Friday, October 31, 2008

Random stuff

See the double rearview mirrors? Eueu's car has it.

So that the person sitting in the passenger seat can feel as though he/she can see like as though he/she is using the rearview mirror! Like SSDC's cars. Lol. I think her dad got it to occupy himself when Eueu drives. And to make sure she's safe by checking her rearview mirror too! Interesting.


Oh and one fine Sunday morning ago, I was about to leave house to go swimming with Eueu. Let me explain, the carpark beneath my block is really small. Though there is a bigger one a few blocks away, further behind. Anyway, this carpark is flanked by 2 long blocks of flats on both sides, with one entrance/exit at the part furthest from my block.

One of the blocks have that irritating bird singing/showing off place. You know those type they hang birds in their cages and just watch. All uncle types. Some grandpa types too. But some people are really crazy to drive with like 4 cages in the car from who-knows-where just to show off their birds at this particular block's voiddeck.

So, the mini carpark is always crowded in the mornings on weekends.

And on that one super unlucky Sunday, I reached the car seeing this:

Wth wth wth.

And the owner was not in sight. It being 8.30am or so, I was nice. I waited. With people from the BirdClub watching. =.= Damn that uncle whose car was parked illegally. After about 5mins, I started sounding the car's horn. It being morning, I didn't press too hard or long.

But after another long 5mins, I got pissed and got out to take the above picture. I think that scared the other BirdClub uncles because I was so pissed off, and might email to the LTA or something. =.= I was actually thinking of that. I even asked Sis if LTA has MMS. =X

Anyway, the owner didn't turn up. So, I continued sounding the horn. Until he came out from under the voiddeck. As expected, BirdClub uncle. =.=

The whole damn thing took me about 20mins or more. Waste of precious swimming time.


I want my boyfriend, now!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I found some random photos taken a long long time ago. So I decided to post them. Please don't kill me. =X Pictures taken during the Open House last year end? Or was it the start of this year? I can't remember. But it was the last Open House we helped out in.

It's really interesting what you can do with a magnifying glass.


Okay, back to the books! Tata

Book-in Blues

Last night, he told me he had 'book-in blues'. =( Me too. I pray everything's alright in there for him. >.< I miss him so much.

I thought this would be a short week, with Monday being a public holiday and all, but no, they have to be in bloody camp for 5 1/2 days. Which means he can only come out this SATURDAY. Fucking Super unfair. =(

I hope I'll be able to pick him up from Pasir Ris or something. There's lab on that day, till 1pm. Argh. This sucks.

Jiayou on your live grenade throwing!! Be safe!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Memories at SSDC

I found some pictures in my lappie that I've not uploaded yet. From driving at SSDC. Hmmm.

I kind of miss going there to drive. SSDC is shifting to Woodlands soon. I remember waking up early in the morning to get there, then checking the car I'd be driving, then going to wait for my session.

I can still remember our (Eueu and I) 1st day driving. We checked our car numbers, then went upstairs to look at the many cars in the lots to find ours. Super exciting. Lol. I was very very nervous.

Rainy day. No good for driving. Was in the passenger seat waiting for the instructor. We have to change seats later on after we leave the place used to park the SSDC cars inbetween lessons.

Behind the wheel!!

Took this picture when my instructor went to the restroom. =.= Waste my time. Lol.

Lessons were expensive, but I had fun. =)

