Christmas time is near.

Today was kind of weird. Sis was home early, so we went out with the intention of photocopying the textbook, but because I have to return it by Thursday, and it'll take till next week to photocopy, so I didn't.

And we made a sudden decision to go to Suntec. To get a Christmas tree!! Omgosh. Since like 4 years ago we've both been saying, "This year we'll get a Christmas tree". But it never happened. I drove there too!! Though I still can't for the life of me, remember the route. =.=

After looking at the trees available at Carrefour, we decided to 'think about which tree we want', and go up to the arcade in the meantime. To 'think it over'. HAHAHA.

This was the end result of too much 'thinking'. Thanks Sis! 你出钱我出力。 =X

So we decided on the tree (a small 'starter' tree), then... WE COUDLN'T DECIDE WHAT ORNAMENTS!!! You know like theme and color and all that crap. Lol.

We took really long.

And we took a ball from the display tree because we couldn't find it on the shelves. =X I really wanted that particular design. Of course we paid for it! Haha. Though the cashier had to run around looking for a similar size to scan the barcode. =X So for a starter theme, we've got red and gold. Hahaha. I've never decorated a Christmas tree before, so it'll probably take a few tries then next year, we'll be smarter and get better looking decorations.

Also, there were some stuff we feel that we could make, so I snapped some pictures, and well, we went to PS to visit Daiso and Spotlight to get the additional decorations.

We really liked this sock found at Carrefour, but Sis didn't want to spend so much on such a small sock, so I made this:

I can make like 4 such socks with the price you pay for the one at Carrefour. Though mine is kind of awkward and not as nice. But it's the thought that counts, right?

This heart will be next.

They didn't have the individual hearts on the shelves, and Sis really liked it. =.= The whole package for the decorations in that box that had the heart costs the same price as our tree. =.= No way we're buying it. Lol.

So after some crazily fast shopping (1st hour free parking), we bought what we thought we needed, and shall come back again when we've finished setting up the tree.

Oh and Sis dropped me home, with all decorations but not the tree. =.= She didn't want me to set it up first without her. Ass.

Me: "Why not we make Christmas special every year where each one of us makes an ornament from scratch for the tree?"
Bro: "We're going to have a damn ugly tree."
Me: "..."

Hahaha. Can't wait for Sis to get the tree home!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

End of this week.

Ok its only Saturday, but its like the end of the week already, right? Lol.

Anyway, the exam is over!! Though we only have like one paper. =X But I was so stressed out for the past week that I couldn't sleep at night, ate alot, yet lost 3kg. =.= Weird. But I predict the weighing scale would probably resume to the usual in about... 2days?? =S

Just came home from swimming with Woman and Kar. Lol. Kar still can't swim. =.= Though there is improvement - she can now float on her back for like 20secs? Lol. Jiayou daughter!

This weekend is going to be lonely. So is next week. =( Field camp for him. AHHHHHH!! No phone calls!! =( Though he can book out on Thursday, but but but. I have chalet with the WomanS (yes, you read it right, WomanS)... Grrrr. Saded.

AHHHH. This sucks.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Looming closer and closer.

Tomorrow seems to be arriving all too soon.


Back to hit the books. =(

Monday, November 10, 2008

High School Musical 3 & Stitch

So. On the 31st of October, Eueu and I caught HSM3. Hehe. Managed to catch the show! Wahahaha. Happy.

Our tickets!

The show was good, but not as good as expected. It's more drama than the previous 2 I can say that, but if you expect to see more of Sharpay like we did, you will be sorely disappointed. It was more like Troy & Gabriella, Troy & Gabriella, Troy & Gabriella, Troy & Gabriella... Lol. But the songs were good. Hahaha. =D

Went to the arcade after the show, then... That woman insisted that she wanted a Stitch, so... We tried. All ways and means.


WTH. =.=

It was so so so close!!! O.O


See that stupid grin on her face? LOL.

Get her more Stitches for her birthday, and she'll be happy. =X

Friday, November 07, 2008

ConveniCatcher 2!

I mentioned this machine some posts ago, and the other day when I was with Eueu at AMKhub, I managed to take some pictures of it. Hehe.

Now I know it's the ConveniCatcher 2 by Banpresto.

See the kiapkiap thing at the bottom right hand corner of the above picture? It moves upwards first, the right or left depending on the side of the machine you're using. =)

There's a trick to getting the prize...


We now have a full set each. Which is like... Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Stitch, Aristocats' Marie and Cheshire Cat... 6?