You Are The Music In Me

You Are The Music In Me
Troy & Gabriella
High School Musical 2

Na na na na
Na na na na yeah
You are the music in me
You know the words
"Once Upon A Time"
Make you listen,
There's a reason.
When you dream there's a chance you'll find
A little laughter
or happy ever after
your harmony to the melody
It's echoing inside my head
A single voice (Single voice)
Above the noise
And like a common thread
Hmm, you're pulling me
When I hear my favorite song
I know that we belong
Oh, you are the music in me
Yeah it's living in all of us
And it's brought us here because
Because you are the music in me
Na na na na (Ohh)
Na na na na na
Yeah yeah yeah
(Na na na na)
You are the music in me
It's like I knew you before we met (Before we met)
Can't explain it (Ohh ohh)
There's no name for it (No name for it)
I'm saying words I never said
And it was easy (So easy)
Because you see the real me (I see)
As I am you understand
And that's more than I've ever known
To hear your voice (Hear your voice)
Above the noise (Ohh ohh)
And no, I'm not alone
Oh you're singing to me (Ohh yeah)
When I hear my favorite song
I know that we belong (Yeah ohh)
You are the music in me
It's living in all of us
And it's brought us here because
You are the music in me
Together we're gonna sing (Yeah)
We got the power to sing what we feel (What we feel)
Connected and real
Can't keep it all inside (Ohh)
Na na na na (Ohh yeah)
Na na na na na (Ohh yeah)
Yeah yeah yeah (Na na na na)
You are the music in me (In me)
Na na na na (Ohh yeah)
Na na na na na (Ohh yeah)
Na na na na
You are the music in me
When I hear my favorite song (Favorite song)
I know that we belong (We belong)
You are the music in me
Yeah it's living in all of us
It's brought us here because (Here because)
You are the music in me
Na na na na (Ohh yeah)
Na na na na (Ohh yeah)
Na na na na
You are the music in me (Yeah)


Haha. This song is sweet. =)


.missingyou. >.<

Monday, October 27, 2008


The other day, I had to go pick up Sis from school because the car went for repair (broken windscreen).

I was waiting for the lift, which was at the 13th floor.

After 5 mins, it was still there. Which was plain weird. Pissed off from waiting, I went down the stairs to the 13th floor to find out what happened.



I kicked the door to free it, then climbed the stairs down to the 1st floor. I didn't want to come out of the lift with people waiting at the 1st floor staring at me like as though I was the one who held the lift for so long.

There was one super huge group of people waiting for the lift downstairs. Lol.

I live in a point block, and they've been renovating for damn bloody long already. There're only 2 lifts, and only 1 is working now. =.=

But then,

Why are they adding 4 more lifts to the opposite block?!?! That makes it a total of FIVE lifts there leh!!!

Freakin' unfair. And the construction at my block has stopped. =.= Why can't they finish this 1st then do the one at the opposite block?!!


I finally got this book! After Marley & Me. Lol.

There's this 4-day offer at Border's, so we went there yesterday and made use of the 35% discount for 4 or more books! Hehe. Plus, he also had a giftcard. =D Only had to top-up like $15+++ for a total of 7 books? ^-^

I haven't started reading this yet, but I've read raving reviews about this book, and I love stories about animals, so I can't wait to read it. Hehe.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

1st drive to Bugis!!

Today, I drove alot too. Sis is away on a holiday, so I've had the car since Friday night. =X She's back already though. =(

Anyway, we went to Border's in the early afternoon to make use of the discount coupon thingy, and bought 7 books (6 his, 1 mine). Lol. Rushed to Thomson to drop him off, then off I went to Jap Class (was late by about 5mins?). After class, went to pick him up, then picked Shan and Kar up from Thomson Plaza. Lol. They totally didn't see me next to them at the taxi stand. =.= Ass. Haha.

Made our way to Bugis (!). Lucky he knew how to go. Hoho. The 2 idiots behind had a fun time trying to read the street directory. Lol. 路痴。=X Although I am one too. Hahaha.

Reached there in 4 pieces (4 of us, so 4 pieces mah). Looked for a place to eat and settled for the foodcourt. I never knew where the foodcourt was at Bugis. Lol. The whole place was packed, and we had a tough time looking for a place to sit. Then, a group vacated a table for 4, and Kar the Auntie chiong-ed there and beat a small girl to the table. =.= Shan and I were in shock. Lol.

Auntie Kar. See she's so happy from snatching a table from a kid. =X

After dinner, we shopped around at Bugis Street, and Shan bought her clothes. Lol. She went back to the 1st shop she went to after going one super huge round. =.= Might as well have bought there at the start.

Arcade afterwards!!

See! They're all attached to those suction thingys. Very small and very adorable.

Kar caught 2 Stitch and 1 Scrump! She gave me the Scrump. Hehe. Scrump is cute!!

Went to Ah Chew's Desserts after arcade and Kar left for home, while I sent Shan home 1st, then sent him home. Haha. Although I reached home pretty early, I was damn tired already.

No more driving!! =(

Home -> Pick him up -> Orchard -> Thomson (to drop him off) -> Jap Class -> Thomson (pick him up) -> Thomson Plaza (pick Shan and Kar) -> Bugis -> Shan's house (drop Shan off) -> Send him home -> Home

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crazy Day

*This entry is all words, no pictures*

Yesterday, I PICKED HIM UP!! Super achievement can!! Wahahaha. I drove there alone!! Although I did do my homework and planned my route there. Hehe. The place was packed like sardines!!! So many cars parking illegally. Lucky I reached kind of early. Parked in the White Sands' carpark! Lol. Lucky to find a convenient lot. Waited for him outside White Sands, and bought loads of finger food for him. LOL. FINALLY!! I see my botak boyfriend!! But but... Can't hold hand while he's in his No.4 uniform leh. And we saw so many couples standing awkwardly next to each other. Hahaha.

Today, I drove alot. Lol.

In the morning, I went for tuition, then home, then to Eueu's house to pick her, then Ti's house to pick her (she was supposed to meet at a meeting place, but was late =.=), then onwards to school (Eueu drove from her home to Ti's then to school)! From school, we went to VivoCity (Ti drove). Erm. Quite an eardrum bursting experience. We were all supposed to go our separate ways, but all ended up in Vivo. =.= Lol. Waddled from on end of the pool with Eueu at the rooftop place to the other to reach the arcade. Met him there (^-^), then hung around the arcade while Ti waited for her bf, then went off with him and Kar.

Eueu had to wait for hers too, so we accompanied her and waited around. When he came, we decided to have dinner together. Lol. At Newton Food Centre (don't know the exact name). But but... I don't know how to go leh!! Oh we ran into SuXin and YongQuan there. Army guys can really talk.. non-stop. LOL. =X But they have very interesting stories to tell. Lol.

So I drove, but we didn't go to Newton. I didn't know how to get there. =X We went to... Chomp Chomp's instead! Really lucky in getting a lot. Hehe. Super heng. Food was good. Very filling!! Yummy food!! Dropped them off at AMKmrt, then headed home. =D Sweet bf insisted that I don't send him home because it wasn't safe for me to walk home alone after that. *hugs*

I love spending time with him. =D After not seeing him for so long... AHHH!! Miss him so much!!!

I survived going to so many places today!!

Home -> Tuition -> Home -> Eueu's house -> Ti's house -> School -> Vivocity -> Chomp Chomp -> AMKmrt -> Home

Friday, October 24, 2008

In another few hours' time!!!


I'm bored. Studying saps my energy. =(

I've only been out of the house to accompany Eueu for lunch (all the way at The Central leh!), school and a dental appointment.


Lunch with Eueu, then studied at TCC at The Central. After which since I spent a few hours there, I waited for her to knock off. Though I went to PS slightly earlier to walk around. Too much cramming at one shot is no good, but I managed to cover alot that day. =D Went home together. Haha! I'm the perfect BFF can!!

Revised a little, then off to school.

I stayed at home. Studied. Not productive day.

Eueu came all the way to Orchard to eat lunch with me. Actually, just because she wanted to eat with somebody. Lol. Then off to my dental appointment, then to Tiong Bahru Plaza's Burger King to study. =.= It's so damn noisy there. Not conducive environment. But at least it's cheaper?? O.O Dinner with Eueu, then off to lab.

My life is so boring! Lol. But so far so good. Exams coming soon. Need to study somemore! RAWRR!!

I can't wait to see him later!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shitty Lab Session

Lab session was truly disgusting today. Although we did manage to get our crystals in the end, but we took an extra 30mins to finish up. So we ended around 10.30pm. =(

The whole session was pretty much running around trying to complete the bloody experiment within the time frame allocated, but highly impossible because the entire session runs from 7-10pm, but the briefing takes about 15-30mins. That leaves us with like 2.5hours. =.=

So many steps to do, and yet so little time. Furthermore, a certain step was supposed to take around 15mins, but everyone took more than 1/2hour to get the damn thing to dissolve. =(

End up, I didn't manage to answer his calls. So I didn't get to talk to him on the phone. =((((

Sorry. >.<

I can't wait to see him tomorrow!!! RAWRRR!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weird, Funny Dream

I had this really weird dream the other night. I told quite a few people already, and they all laughed at me. =.=

I dreamt that we (Me, Eueu, Shan, Ti and Kar) went out shopping or something in the evening. Then somehow, we walked to that Golden Mile Complex place, where you book all your travels stuff to our neighboring country? Like bus to Genting that sort of stuff.

Then suddenly we made an impromptu decision to go to Genting! That very night. So we booked and paid up and everything. I asked about clothes, and they all said we'll buy there. Shopping spree!

Ok for some weird reason, the next scene was us, in the MRT, going towards Woodlands/Jurong East? I don't know, I vaguely remember something about North-West direction, but we don't have trains going in that direction leh. Haha. We were supposed to go to the terminal or something to board our bus to Genting!

Anyway, during the mrt ride, I asked Shan if everything was booked and all that. Like confirmed? Lol. She said yes, so we all just started chattering on about how exciting it was.

Then, my phone rang. Sis called to ask what time I was going to be home, and I told her about our impromptu decision to go to Genting tonight. She was like, "Okay, have fun!" Then, "Ermmm...." I was like, "What?"

"You forgot to bring your passport."

The horrors!!! I turned in shock to stare at the rest of them, and ask them about their passports. =.= THEY HAD THEM IN THEIR BAGS!!! I remember thinking very very very clearly, "I THOUGHT THIS WAS IMPROMPTU??!! Who brings their passports with them wherever they go de?!!"

And then I woke up. Seriously. Please remember to bring your passports when you are leaving the country. =.=

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



I wonder why nobody saw the trailer. =( It's coming out somewhere around the early December. Hmmm. WATCH WITH ME!!!

And and. I want to watch High School Musical 3. >.< It's going to be out soon.

And also, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa!! Early November?


Sunday, October 19, 2008


Thierry lying on my lecture notes.

Test is over! Though I think there were a few careless mistakes and such. I just hope I won't flunk this. =(

Kar has been craving that prata from Ah Mei's cafe (or whatever the name is) at AMKhub, so we (Shan, Ti, Kar & I) arranged to go there after school today. Eueu came, but went off to 'pathology' (park tor-logy) after awhile. Haha. Something amazing happened while we were at the arcade.

Ok we've been obsessing over this Pankunchi thing. It's this bread that has a face with a panda/bear/dog like thing. But anyway. The bread is really cute. So there's this machine at AMKhub that has that stupid keychain machine (I can't find the picture), with a row of that bread inside. Imagine 4 of us girls walking past that and then screaming, "WAHHH I WANT!!!". Well, you get the picture. So we tried kiap-ing that bread.

Kar went 1st, and with $1, she caught TWO! We thought it was amazing enough, and sincewe had like 4 of us, we need more right? =X So Eueu went next, and... SHE CAUGHT FOUR!!! We even heard this nearby uncle playing the Big Sweet Land go "WAHHH". LOL. I didn't catch any on my 1st try, but caught TWO on my 2nd try. LOL. That machine is damn easy. HAHAHAHA. End up, we had a total of 11? Under $6. Hahaha. Practically cleared the entire row of mini breads. But too bad we didn't. =(


It's the same machine we caught many many from on Kar's bdae.

Remember this? Lol.

I'll try to remember to sneak a photo of the machine. Very hard to describe unless if you know what I mean.

Anyway, about the prata. There're totally no seats available there, so when Shan came, we decided to da-bao back to my home to eat instead. And we waited like HALF AN HOUR FOR OUR FOOD LEH!! =.= Though I like the onion prata.. but... it's too long a wait. I don't think I'll eat there soon. Lol. And alot pricier than your usual pratas.

But it was fun with the girls though. Loads of crapping after dinner. When girls get together, we talk, ALOT. Reminiscing about our secondary school days and the dumb things we did. I wonder what would've happened is Kar was from Bps too. Can't imagine. Haha.

Overall, pretty good day. Hohoho.

5 more days!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Phone calls from Tekong

Although he said he wouldn't call, he did! And regularly too. =D Every night I wait for his call. I missed one the day before because I was driving, and by the time I could call him safely, he had to switch his phone off already. =(

The past 7 days have been rather... crappy. Though there're loads of freedom and what-not, I still miss my guy. =(

At the end of the day, all I want is to talk to him, lie in his arms and hug him tight. It's safe. Because I trust he'll look after me.

But in this one week, I've been having quite a bit of a shitty time (lab+allthatcrap), and I just want to see him. =( I need my bf.

Another 9 more days (24th October!), and he'll be back from Tekong!! I want to pick him up!

Hope his phone's battery lasts long enough.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Driving home from school.

"See my bored and tired face."

I drove to school with Eueu today. Hahaha. Perfectly fine ride. Must be Ti's presence in the car yesterday night. =.=

Anywayyy... for the 1st time, I drove home from school!! ALONEE!! WAHAHAHA. Damn happy. Other than the fact that I didn't send Eueu and AhLee to Bugis, because I don't know how to go home from there. Plus, I already printed my precious map to guide me onto the CTE. =.= And I'm a real 路痴. So better be safe than sorry.

I want to learn how to go more places!! Hahahaha.

Suckiest lab session, ever.

Today was our 1st lab session.

It's e suckiest lab session I've ever had. =(

Does it look like we can all finish our experimentssssss within such a short amount of time? When more than bloody 1/2 the time we're queuing to get some reagents and whatnot. =.= And some people actually finished the bloody samples, then don't put the rack back. Try going round and round the damn lab trying to find the samples then realising it's at someone's workbench. RIGHTTTT.

Irritating. And my brain can't work fast enough around the many chemical formulas. =(

I need tuition. T.T

Friday, October 10, 2008

Driving to school, alone.

Thierry 'studying', again.

Today, I drove to school alone!! Like woah. Haha. Achievement. Though I was pretty much scared shitless. =.=

The way there was pretty easy, though when reaching, the roads became a little weird.

Nevermind what the others say. I just find the roads weird. Too many turns. Lol.

The ride home was a little scary with it being so dark and me not knowing the way home. =.= I'm never going to listen to Ti's instructions ever again. Bleh.

I need to know how to get to more places, and also, how to go home from there. =X

P.S: He called!! XD

Thursday, October 09, 2008

In another 9++ hours...

He is enlisting! Omgosh? So fast. >.<

See you in 2 weeks' time~~



Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cheng Wan Sia!

Ok I admit I'm super blur. =( Myra arranged to meet for dinner in advance for her birthday, and also to catch up. And... Meet her I did. =.= One week before the arranged date. WTH. I forgot completely and thought it was today, not next tuesday. And I was still thinking blur-ly yesterday night when I saw my schedule book that I wrote the dinner for next Tuesday, and I thought I wrote it wrongly, so I erased it. =.=

Thanks Myra. Lucky you're free. Hahaha. Otherwise I die. Travelling all the way to Jurong Entertainment Centre. So farrrr.

We had dinner at ZingDo, this korean food place. Does it count as a restaurant?? Or a fast food place. Feels like neither. =.= Anyway, the number of times I have had Korean food can be counted with one hand. And both of us have never eaten at ZingDo before. So we were lost as to what we should eat...

This place is so orangey that Jas would totally love to live here. =.= All the photos turned out a little orangey too. Weird.

Myra ordering food. Haha. The manager was pretty shoocked at the amount of food we were ordering that she even asked how many were we ordering for, and that it's alot of food for 2 people. LOL. Nice lady. Especially where there're idiotic people who'll just let you order because they'll earn money. So we cut down from 5 dishes to 4. =X

Menu!! Orangeeeeee. Even the tables and stools are orange. =.=

And I totally didn't expect her to buy a pink camera. LOL.

Me taking a picture of her taking a picture of me. @.@


We use Sony Ericsson phones! Seems like many people I know use SE too. Heh.

Kimchi BiBim Bap with Chicken cutlets.

Not bad. I rather liked the rice, though it was a little too sticky. I don't really fancy kimchi though. Everything else inside was nice.

Stir-fried Korean Tang Hoon.

This was nice. Lol. Really Korean Tang Hoon. Not your usual type. It's the fat type from Korea. Lol. Tasssttttyyy. Though the pepper was a little too overpowering.

Stir-fried Korean Rice Cake.

We decided this was a must to try, because we've never tasted Korean rice cakes before. Then after this dish came, we decided we'll never eat it again. At least not this particular dish. Because it was too spicy, and tasted like crap? Lol. I think we should try those stall-style of Korean rice cakes. Without all those fancy seafood inside, just plain old Korean style.

I didn't really like the rice cakes. Lol. It got cold quite fast too. And when it's cold, the rice cakes become hard. Not nice. And too spicy for me. =(

Yah Chay Kimchi Soup with Korean Rice Cake.

All the soups had rice cakes in it, so we randomly picked this one. Lol. Tasted like tomato soup. Rice cakes were totally not nice at all. But at least the soup helped to ease the spicyness from the other dishes.

Table full of food.

Happy girl eating. Hehehe.

I found a heart-shaped mushroom in the soup! We tried to take a clear picture again and again I think the other food items went cold. =.= Hahaha. The reason we thought it was blur was realised after reaching home, because the brown part is a little gooey, which made it look blur on the camera's screen. =.= Wasted time taking pictures. LOL.

After. She actually ordered another cup of ice lemon tea. Lol. Too spiccccyyyy.

Oh and though we were very very bloated, the pictures of the desserts available kept tempting me/us. I was sitting facing this:

So colorful and tempting, who can resist??

So we ordered the Banana/Mango/Strawberry Bingsu.

One side had strawberries, red bean paste and mangoes.

The other side had sesame mochi and bananas.

The dessert was really good. Haha. Though the mangoes and strawberries were kind of sour, but the banana and mochi and the raspberry icecream made up for it. Oh and the milk in the crushed ice underneath. NICEEEE. Lol. Like ice-kachang?? =X

Then off we went to the arcade while waiting for Sis to come pick us up. Lol.

See see!!

OMGOSH I ACTUALLY CAUGHT IT!! 1st try!! It was firmly clamped as per previous picture. HOHOHOHOHOHO. I finally caught my chick. Lol.

Sis came and sent Myra home, and something really funny happened in the car when she did a right turn. =X Hahaha. I HAD SO MUCH FUNNN.

Meet up again hor. =D

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Studying is tiring business

Try walking out of the room to get a glass of water after studying for some time, then coming back to see this.

He sleeps pretty fast.

Must be the many many chemical crap. I would've fallen asleep soon, but he beat me to it. =.=


"Books make nice pillows...."

Dreaming about the periodic table?? =X

My current desktop wallpaper. Lol.